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  1. I think you're being generous but yeah I agree, that batting line up, 275 not too bad. The bowling and fielding was disappointing. Dropped catch, misfields, overthrows, not great.
  2. This is quite tragic! The batting looked pedestrian, I think we're 50/60 short at least.
  3. I thought the questions were quite balanced, nothing too leading there. Totally agree with the bit in bold, made me happy to see that. I said yes to the salary cap as well. Fundamentally, the majority of football's woes are caused by players being overpaid. And I mean overpaid, more money goes out to players than comes in to the sport, that's madness.
  4. I think there's a new one, I appear to have gained a new follower, not sure I feel a little grubby or rather honoured.
  5. He's having an absolute melt down. Small things like that put a little schadenfreude related smile on my face.
  6. Until last night, I wasn't so sure but that statement, blimey. They are supposed to be administrators that follow a set of rules not ones who should 'remain disappointed' or that they 'do not agree that those sanctions are commensurate to the breaches found'. Your rules FFS. The paragraph below though is the cherry on the icing on the cake, talk about sharpening their knives, it simply did not need to be said. It's bitter and vindictive. 'Once these have been submitted, the EFL will then be required to consider the submissions in reference to the P&S rules and in particular re-assess whether the Club has complied with the requirement to limit losses in accordance with those rules'
  7. Which of course wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that many on that 90% continually worry about and raise the spectre of admin.... 🤦‍♂️
  8. That's what I'm thinking, otherwise why would you even start the topic? Fundamentally, the fewer people that buy season tickets, the less attractive the club is, the more money it is losing, the lower the standard of player we can acquire. It's some sort of doom mongering self fulfilling prophecy. It's also the sign of the modern football 'fan', I do yearn for simply times - I started watching as a kid in the 80s, it was part of my life, my routine, that carried on even when I lived in Brighton (there's a club with modern fans!). It connected me with my home town, with my family, with my friends, that's what having a season ticket is all about. All talk of investment, money, debt, that's a sideshow, for those 90 mins that's what matters, whatever crap is wearing the shirt.
  9. That's a new level of ineptness from the clueless chump - I genuinely have no idea why people continue to give him any credence. He clearly has an alert for any companies associated with Mel Morris, sees it pop up while he's chomping on his cornflakes and Malibu, pops it in a tweet. No matter that he doesn't understand this company has nothing to do with the football club. 'Presumably due to non submission of accounts' nope, that wouldn't happen. It doesn't take that much knowledge to understand that, as others have pointed out, that this is likely a voluntary process. The bloke has been discredited so often, I've no idea why people take any notice of him. Bitter little man.
  10. Sort of, not that it means that much but here it is:-
  11. Yeah = Lawrence's omission aside, that is a terrible squad.
  12. 5 words of fiction that will ensure I'll never click on a link - A "see you" of the finest order....
  13. Okay, that's great. Oh, apart from in that way.
  14. I don't know of too many new grounds that have not received naming rights these days - It's a no brainer to be honest - Kind of sad but there you go. Regarding Pride Park, I would imagine that if we are sold to a buyer who has less of an emotional attachment to the club than Mel (very very likely), then the sale of the naming rights is an inevitability.
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