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  1. Its 19k a week, there will be players on more a week than that so i think thats very fair.
  2. Its a really exciting time with the U23s looking really good aswell. I feel like next season with the first team squad naturally decreasing that a few if these boys will get a chance.
  3. Would be happy with this, has looked a class above L2 this season. Would be relatively cheap and could be improved massively under Lampard.
  4. I think in a way Frank has been a victim of his earlier sucess. I think 99% if rams fans would have taken this position at this point at the start of the season. Injuries have definitely affected us but its clear we have some players not quite up to the required standard and also players with low confidence or declining abilty and energy. Maybe the "really difficult" pre season and the long cup runs have sapped energy. We look knackered and out of ideas.
  5. Im guessing your loving the brilliant football then you clown.
  6. Starting to fall out of love with football at the minute. Im trying to stay positive but i cant remember us in the last 3 games even making a decent opportunity going forward. Dross
  7. One of the only footballers iv ever seen who struggled to kick a ball 😂.
  8. I dont even know what to say after watching that. I cant remember the last time we actually played well. I dont think i can bare to watch the forest game.
  9. Ha I'm not on commission or work for bet 365 ... but if I did that would be Very sneaky!
  10. Well I managed to watch the Accrington game on it. Maybe you need to place a bet on the game to get it to work. I spent a tenner on bets last game.
  11. Anybody like me who hasn't got BT sports... Apparently a live stream on bet 365 is available . Not great but better than nothing guys!
  12. Was trying to find out about this today. I would imagine the club will extend Huddlestone for a year, maybe Bryson another year or two probably on reduced terms and Roos is doing a good job recently ( will be relatively cheap ). Expect the club will also try and move on Anya , Martin and Thorne ( Depending on how he gets on at Luton ) . Along with the loan players returning I expect this will give Frank a bit more scope in the summer.
  13. Il be happy with either one of the lower league teams at home or a big away club. First would allow us the best chance to progress, second would be the biggest money spinner. Don't want a rubbish prem club or a Millwall away from home though.
  14. Would be very dissapointed if true... but if it is... it will have to be a massive amount of money to allow a rebuild of the squad in the summer.
  15. I really do think it's ridiculous if anybody doesn't appreciate what this man has done for Derby County. Just look at our academy and Rams TV and all of the money in which he has invested into the club. Granted he hasn't always got it right, but he's learning from his mistakes and if anybody deserves promotion it's Mel.
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