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9am pitch inspection


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They are asking for volunteers to fork the pitch to remove standing water

it is currently palyable but the forecast is for torrential rain in the three hours before kick off so EKR could be right.

Bring your garden forks to The Valley

Charlton have asked for nine or ten fans to volunteeer to fork the pitch ahead of tomorrow's game with Derby County. They are needed from 12 noon to help remove standing water. A number of Football League games have already been called off.

The club will have a precautionary pitch inspection at 9am tomorrow. Despite the recent heavy rain, the pitch is currently playable but Charlton are concerned about the weather forecast for heavy rain tomorrow in the hours before the 3pm kick off.

Head of operations Mick Everett said: 'At the moment, although it's very wet given the recent weather, the pitch is playable, and apart from the odd shower, the rest of today and overnight should be dry.'

'However, we're concerned that the pitch cannot take much more water, and from around midday tomorrow the forecast is for torrential rain in the three-hour period leading up to kick-off. We're very conscious of supporters' travel arrangements and want to provide them with as much information as we possess.'

As a result, and because the weather forecast could change during the course of Friday or overnight, we intend to have a precautionary pitch inspection at 9am on Saturday.'

Even if the game does ahead, wet conditions and high winds will not provide the optimal setting for quality football. There is the risk of freak goals being scored.

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"yes, yes"


"oh it's exactly as I thought"

"what? What's the news? I need to inform the managers"


"yes? C'mon, people are waiting on this"

"it's green".

Pitch inspection. Fook me, footballers are gay

The only games off so far are at:




southern poofs 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='B)' />

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I'm sat at my desk in West London, and it's grey but there ain't much rain.

Doubt it'll much different in SE London. Game on.

What the fook ya doing working.

Its xxxxxmmmmaaaaaassssssss!!!!!

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