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  1. This is where the lack of experience in our management team hurts us. We need to change something to regain some control and ... nothing happens
  2. Would like to see Stearman on and a change of system. Or Ebosele for Byrne straight swap. We started well but they are back into the game.
  3. He’s not as good as Roos with his feet (until it comes to kicking the ball). Still feel he’s more secure all round than the other two.
  4. We’re in a ridiculous position. The better we do on the pitch the more difficult it is to agree a sensible sanction with EFL. (Because some clubs so want to see us relegated.) I’m looking forward to seeing what the admins report says about their dealings with EFl
  5. I think he couldn't sell it because of the ongoing EFL proceedings.
  6. I wonder if the guaranteed funding point was raised by EFL in discussions about coming out of embargo. Can’t see that it’s immediately relevant. Surely if we’re out of admin and new owners are in place early Jan, there’ll be a business plan in place and proof of funding and we’ll be good to go in the Jan window
  7. Got to say I’m beginning to feel more relaxed with Allstop between the posts. His early blunder is a distant memory
  8. EFL still a big worry. Don’t understand why HMRC would not be rational given MM’s agreement to waive and given that the auction should find the market price.
  9. Yes we’ve got a big problem if the sale and the EFl are not both sorted out before mid Jan. But if we avoid injuries in the next few weeks, on current form we can certainly hang on till then and the signs are a sale will happen. If HMRC is rational, that only leaves the EFL...
  10. Might be a good sign. Possibly agreement on points deductions is close and EFl have said: you do realise you only get out of embargo if you can show ongoing funding. And if that is what is going on, surely a sale will unlock the problem. Or is that too much to hope ?
  11. And a similar point: they are marketing the deal on the assumption MM’s ‘soft loans’ will be waived. I think it’s likely that before doing that the admins would have required MM to put that in writing.
  12. No. The admins were asked what would happen to the stadium and their answer was short and sweet. They know what is and is not in their/MSD’s power. I’d love someone to explain exactly what it is MM can do with the stadium. It would also be interesting to hear why someone who has committed to waive £tens of millions of loans would then try to spoil a sale. Makes no sense to me
  13. I agree, their new ownership is a problem. But that’s a different point - you jumped on me because I said they are a big club. Nor was I saying Sunderland are minnows, in fact I didn’t mention them.
  14. The administrators have already told us what will happen to the stadium.
  15. 19/20 season 7th highest average attendances in the PL (over 35,000) despite Ashley pushing so many fans away.
  16. The headline for Nixon’s latest article is: “The English Football League are demanding that Derby County’s administrators prove they have enough funds to last the entirety of the campaign.” Not clear if this is the EFL upping the anti after our appeal. Or whether it’s the point that even if we do a deal on points, we can’t buy players unless we can show we are financially stable. Hope it’s the latter.
  17. I think this is right. We need to look for wins not draws so we need to set up to attack. Even if that asks a lot of Jags and Curtis. Not sure CKR will improve things tbh. Only want to see one of Knight or Shinnie, good though they both have been. Watson has more potential to create fluidity and goals and needs more game time. And if we find fluidity Joz comes to life. Sibley has struggled but in part because he’s been out of position. He certainly needs to play deeper than he did today if he’s to play. Not a starter for me just now. Festy is exciting but a bit raw and I’d keep him for the last 25 mins. Lawrence needs to stop coming too deep when we’re in possession. We’ve got plenty who can score the issue is giving them the chances
  18. If we were better run, sure, we could be a lower PL side. With money, we could be higher. But Newcastle? No they should be better than that. As we shall see
  19. Glad you raised this. If the admins are successful in finding a buyer and sorting out HMRC and the dreaded efl, then surely it will dawn on the anti-Mel brigade that his agreement to waive his mountain of ‘soft loans’ was our salvation. well, maybe not A more interesting question is how the loans are waived. Because we know from the Samuelson documentary that after a sale, he could waive part of his loans periodically, and give us a massive FFP boost. I’m guessing the admins will not be pursuing that line, but let’s see PS if you have a son, daughter, niece or a nephew, they will be able to show you how to change your avatar
  20. Perhaps the nda just protects info AA receives from the admins. If so he can still talk about their plans
  21. Angierams’ friend in Blackpool mentioned one source of irritation for fans of other clubs. He was saying the uncertainty annoys them because people don’t know where they stand in the league. I can understand that but it’s a completely different thing to say it’s our fault. He also criticised the administrators for appealing which is just bizarre. Before they take any decision, the admins ask themselves: is this a good thing for creditors? The suggestion the administrators are just a continuation of the club under MM is nuts
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