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  1. Is Mel just ahead of the game. He found that he could get compensation for Rowett, he then gets Lampard in gets compensation...makes sense that he sees a way to let big names cut their teeth in coaching / management, write in a big release clause, it’s great revenue stream, and also great publicity for the club and maybe attracting new investment. I’m sure some of the other clubs in and around the division will do similar soon.
  2. I'm going to say those dreaded words "transitional season". I know that's been said for about the last 4 years, but I really think that this could be a bit of a different kind of season for us. I'd like to think that we could be pushing for top six, the players we've bought in up to now seem to be class...however, if we were to finish just outside the playoffs I wouldn't be overly disappointed as long as the season has been used as a platform to push on next year - with the same manager!
  3. I’m still waiting on the “German centre back”. I am losing hope that he’s coming now.
  4. Lots of positives from the first match, understandably rusty, but Marriott managed a brace, Shinnie really does look decent, he made a couple of cracking runs, read the game really well. I had doubts about Martin, but his link up play at times was excellent. Impressed with the style of play from the outset, good quick passing football, don’t know if it was just me, but it seemed a fairly flexible 4-3-3, more than a one trick pony. Also enjoyed listening to Cocu after the match...is it too early to get excited for the season ahead?
  5. Cocu out... poor team selection, this is going to cost us 3 points.
  6. Plenty of possession but no real threat finishing. We’re 40 mins into first game of preseason and not scored a hatful...very worried for the upcoming season 😬
  7. I’m really excited with his appointment, intelligent and knowledgable a future manager in the making. What pleases me most is (on top the scouting and analysis side of his role) that we’ve got someone who has “been there and done it” to work closely with the youngsters coming through, and still of an age where he’ll be on their level, respected as a player. Also with the management team lining up as it is we should be attractive to players and clubs wanting to develop their players using the loan system. Really astute bit of business by Mel.
  8. Haven’t the rules changed for loan signings this year? Last year was up to 31st Aug and this year the same as perm deals? Or am I talking rubbish? 🤔
  9. Keogh should be nailed on, Curtis I think will depend on if he can find his form quickly after such a long lay off. I do think that we need a couple of CB options though. We are lucky that Keogh is pretty resilient, he plays most matches, but we do need good cover. More importantly, neither Rich or Curtis are getting any younger, at some point will slow down and we need to have brought natural replacements for them through. I’d rather bring in players either from the academy or outside at this point who can learn not only from the coaches but also influenced by Keogh and Davies, make the progression natural.
  10. Not so much his age as the 3 years where he hasn’t set the world on fire. It’s more the expectation that he might all of a sudden be a 20+ goal a season player again. I’d love to eat my words...
  11. I’ve got mixed feelings about Martin, his scoring record for his time with us up until Pearson came in was impressive. Since 2016, wherever he’s been he’s not exactly been prolific, maybe that has been more how teams have been set up and he’s not had the service that he needs to be a top goal scorer. It would be interesting to see whether, with a 4-3-3 he can still do a job for us at 30 years old, but I wonder whether it’s a risk too far for Cocu and we’ll see him head out the door... maybe it’s time to move on and look at younger legs.
  12. Is it wrong that I’ll miss Jody more than Frank? I reckon that he’ll end up striking out on his own at some point... I wish them both well, but now it’s time to move on. COYR!!
  13. I’d go Moore, not because I rate him over Wassell, I just think that Wassell is doing a great job with the academy, and Moore could do a job, probably as well as Wassell with the first team.
  14. Not to be petty, but if he has already signed yesterday as stated, and they’re just awaiting their PR machine to film etc...I wonder if we could get our man In place, put out “Frank has left the building to join Chelsea, welcome...” statement and really pee on their fireworks 😬
  15. I think the difference is if we were offered £15m for Bogle, we would accept it as the manager would be able to slot someone else in and decide how to utilise what he has, we have cover, and the manager can go get another player if he wants. With Lampard he is the manager, he is the one who will be working with the backroom to identify targets, he’ll be strategising and deciding the way the team is set up, he’s the person that Bogle is looking to.. I have absolutely no problem with Frank going, and I’d wish him well, but he needs to make his move so as not to destabilise the whole dressing room.
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