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  1. Was going to have Martin a frgs hope he comes on and scores the first il still be happy coyr
  2. Nice passage thru to the 3rd round against Chelsea
  3. This means the Bachmann rumour was false or uncel Mel hiding another transfer from us
  4. Also clear from Tom's interview don't feel valued here I think now mount and Wilson gone he will be the num 1 playmaker we talk about for good reasons
  5. We won 2-1 against it 2nd half and we still have beilik and Rooney (I doubt tho would. Love if true ) & to come into team things looking up coyrs
  6. Everyone is entitled to a opinion I hope he plays like this every game we know he is capable maybe cocu is the man to get him playong to his potential
  7. Best I've seen him. Play tonite this is the Tom we wanted from start quality performance
  8. Huddersfield 0-3 Derby frgs waghorn
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