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  1. We can't play this timidly for 3 games on the trot. Derby 2 - 2 Brentford FRGS Sibley
  2. Tough encounter but expect far more attacking this time. Don't see Hamer keeping a clean sheet WBA 2 - 2 Rams FRGS Sibley
  3. Ok fair comment, I can see the destination, hopefully though you got my point. Agree re both being in the Championship next season and also that it could be very exciting for us.
  4. Let's get some context still. Yeah we played poorly. Too slow. Too much sideways with little movement forward. But don't forget we now have a core of inexperienced players straight out of the academy. Bird, Whittaker, Knight and Bogle are 19, Sibley 18, Lowe 22. What Cocu has done this season with all the crap we've had is amazing. We played cr4p but still got a point. Forest (dare I say, sadly, a better team than us at present) intentionally played anti-football. A plan that worked, aided by us. I think all Derby fans would be happy just to finish this season strongly, make the play-o
  5. Would have stuck Waggy on straight after half time. We've played into Forest's hands so far. Need to turn them. Is there a mute button for McCarthy?
  6. Derby 3 - 1 Florest FRGS Sibley
  7. Phew. Held on well, some great defending. Well deserved. COYR!
  8. Completely wazzered the keeper. Get in.
  9. The 5pm KO is a nightmare for a lot of people but at least they're covering it and for me personally, my usual commute into London has been stopped until further notice so, as Jack would say, I'm alright. Calendar been booked out as Out of Office from 5 since this was announced. Can't wait.
  10. Better that than cloth. Been stuck in traffic touching cloth. Not fun 😖
  11. Ha! Said exactly the same yesterday. What we, as a club have gone through this past year is incredible and the fact we're still going, still battling for a chance of promotion is nothing short of amazing. A Derby / Forest play off final, Derby winning 5 -1 (can't see a clean sheet) - it's written in the stars. Now that'd make a great documentary ending.
  12. I have Netflix and Disney+ with an LG Oled TV and rarely watch either through the Sky apps as the picture / sound is better through the TV Apps than Sky which are, as you say compressed.
  13. Preston 1 - 2 Rams FRGS Rooney
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