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  1. Oh, it was definitely a viable option, they'd started doing the work! Who knows what could have been?!? It would never have been as comfortable as PPS obv but it would have been much more individual, special.....
  2. Likewise, terrible game, who could have foreseen what was to come? I do remember how good Darryl Powell looked though :-)
  3. 1995 - Debuted vs Port Vale 0-0.....
  4. Clarke's annoying me (among all the happy feelings I have) same mistake as midweek, backed off, didn't close the attacker down and bang, they've equalised so avoidable....
  5. Is what I thought, except I would be less polite, it was terrible defending!
  6. To the many bedwetters, is it not a breath of fresh air that we're NOT buying loads of old crap on deadline day? We're not going up so unless we can land the players we really want then what's the point?? Oh, and it should be mentioned that whatever your opinion on the subject there is something else happening today that will be playing on the mind of anyone we're trying to recruit from Europe.....
  7. Quite - I'm not sure what people expect. How often does a team go to an away tie and a lower league club and properly impress? Rarely! From the time the draw was made, I expected it to be difficult and a draw was always decent...
  8. Same old - If you sign off accounts for 3 years, you can't then turn round and say, actually we disagree with your accounting policies and will henceforth assume a different set of figures.
  9. Kieran Maguire is a teacher who masquerades as someone with some sort of insight. He has none and, as you mention, guesses like the rest of us. Fancy website and all that but best ignored....
  10. I don't think anyone, ever, in any parallel or otherwise universe could describe this is an 'arms length transaction'. There is no dispute that Mel Morris owns the companies that have bought and sold the stadium therefore your mate is wrong.
  11. Quite - It's entirely normal for any governing body or regulator to discuss, advise or even negotiate on such matters before they are decided. It's entirely NOT normal for them to go through that process and then decide there was a mistake and then to launch proceedings. The only exception I can think of would be where there has been dishonestly in the process but that doesn't appear to be the case. As things stand, I think the club are in a strong position.
  12. Million percent this - I don't know if it's the modern way, needing to be loved by everyone, but this is much more like it, bring it on! There are way too many people that care about our 'reputation' what's being said on Twitter or on some phantom message board. More broadly, enjoy the ride, this is real life. There's up and downs, triumphs and disappointments, take your direction from Rudyard Kipling and treat those imposters the same. It's always darkest before the dawn, for those who can remember 1983/84, we hit rock bottom - The next 20 years were mostly fantastic.
  13. Arrow is pointing at the ROOF of the house!! 🤔🤫
  14. I don't know if you've every bought a house but buying said house is a, relatively speaking, simple transaction. That process will typically take weeks or months. A multi million pound investment in a football club that has a complex ownership structure (in terms of the companies involved) will take months, no doubt. If the investment is from the hedge fund itself, that makes it even more complex as I suspect (or hope!!) that the checks and balances involved would be more onerous. In short, chill - When something happens, I'm sure you'll know about it. You wouldn't expect the club to be giving a running commentary right?
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