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  1. northantsram

    Do you think Frank is here for the long run?

    Hes not going to leave us for another championship team ... or a relegation threatened prem team its just not worth it for him. Franks not in this game for the money.. hes a very wealthy man already. Hes only leaving us for an opportunity too good to turn down. Got a sneaky feeling he wont feel happy leaving until hes took us up.
  2. northantsram

    Jack Marriott

    Also tells us hes on about 17-18k a week ... not a bad wage at all !
  3. northantsram

    What a manager we have

    Frank and his team are so impressive. before the season started i thought id be happy to finish strong mid table if we got a slick style of football back. Now as the season goes on i think it will be a travesty if we cant capitalise. Frank needs backing in Jan with whatever he thinks he needs and maybe he could finally take us back to the promised land.
  4. northantsram

    Chris Martin

    cheers for that insight, obviously its only 1 persons opinion but its a shame. I think must Derby fans accept his rams career is over but i wish him all the best, he has been one of the best Derby strikers in many years.
  5. northantsram

    Chris Martin

    Does anybody know how Chris has been doing in his recent loan spell and how the Hull fans rate him ?
  6. northantsram

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    Shame to feel so disapointed with a solid point away at Middlesbrough Thought first half was really good and some of the football was brilliant. The "football" they play is horrible but effective, you could see if they kept getting balls into the box they had a chance, defending is probably not our strong point. Feel sorry for Jaden Bogle and its just one of those things, however he has been a bit of a weak link in the last few games , maybe he just needs taking out for a few games.
  7. northantsram

    We could have the pick of the litter in January

    I agree with this 100% tomori is a very technically good player and could deffo play right back. Davies is too good to leave out indefinetly.
  8. northantsram

    We could have the pick of the litter in January

    At this moment it looks like theres a few positions we could still strengthen quite a bit. But if its a loan they would have to be significantly better than what we have. As much as a love Bogle and i think he will be a good player going forward .. a real quality attacking right back is where i would start.
  9. northantsram

    Time too give Bogle a break ?

    I rate Bogle hes a great young prospect. Frank will know whether or not to take him out of the first team picture for a bit or keep playing him. IMO Tomori could be moved to RB too allow Davies to get back into the team. Not forgetting Wisdom who is a solid enough defender at this level ... nice to have quality options.
  10. northantsram

    Same old story

    I think everybody needs to realise that A. its the same at every club and B.Frank is doing a great job, this is such a hard league with no easy points and not a great deal of difference between any of the teams in terms of quality.
  11. northantsram


    We can all get annoyed about Butterfield draining valuable resources but the fact is we gave him a long and lucrative contract and we only have ourselves to blame. Still find it strange cos he wasn't a bad player but he has massively struggled with confidence/fitness and mis management. I'm sure he's made a small fortune out of us but he's ruined what is suppost to be the best years of his career.
  12. northantsram

    Max Lowe - joined Aberdeen on loan until Jan

    This is 100% the right decision.. deffo a player in there but needs to improve a lot on his game management and understanding of positioning ex ... 2 good championship left backs already in the squad.
  13. northantsram

    Can we have some agreement?

    Think it will always be this way, fans are not happy unless you are winning every game and playing nice football. By this reckoning the only happy fans are man city ones!
  14. Keogh wasn't good ....but either was the rest of the defence... I personally thought man for man Leeds were better today. I hate Leeds like you wouldn't believe but the last time we played a team that good was wolves last year.
  15. northantsram

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    Well that was ****ing dreadful (will from Inbetweeners) But seriously though, it's going to take some time to get this team ticking. Defence to midfield was so bad Keogh and lowe were a liability, Ledley was also awful. Tactically it doesn't look right yet... Frank WILL get it right

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