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  1. Absolutely mental. They needed to give it everything and by duck did they. And to stuff the Dirties after everything that's happened, everything that's been said and after the home leg. You beauties. I'm totally done in 😍
  2. Anyone else excited but also absolutely cacking their pants??!! 🤯
  3. Mixed feelings but mainly just happy we made the playoffs as I now see this season as a success and am genuinely excited for next season, regardless of whether we go up or not. To be honest I've always hated the playoffs as a concept. Top 3 should go up like the bottom 3 go down. You don't have a relegation playoff. But I'd rather get 6th and win than 3rd as that'd be darned annoying to be that close and stay down. With all the furore over Leeds I do however want to stick it right up where the sun don't shine. They're a very good side but I do wonder how many points they'd have got had they not spied on every team before getting caught. Derby's never die attitude of late (and goal scoring) has been the best I've ever seen it for years so now we're here, I can't help but wonder if the impossible will be made possible. I live in hope.
  4. Derby 2 - 0 Dirties FRGS Wilson
  5. Great team effort, everyone. Nugent past it but can't ever fault his effort. Leeds, karma. 11 May 1715 home leg 15 May 1945 at the dirtiest COYR
  6. Dare I say it's like watching Man City 😀
  7. Been critical of Lawrence more than once but he's having a blinder- hat's off
  8. Love Bennett Love Lawrence Love Wilson Loooooove Derby!!!!!!♡
  9. HOW much space?! Sunday league marking.
  10. Gonna be our day, yes sirree Rams 3 - 2 Baggies FRGS Mount....but really don't care
  11. Got to remain positive Swansea 0 - 2 Derby FRGS Waghorn.....although I don't care so long as someone scores!
  12. Phew! Not pretty but we kept plugging away. Shameless time-wasting: well done ref for adding the time. Important win with Boro' and Brissel losing. Need a beer.
  13. Derby 4 - 0 QPR FRGS Waghorn.....followed by another Mount rout
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