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Joey Barton vs Dietmar Hamann


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Twitter strikes again. This time it is a fully blown fight between Joey Barton and Dietmar Hamann.

[size=3][url=http://twitter.com/Joey7Barton]Joey7Barton Joseph Barton[/size]Watching Patriots. Just heard from a magician that Loic Remy has signed for QPR. Not sure what happened at Newcastle probably Llambas again!

[size=3][url=http://twitter.com/DietmarHamann]DietmarHamann Didi Hamann[/size][url=http://www.twitter.com/joey7barton]@joey7barton Joey do yourself a favour and stay out of club politics QPR and NUFC have paid you well for playing not to commentonrecruitment

It goes on...click on the link!!!

Good entertainment for a monday night


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I can remember once in burton aaron webster had all of his mates around him, a lad i was with at the bar just said aup, they started acting like david beckham was in the bar,

this was in a place called edwards so that shows how far back im going haha

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he always seems to know abit of gossip about players, can remember ages ago he told linekar to shut up glass houses comment and nowt else got said??

would love to know all the secrets haha

I know someone in the know.....gary has this wholesome image but........well.....you know........he was described as an expert swordsman.....gerrit?

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