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  1. I see what your saying but to play at the real top level you need to be technically, tactically and physically very good. Id argue that Wilson is probably only technically good enough. Having said that id have him back at Derby in a heartbeat because football is about levels and Wilson is clearly a very good player in the Championship. Lingard isnt good enough for a top level team and should be playing lower to mid prem level imo.
  2. Yeh i think one of the main problems being that Cocu will want plenty of time to assess what we have first before he decides to bring anybody in. I have a sneaky feeling though we may have one marquee signing for money but that may come very close to the start of the season.
  3. Like parts of that, couple of points im not sure on though.. Marriott .. hes a striker not a AM , if he plays a role like that hes going to have to be getting in the box a lot because hes a natural finisher. GK ... think its obvious we prob are looking for a new keeper id expect they will be starting RB ... is Bateman ready yet to be the number 2 , not sure. CM .... think we need at least 1 CM , dont think Knight and Sibley can be relied on to be direct back up. RW .... deffo need a classy wide player in ,zoon looks good so far but didnt set the world on fire last season. In summary i believe we are probably 4 quality players away from having a really competitive squad
  4. Really happy with this , like any other managerial appointment it may not work, but we have gone from attracting billy davies, nigel clough, gary rowett ex to a champions league manager from Europe. What an absolute legend Mel Morris is. Welcome cocu
  5. Il drive Frank there myself if we can get a live youtube feed of christine ironing mels breifs.
  6. Would be happy enough with this, has played for a couple years and coached in the championship now so has an idea of whats required. Would know doubt bring with him a good team and will have the inside info from frank and co.
  7. Maybe read again ... i said biggest in there history ... are you his agent or something?
  8. Would anyone else be a bit disappointed if we smashed 20m on Harry? Not that i dont rate him i just dont think thats a wise way to spend 20m ... That sort of money could genuinely sign 4 top quality players.
  9. Bit off topic but imagine this team and formation (assuming we signed tomori) Roos/ new GK Keogh Davies Tomori Bogle Malone Holmes Shinnie Lawrence Marriott Waghorn I know its not Football Manager but let me explain why i think this would work.... In Defence Davies is a rock but not really a ball playing centre back so he would act as a kind of sweeper, Tomori and Keogh given a bit of licence to break through the midfield. Full backs both better attacking than defending so having the extra centre back would mean less defending. Holmes and Shinnie would provide a decent balance of energy and closing down and creativity. I still believe no 10 is Lawrences best position and he would be a major goal threat down the middle. Marriott and Waghorn... both hard working , both score goals.. Waghorn perhaps better at holding the ball up and marriott at running the channels. Can you tell im excited .. please stay Frank!
  10. So examples in the current squad, Tom Lawrence - paid 5ish million. Do you think if he was a free transfer he would get the same amount of stick? George Evans - paid 400k ish Has a much lower level of expection and will get away with more. A player cannot effect a transfer fee and as fans they dont really make a difference to us but we do seem to be obsessed with how much a player is brought and sold for.
  11. I thought about this today and Lawrence didnt really have a good season.... however, he obviously has ability and Frank seems to rate him. I know his mother passed away recently and maybe she hasnt been well for a while... Would maybe explain why he wasnt quite hitting the levels we expect.
  12. Jokanovich i would take but not hughton .. good manager but plays terrible % football.
  13. A few Leeds fans i have spoken to are not exactly feeling positive but i doubt there form will have much bearing. They finished 3rd for a reason and to take them lightly would be silly.
  14. I completely agree, i deffo despise Leeds more than Forest ... definetly my most hated club. Cant stand the bar stewards.
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