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  1. northantsram

    New Contracts

    Was trying to find out about this today. I would imagine the club will extend Huddlestone for a year, maybe Bryson another year or two probably on reduced terms and Roos is doing a good job recently ( will be relatively cheap ). Expect the club will also try and move on Anya , Martin and Thorne ( Depending on how he gets on at Luton ) . Along with the loan players returning I expect this will give Frank a bit more scope in the summer.
  2. northantsram

    FA Cup Round 5 Opponents

    Il be happy with either one of the lower league teams at home or a big away club. First would allow us the best chance to progress, second would be the biggest money spinner. Don't want a rubbish prem club or a Millwall away from home though.
  3. northantsram

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Would be very dissapointed if true... but if it is... it will have to be a massive amount of money to allow a rebuild of the squad in the summer.
  4. northantsram

    Executive Chairman Mel Morris, CBE speaks.

    I really do think it's ridiculous if anybody doesn't appreciate what this man has done for Derby County. Just look at our academy and Rams TV and all of the money in which he has invested into the club. Granted he hasn't always got it right, but he's learning from his mistakes and if anybody deserves promotion it's Mel.
  5. northantsram

    Ashley Cole is a Ram

    Who knows how good he will be now... It's a relatively cheap deal and can only be a positive ... more exposure for derby and a great role model for the youngsters. Have a sneaky suspicion if he plays well he may stay on for another 12 months as a player/coach. Mel has hinted Frank wants another coach in the past and this would make sense. I think he's England's best ever LB and one of the best full backs of all time in his prime. We are lucky to have him.
  6. northantsram

    Kwame Thomas

    Wow... He's a unit now (not in the way you want though). We as fans don't really have an idea of a players potential. For every Will Hughes there are 50 Callum Balls.
  7. northantsram


    I'm not against selling him, every player has there price. If 8m is the figure we get that allows us to do the business Frank thinks we need then I will be more than happy. January is often a very hard month to get players at a decent price though.
  8. northantsram


    You say that but he's established himself as our best RB already at the age of 18 .. don't get me wrong we could get better and more experience for the money but he's one of our prized assets and reportably has interest from a number of prem teams Bournemouth and Burnley apparently. Whether or not we think he's worth 10m or 5m is irrelevant. Prices will be driven by hopefully a bidding war... these prem teams have so much money these days and 10m isn't much .. if they can get him performing in the prem over the next few years God knows what he would be worth. As a club we have had our pants down in the past and we can't afford to be seen as a club that will let our young talent go on the cheap.
  9. northantsram


    Why on earth would we accept a low offer for an 18 year old with a lot of potential ... if you think 5m allows us to do the business we need to do in January and ease any potential FFP worries for the summer then your smoking crack mate.
  10. northantsram

    Midfield Balance

    I suspect the way Lampard wants us to play means we are missing a few key pieces of the puzzle. The midfield balance hasn't quite been there. I think we only have one genuine CM in the whole squad and that's Bryson who's not the same player he was a few years back. We desperately need to invest in a quality physical CM this Jan ... more so than a CB imo.
  11. northantsram


    I suspect this deal would be more about necessity than anything else. Young, english and got a lot of potential. Would have to be over 10m and a decent sell on clause though surely.
  12. northantsram

    Are our loan players really all that?

    My take .. Tomori - physical and pacey.. not a bad player but terrible in the air and positionally bad. Won't ever play for Chelsea in the prem unless he can improve those things. Champ at best/ lower prem Mount - Looked the part at the start of the season, think he's got a lot of talent for his age. Has got the potential to dictate a game from midfield and score goals. For some reason he hasn't been getting involved as much going forward. Looks to have taken a whack in form and confidence. Not convinced he will play at the very top level but will likely have a great career in the prem. Haven't even noticed him in quite a few games recently. Wilson - Brilliant left foot and strike, set piece specialist. Has got a lot of end product but some of his play inbetween isn't great, defensively weak and lightweight. Not sure if he will ever play for Liverpool but again will have a good career playing prem and international football. Not sure his best position.
  13. northantsram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Agree with pretty much all of that! Lampards the man to take us forward but we are so far away from leeds level it's scary. Deffo not the end of the world but we have got to bring in some physicality and quality if we want to make the play offs this year.
  14. northantsram

    Max lowe is not as good as people think he is.

    I hate to slag off our own players but I have to say whenever Max Lowe has played for us he's been so poor ... positioning shocking , so many crosses coming in down his side and sloppy passes to the opposition. He was up against a quality young player/team today but it worries me he's just not good enough.
  15. northantsram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    It was terrible but Leeds were very good ... cheating or not I think they would have beaten us as much as I hate to admit as I can't stand the scumbags.

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