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  1. For me definitely Bryson and Russell, Both have been great servants to the club but Bryson now has no effect on the game when he gets the chance to play and Russell works hard but his quality and end product are not good. Maybe also Weimann as no manager seems to give him a go so i presume he doesn't show much in training and doesn't step up when he gets the chance to play. The jury is still out on Vydra, Anya, Camara & Blackman...I think Anya & Vydra could be good given a run in the team possibly on the left as for Camara and Blackman at the moment no where near good enough. Olsson for me doesn't look strong enough and always seems to be on edge would prefer Lowe & Forsyth when fit. But agree we need to shift a few out to strengthen...But who will want them??