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  1. ShoreRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    A sobering thought - Lawrence + £££ = Will Hughes.
  2. ShoreRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    In fairness, I'd argue that 'digging the heels in' may well mean 'pay up' in this instance. He probably can't stop Rowett going full stop, he can demand the compo though.
  3. ShoreRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I love it, creates a bit of excitement 🙂 Seriously, Rowett stays, we have stability and that's a good thing. He goes, he's left Derby so he's nothing to me and we get the fun of the new manager search, what's not to like? Win win
  4. ShoreRam

    Retained List Announced.

    Well, getting rid of Bent, Shackell, Baird could easily be £5m of the total wage bill without the weakening the squad, it's not a bad start to the summer 🙂
  5. ShoreRam

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    There's on or 2 that are worth ignoring - If someone has a positive view and how Mel/Gary et al could change things got the better but just to look back and moan with no real purpose, it's pointless and trolling. I only need to read back up this page to see a straw man followed by a 'Thanks Mel', utterly banal. * People who have left the club and/or have no connection with the club and have a limited exemption, **** 'em, it (whatever it is) IS their fault. That's how football works, if they're still at the club and are going to be for the foreseeable then back them to the hilt. If they've left and they're not some sort of legend then they're dirty nonces who should never been allowed in to the city again.
  6. ShoreRam

    Here’s My Opinion On Kenny Burns (fwiw)

    Yeah, 2 threads on Kenny &&%%&*^ Burns now, he's winning!
  7. ShoreRam

    Igor Stimac at PP

    Hard to believe that Igor was only at Derby for 4 years, such was the impact he had. What a player.
  8. ShoreRam

    Thank you Mel

    Thank you.
  9. ShoreRam

    14th May 1983 and 14th May 2018

    Exactly what I was thinking, there's a gaggle of them in the corner but other than that WTF?
  10. ShoreRam

    PL & Championship Safe Standing Petition

    Are you aware if the club have any thoughts/plans regarding the implementation of this - The whole South stand, part of it? I'd be intrigued to know if they were to follow the celtic 1-1 model or the 1.8-1 approach. Great memories of being packed in like sardines at some away games in the mid 80s, of course they won't allow that but would be great to think they'd allow some increase in capacity - Not that we need it, more that sense of 'packed' if you catch my drift.
  11. ShoreRam

    Price Of Football .. DCFC

    That's the saddest thing for me - Was it that long ago that most fans didn't give a flying duck about the club's accounts? Somebody has spent a lot of time there to come up with supposition and guesswork but it really shouldn't be for you or I to worry about. I trust Mel 100% on the financial front....
  12. ShoreRam

    Is Mel Pickering Mk2 ?

    Maybe I should be more nuanced - The buck stops with Mel, that's the fact. Suggesting he is personally responsible for terrible signings that are blighting us to this day is and error. Certainly, the hiring of Rush & Evans in particular look, with the benefit of hindsight, disastrous. We're a far better club for Mel Morris (and Lionel Pickering) IMO.
  13. ShoreRam

    The Worst Performance

    Derby 1 Bristol Rovers 3 is right up there for me, it was so depressing. Additionally, it has irked me to this day that Ellington was credited with a hat trick, it just wasn't, the second was an OG. Bitter? Me? No!
  14. ShoreRam

    Is Mel Pickering Mk2 ?

    Let's be honest, recruitment has been by far and away the biggest issue - Yes you could criticise Mel for allowing Clement and to a lesser extent Pearson & McClaren blow their wads on garbage (while remembering it's his *****g money) but ultimately the manager has to bear the brunt of the criticism. I look at out 15/16 inward transfers and it makes me want to cry. I don't feel like the tightening of the belt next season is a bad thing, I'd rather we tried to find a bargain than spunk millions on Johnson, Butterfield et al. I just with they could all be got rid off ASAP without messing us up on FFP. The future is bright, embrace it!
  15. ShoreRam

    Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    Rowett's history isn't he, really wanted him to work but we've been average for a few months, then crap, then this

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