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  1. Simon Bradley

    v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Derby 6-1 villa frgs marriott
  2. Simon Bradley

    v Chelsea (A) Cup Predictions

    Chelsea 1-5 derby frgs mount
  3. Simon Bradley

    v Boro' (A) - Predictions

    Boro 1-5 derby frgs marriott
  4. Simon Bradley

    v WBA (A) - Predictions

    I was so close I will get right score one day
  5. Simon Bradley

    v WBA (A) - Predictions

    Wba 1-3 dcfc frgs Marriott
  6. Simon Bradley

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    U rams
  7. Simon Bradley

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    Jurgen klopp is happy with way he is playing and thanks derby
  8. Simon Bradley

    v Sheffield Utd (H) - Predictions

    Derby 6-2 sheff Utd frgs Marriott
  9. Simon Bradley

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    last day in turkey
  10. Simon Bradley

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Has anyone managed to get match on sky app
  11. Simon Bradley

    v Rotherham (A) (League) - Predictions

    Derby 7-0 Rotherham frgs mount
  12. Simon Bradley

    Super Frankie Lampard

    Super Frankie fell in love with mason Bennett too rams are on the march u rams
  13. Simon Bradley

    Derby in Sky App

    Oops just finished work not with it yet my bad
  14. Simon Bradley

    Derby in Sky App

    Use bbc app better
  15. Simon Bradley

    Derby in Sky App


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