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  1. It’s been great to hear Mel this morning, I have so much respect for him, he’s not tried to dodge too much, he talks a hell of a lot of sense. Not everyone will agree, but I don’t think we could have a much better custodian of our club. It feels like a safe pair of hands, and whoever comes next as manager, whether it works out or not, I’m confident they will have been appointed with Mel believing he’s doing the best he can for Derby County.
  2. This morning they said Mel is on tomorrow - kicks off at 10am, but Mel will join them after 11am. I'll still be listening from 10, just in case.
  3. I’ve just had “the chat” with Charlie to tell him it looks like Franks going...I’m not sure how long this sulking will last.
  4. I’m just relieved that we’ll finally be able to move on from all of this in the next couple of days. I don’t wish Frank any malice, we had a good season, if he’s walking away, fair play, he’s just a line in the history book of Derby County, I did foolishly think this time last year he’d get a chapter. The king is dead, long live the King. Right, who’s next?
  5. They said don’t miss tomorrow...Derby County owner Mel Morris on.
  6. The Daily Mail and Evening Standard have both tweeted that Mel will be on Talksport within the next 48 hours. #itk
  7. If other clubs want a change, send Rafa to Rangers, Gerrard to Chelsea...Newcastle can have Pulis. We’ll keep Frank. Everyone’s a winner.
  8. It’d be more like the Keystone Cops... I’d rather take a punt on Big Dave rather than those two. Chris Hughton would be my choice, reckon he’d be a good stable pair of hands to sort the team on a budget and get us to where we need to be. Only concern is the style of football going too defensive.
  9. It makes no sense at all, and it contradicts itself. People claiming to be something they’re not on Twitter “I hear reports” etc, probably a 14 year old with nothing better to do.
  10. Another reliable report with his 10 followers, Reports that Frank will be announced 1st July to help with FFP, then says he’s staying, and if it gets to July 2 he’s definitely staying 😂
  11. Well it’s the start of another week...usually I’d say no news is good news 🤔. The one thing that has unsettled me a bit is Michael Johnson’s Sky interview. Until that I was confident that both clubs (despite the official “no formal approach has been made” line) were probably discussing the “if, buts and maybe’s”, so that we were confident of either him staying or letting us prepare “informally” for when he goes. Johnno’s interview (which him speaking as club ambassador, so presumably with DCFC’s knowledge) suggests that the club are as in the dark as anyone else, that is concerning, being just a week away from players returning. I’m sure that Mel is working on Plan B, but unless we know who is sitting in the dug our next season we can’t sensibly recruit in a season when more than ever we need to be looking to bring in fresh blood. I hope that once back Frank will be up front with Mel at least, that will be really telling of the regard he has for the man (and club) that gave him his chance. If Frank has had “informal chats” with Chelsea and has been told he will be offered, then he should come clean with Derby County and say it, if he’s had no contact, then at this point I would be saying “as the new season is getting close, and we need to make preparations, my loyalty has to lie with the club, and for my own certainty”. If he’s refusing to sign the extension and saying “I’ll wait and see what happens” then if I were Mel I’d withdraw the extension, if he’s not willing to show any loyalty then neither should we. Of course, it might all be sorted already and wheels in motion, Johnno might be in the dark but senior folk are aware...who knows? As fans we can only speculate, I don’t expect statements for my benefit, I just hope that Frank is giving Mel and the Club the respect they deserve for giving a rookie a go, anything less than that and he will lose the admiration of all of us that went with him, and probably a lot of neutral people that see Frank as someone with integrity...how he handles himself now could influence his future career after Chelsea. So how many more pages before we know? Are Sky Bets giving odds?
  12. So just to get back on topic, how many tomatoes, cucumbers and packets of crisps have Chelsea offered as compensation. Will Mel need to pull out the big guns and chuck a Yorkie in Franks contract to keep him?
  13. We may have nothing on Frank, but we have at least got some definitives on crisp sandwiches, flavours and whether you should butter a bacon sarnie. To be fair, I think this is all useful stuff.
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