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  1. Only kidding mate, it was just a bit of a free hit 😁
  2. A) No, that song should be retired, there can be only 1. B) It doesn't work. C) No, just no.
  3. I'm not sure I'd go that far but they are certainly one of life's great mysteries to me, why do people have them? In case they've forgotten which car is theirs? I imagine people with fragile egos are drawn that way.....
  4. I would assume that a large part of the medical takes place in a hospital. Not sure many clubs have scanners installed....
  5. Precisely, some people need to settle down and relax a bit....
  6. Isn't it a sad reflection on modern football that we have a thread titled 'Amortisation Policy' 😒
  7. I am thoroughly enjoying Kieran Maguire's squirming, he's so obviously hacked off - I'm pretty sure his bitterness at Derby goes back to his team having their arses handed to them in the 13/14 playoffs. His current angle is what a fine job our lawyer did, as though he 'got us off', what a twerp.
  8. Yeah, it wasn't great - Just thinking it's a pre-season friendly in a position he's probably never played in, I suspect he was caught in 2 minds and ended up looking a bit of a t1t. He's the persona non grata of this summer of course.....
  9. Harsh, I'm not sure Mason Bennett is a pick the ball up with his back to goal 40 yards out sort of player!
  10. I really wouldn't worry about that, formations are fluid and certainly change when you've got or haven't got the ball. Anyone who focusses too much on these probably doesn't know what they're talking about.
  11. Sorry for the edit BUT, that's why people give them a hard time, they lack credibility. There's actually nothing in what they've posted to particularly disbelieve because there's nothing of substance. Also, that someone 'knows somebody close to the club' is also, generally, of little value, this is board level stuff, Dave from the club shop is unlikely to provide much insight.
  12. You shouldn't be - You can flat earthists on twitter if you want, 'Twitter' is not a reliable source, some people on Twitter are reliable sources.
  13. Mate, I don't entirely disagree with you but without context, it's pointless publishing. They (like Maguire) know nothing, of course they should be trying to find out what's happening, is this investment, is it something else but until they do. The rest of what they post is just (necessary) click bait - It's very sad what's happening to local newspapers, I love to buy the DET when I'm in town but I'm not sure trying to compete with the 24hr rumourathon that is twitter and the rest of social media is worthwhile.
  14. It really isn't news mate - Derby take a 'loan' from someone? Or is it investment. Like I said, loans are commonplace, people move cash around, as I've said previously, it wouldn't always be prudent for Mel to liquidise and asset for cash so he would borrow it....
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