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  1. If you ever wanted cast iron proof that Maguire hasn't got a clue what he's talking about, here it is in black and white. What utter hogwash.
  2. Don't really get the hatred thing - I just love Derby, everyone else is just other teams I don't care about. My top 5 loved teams:- 1 - Derby 2 - Derby U23 3 - Derby U18 4 - Derby Ladies 5 - Derby & District Paper Boys U13 second XI
  3. Your second point kind of answers the first, the cash to complete the trade will, I assume, be going to Mel Morris, the cash to allow the operation of the club to a different place. Either way, as you say, people don't (or shouldn't) have piles of can there ready for instant access...
  4. I agree, once can't make senior appointments in a business you've effectively already sold (or even about to sell), it would put any contract on a very sticky legal wicket. So, the deal is either done or dead.....
  5. Yeah, but it's the WRONG statement isn't it, tell me what I WANT to hear 😂
  6. Yeah, but then I'd have to listen to Talksport, the Daily Mail of the airwaves....
  7. I don't doubt it, it would be a surprise if such a clause wasn't in there. I don't get all this talk of administration, it seems a bit lazy especially on behalf of the journalists (Percy!!). Why would Morris do that, isn't he a creditor himself?? I don't know who else could or would initiate the process or why.
  8. MIchael Dell's investment company/fund. No, they have a charge on the stadium etc, meaning if whoever took out the loan defaults, then they would be able to get their money from the sale of said assets (like a mortgage on your house), in simple terms anyway.
  9. With respect, he can obviously afford to do so but cash is king and all that - It's probably not the case that he has a £1m or whatever is needed sitting in there in an instance access account.... Seems to me that's the root of all of this, all the cash is there, just not in the right place!
  10. There are actually, decent night out! My closest 'big' town 😁🍺
  11. Well now you say so, yeah I can see it. I just hadn't heard Wednesday mentioned before.
  12. As the question was framed with 'last 15 years or so', I guess we have to rule out Fat Bob but while the OP wishes to exclude the Three Amigos, I' won't. They are by far and away the winners of this one, I won't even bother to go in to their rap sheet, it's all out there for people to take a look. The reason that Mel wins takes the 'best' moniker for me is infrastructure, most notably the establishment of a Tier 1 academy. Managers come and go, finances wax and wane, players move on but the building blocks are there for this to be a very successful club. Outside of the PL, even outside of
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