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  1. Quite - Compare and contrast. Take note Richard.
  2. In fairness, the summary reads that the panel of lawyers made a decision based on the interpretation of law rather than any accounting matters. That the evidence of the EFL accounting 'expert' should have been allowed. How they then reached a conclusion that had his evidence been allowed then the original DC would have found for the EFL, I don't know but that's what appeal panels do.
  3. Quite - I must live in a parallel universe. If my actions had directly put me in a situation where I had been unable to work for a year, I think it's fair to say I was guilty of gross misconduct.
  4. May as well get all our bad news out in 1 day eh!!
  5. At least now we can be pretty certain we'll be in the Championship next year - It's difficult to see how a large points deduction could be imposed but at least we'll know what we're up against. Up the Rams and all.
  6. That's why it couldn't be applied to this season, the appeal wouldn't happen in time....
  7. He actually first posted in with 'Good morning from Marbella', it was then reposted....
  8. It's a very 'The Athletic' article - Some insight, some guesswork, very long! I have a problem with some of the claims, for instance:- "Any change of ownership at the club would give MSD the right to call in this loan, which now totals somewhere between £15-30 million, depending on who you talk to. Whatever the exact amount, MSD can also apply early redemption penalties if it chooses" So we don't know the value of the contract but we know the minutiae of the small print? It's also slightly strange to describe MSD as having a 'choice' over whether to pay early redemption penalties. If that
  9. Peter Marples you say? 3AAA Peter Marples? Okay. I have actually read his FB page, I now know that he likes a carvery, enlightening stuff.Seriously, you may not like the results of this jocular poll and you may think it doesn't reflect what your seeing on your FB page but in reality, that's what most football fans think. You may think they're wrong and that's your perogative, as it is theirs but banging your fists on the table within a football forum isn't going to change anything.
  10. Bizarre, though we should note that nobody pays the slightest bit of notice to Mr P......
  11. Yep, that's Maguire...
  12. I think that's probably good news.
  13. I would assume that while the decision is final, any punishment could be appealed.
  14. I'm not confusing anything with anything, I'm quoting your hero and pointing out the very obvious error he has made. The thing is, I've made no comment on finances of the 'Spanish kid' as I haven't got a clue about them, that's the difference between me an Maguire - If I don't have the information, I won't pass judgment. My opinion is that I don't have a terribly warm feeling about the 'Spanish kid' but thats based on little more than inference and guesswork, much like Maguire.
  15. Great. Thanks. And? Way to miss the main point of my post haha! I'll just repost it for clarity:- If you ever want to know how much of a charlatan Kieran Maguire is, take this nugget from the Telegraph just now:- "If you go to Companies House, No Limits Sports Limited consists of a company which has £2 in its bank account, which isn’t a great start when you’re looking to fund the acquisition" That's the statement of capital not the 'bank account'. My company's is £100, (many are similar, some £1,000), it doesn't correlate to my bank account. Anyone worth their salt knows this.
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