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  1. Of course it's possible, we're not far off from going at the right rate, had we nicked on the win on Saturday we'd be where we need to be in terms of points per game so clearly not impossible but it will be very difficult.
  2. This is a marvellous idea, well done. I would be happy to buy someone a ticket. Let's make this a thing, let's try and get as many people through the gates for next few weeks, it could truly make a difference. It could keeps us ticking over paying people a bit longer, it could be that tipping point that convinces someone that we're a worthwhile investment....
  3. Quite - Remember kids, those who can do, those who can't teach.... Apologies to any teachers out there, I'm just mocking this particular teacher.
  4. Quite - Being entirely binary about absolutely everything is a sad part of modern life. I had to unfollow a particular DCFC related author for this today. Painting Mel Morris as the anti-christ and constantly retweeting the master of arch guesswork and knowing F all, Kieran Maguire is enough for me to click that button.....
  5. The more I think about it, ANY points punishment now is simply a doubling up of what has already been dished out. Effectively, we've lost a lot of points over the last year through our inability to sign the right players. It won't stop the EFL, of course.
  6. Can't wait for this season to end - I know Hughton has his supporters but he had to go, things can only get better right?
  7. That's absolutely mad - This club has fantastic support, something we should really cherish.
  8. I was hoping they'd survive 30 mins this morning, gone past that so we should be in a position to save the match....
  9. Yep, I know not the day to day activities of the coach but it's not working, that's as clear as day!
  10. Feels like that happens way to often to us - Cricinfo should have a separate column, 'HS (not against Derbyshire)!
  11. Wickets falling everywhere, apart from Derby!
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