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  1. COYR
    PrivateDerby got a reaction from cosmic in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    We’re still knocking... Much more positive! Come on Derby 🐏
  2. Haha
    PrivateDerby reacted to philmycocu in Middlesbrough to sue the EFL over Derby's Stadium Purchase   
    Why is Gibson so jealous that our identical stadium is situated in a prime industrial location, whilst there's is in a cesspit. Not our fault yours is worth nowt so you can't buy it! Grow up.
    Location. Location. Location.
  3. Like
    PrivateDerby reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW Meets: Paulo Wanchope   
    Morning all, something for the (international) weekend:

    Derby County's cult hero Costa Rican joined us for a nostalgic chat in our latest interview special. Wanchope, who scored 28 Rams goals in all competitions, explained how he nearly became a pro basketball player before coming to England, his fiery relationship with Jim Smith, his favourite Derby teammate, and ofcourse *that* Old Trafford debut goal.
  4. Like
    PrivateDerby got a reaction from McRamFan in Children’s TV   
    Catch the pigeon 
  5. Like
    PrivateDerby reacted to McRamFan in Children’s TV   
    Whacky Races.
  6. Haha
    PrivateDerby reacted to Bigfella in New joke thread   
    North Derbyshire man goes to the vet.
    Man : I’ve got trouble wi mi cat it keeps fightin 
    Vet: Is it a Tom?
    Man: No I brought it wi mi
  7. Clap
    PrivateDerby got a reaction from Chester40 in Dean Saunders jailed for 10 weeks   
    Common tactic.
    Just trying to save his name. Better for his brief to come out and say he misunderstood the procedure so ended up failing to provide, than him blow over. 
    After watching the station video, I reckon he’d have blown 60+ 
    Cracking player for us but he seems an arrogant sod.
  8. COYR
    PrivateDerby reacted to B4ev6is in I have auriustim now   
    I have recently found out I got auriustim but something my mum always throught I have had since I was little but just lately everything been clashing lately. But still not change the person I am or love for mighty Derby county.
  9. Clap
    PrivateDerby reacted to IslandExile in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    And play who instead?
    Shinnie? Paterson?
    Bogle in a leg brace?
    More kids?
    The kids aren't ready. The senior players aren't good enough. The three loanees covered up the cracks last year.
    None of that is Cocu's fault. He needs to be given time. He didn't have a chance in such a short preseason.
    Those suggesting Pullis....I despair.
    UTR 🐏 
  10. Haha
    PrivateDerby reacted to Wolfie20 in Rangers Fans   
    More fool Rangers for allowing something that size into the ground, regardless of what the image was. We struggle to get a flask of coffee and a couple of sausage rolls into PP.
  11. Clap
    PrivateDerby reacted to Smyth_18 in Social Media Abuse   
    Having loved Twitter for several years i found myself logging out on Tuesday having toyed with the idea for a while.
    Modern society & life is absolutely donald ducked.
    I've wasted far too much time on Twitter & that is probably my biggest regret.
  12. Haha
    PrivateDerby reacted to NewquayRam in v Forest (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread   
    I’ve learnt not to waste 2 days holiday from work and  a load of money on petrol and hotel for a Carabao cup game.
  13. Like
  14. Cheers
    PrivateDerby got a reaction from Kinder in Post in here when you’re on the cherryade   
    Cliviger near Burnley. 
  15. Like
    PrivateDerby reacted to Coconut in The Matchday Announcer   
    Barely even notice him tbh, I'm good at blanking out things I don't want to hear. Also helps that I'm not in the stadium until 3 minutes before kick off so don't hear any of his rubbish when the stadium is quiet.
    While we're on about people who could/should be sacked...
    Whoever it was that decided the South Stand scoreboard clock should change from counting down to counting up! It wouldn't be quite so daft if it counted the full 90, but no, at half time it resets to zero.
    Who needs to know that we're 27 minutes into the second half rather than 75 minutes into the match!?
  16. Like
    PrivateDerby reacted to Van Cone De Head in My Lads op.   
    Having a great time no major dramas,this makes me really happy.
  17. COYR
    PrivateDerby reacted to B4ev6is in Promising signs   
    Yes I know only 4 games into the season 3 games unbeaten but young talent coming through speaks for it self. The young lad that scored on tuesday night never put a foot wrong but also max low did a brillient job at right back. Sebley did really well when he came on for Mason Bennett of which I rate highly. I really hope these young players will continue with game time I think 2 of them will be on the bench on saturday incase we need change things up or finnish them off.
    But we need to be careful with these young guns that we dont burn them out to early.
  18. Clap
    PrivateDerby reacted to Alpha in v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread   
    They're called Derby fans. 
    And the reason they like him is because he's scored about 60 - 70 goals for the club. 
    Some people appreciate that.
    Others have pathetic comments born from bitterness. Not often I call anyone's comments pathetic but imo if you can't appreciate a player that's done well for the club or respect that others held him in high regard then that nastiness. The kind of spite shown in your post above is pathetic. The kind of stuff Ninos the clown would post. 
    Chris Martin goals have given Derby fans some great days out. 
  19. Haha
    PrivateDerby reacted to QuitYourJibbaJivin in Radio Draby post match   
    Never mind radio Derby, can’t believe grown men were ringing in moaning that cocu didn’t wave to them after the game. Get a ducking grip 
  20. Clap
    PrivateDerby reacted to Carnero in Jamie Paterson   
    This must depend on where you were sat as all I heard was generous applause. No boos. Nada.
  21. Like
    PrivateDerby got a reaction from kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in Jamie Paterson   
    Exactly what we were saying yesterday. 
    Think he’ll do well for us 🐏
  22. Like
    PrivateDerby got a reaction from Inverurie Ram in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    You’ve done an absolutely cracking job mate, you should go on Mastermind.
  23. Like
    PrivateDerby got a reaction from loweman2 in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    You’ve done an absolutely cracking job mate, you should go on Mastermind.
  24. Like
    PrivateDerby reacted to loweman2 in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    I think this must go to the top as my greatest match worn Derby County shirt in my collection, England’s all time number one, his favoured shirt for league games, most capped Englishman with 125 and most league appearances at 1,400 this is something to treasure, worn in his time at the Rams and given to his understudy for his testimonial and signed by the great man, another fine piece of Derby County history being preserved for the next generation !

  25. Like
    PrivateDerby reacted to loweman2 in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    This one is from the last season at the  Baseball Ground and that was Martins last season for Derby before he left for a successful career at Wycombe , he wore this shirt in his last premier league game against Forest, so those two facts make it a bit special, also these were the first shirts without the box around the ram and also it is facing the opposite way still, also had the black numbers on the back before they changed them to white, ive checked it out on you tube in the 4-2 win over spurs and you can hardly see it, a nice rare item.

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