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  1. Da fuq? Always respected Gibson...until this last few months. He must have spoffed £100m's on 'boro, now he gets shirty about Mel doing similar? What a Bamford.
  2. I'm off now to cast my vote for the Lib Dems. It's got out of hand, and I think we need a second go round the issue knowing what we know now.
  3. I'll be honest Ronnie, you've lost me. I think we're at cross purposes. I never commented on the Robinson milkshake incident. Now I look it seems to me he's being a manipulative and violent thug who coaxed a reaction out of the lad and then got stuck in knowing he was probably golden legally.
  4. I assume that's at me. I'm not asking for anyone to be in prison for any crime related to or resembling the showdown from that Benny Hill tune about the milkman.
  5. No. Unless it Was Tim Taylor's Landlord, in which case burn the bar steward at the stake. https://news.sky.com/video/moment-jeremy-corbyn-egged-by-brexit-supporter-11675076 I take it this is the incident I missed about Corbyn? Wasn't a punch, wasn't a throw, a gentle slap sufficient to break the egg. ********* behaviour, not worthy of prison. Neither is milkshaking someone.
  6. Short answer to your Yes/No would have to be 'Yes'. I did preface my question to @eddie with an 'Am I missing something...', maybe I am, but I thought we were talking about Corbyn being egged vs the old boy today being covered in mikshake? Equivalent to me. A punch would be worse than a milkshake being thrown, as I'm sure the courts would agree all else being equal. Was the Corbyn egging thing associated with a punch up then?
  7. Am I missing something eddie? Are you suggesting that there is a higher bar for violence against people you disagree with to be unacceptable versus violence against people you do agree with? Running over Farage with a combine harvester equals one serious chinese burn on Jeremy Corbyn?
  8. It was a facetious argument, as I'm sure you know. Let's have one thing rightly understood. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is an arse. I do not like him. He's manipulative and violent. There is a debate to be had around why a manipulative, violent, dishonest hooligan can gain so much traction, but I don't intend to kick that off here.
  9. What happened to the old boy was disgusting and someone should be picking up 80 hours community service for it, the bill for his washing, court costs and £50 to buy him a few beers. What happened to Jo Cox was brutal evil of the lowest stripe, delivered by an inadequate who should be, and is, doing life for it. I don't understand why we need the whataboutery?
  10. Ronnie. I love you baby, but have a read what I actually typed.
  11. Oh. That's true. Allow me to amend. Ahem. Everything is the fault of Tommy Robinson character, even the actions of everyone else. Better?
  12. Yes Stive. Everything is the fault of right wingers. Even the actions of left wingers. 🙄
  13. I think you're ashamed enough of our country for all of us Stive.
  14. Don't know what to think team or shape. On balance I'd probably stick with the diamond and go for it. Win it or go down punching rather than waiting to go behind then throwing the dice. Nice to have a selection problem in the front 6. Waghorn or Holmes to miss out on fitness I guess? Back 5 picks itself: Johnson Homes Mount Wilson Lawrence Marriott Bench: Carson, Wisdom, Huddlestone, Waghorn, Bennett, plus a couple of kids. Flo-Jo ain't getting on ahead of Bennett or Waghorn to play wide, surely, so why have him on the bench?
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