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Rams, I am back


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Decided to re-register after an absence of a few months and looking forward to getting back in to thing and back the PP now I am back in the UK.

Please allow me to recolect some great posters I have had banter with in thye past and I will set up my "F League"





Non Fanatic



Those I know can be judged on: -

1. Windmilling.

2. Fisting (not the rude version).

3. Clobber

4. Walking style

5. Method of Travel to games

6. Where you drink

Any questions F


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I don't understand...

It's a scale, most fans start as "Fanatics" and can go up or down.

If I see someone with a flask and blanket over their legs at PP or an away day, the drop to NF or Scarfer.

If I see someone in decent gear like a Deerstalker up they go to "F" status.

If a Ram is getting jip and another Ram windmills in, more points and could go up to RF status.

etc etc


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