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  1. When I said interesting I was being polite. Don't know if we've had a comment from Rooney yet but that was Sunday league. Definitely like it was written off before the start which doesn't sit right.
  2. It's an interesting line up. Suspect some of it may be to rest some legs for the next game, especially the likes of Big Col, whilst handing out some experience points for one or two others. If it goes horribly wrong, I'll only sulk for tonight instead of until Saturday.
  3. WR: I think if you've followed my career you know I don't really care about how I look Even I was cringing at the question. Final question from me Wayne. With such an important game tonight, did you wipe your ar5e with your left hand instead of right this morning?
  4. Always look forward to our games but don't know if it's the fact it's sunny, or Rooney oozed sense and passion in his pre-match interview, or King Colin has signed an extension, but really buzzing for tonight's game. Things are really starting to feel good (takeover aside). Please, please let it be the right result.
  5. Us 2 - 0 They who shall remain nameless FRGS Clarke
  6. This. Something I've clocked too. You can see the panic in the oppositions eyes. A few have failed but I love the fact we're trying stuff and it's definitely keeping people guessing.
  7. Good, solid performance. The recovery continues. Rooney is building (dare I say has built?) a real team here, working for each other. Edmundson looks to be an excellent signing. CKR looked fresh again. Loving our corners, creating all sorts of problems. Really pleased for Waghorn. Had a lot of criticism lately (from me too) but credit him tonight. Took his chance clinically; I honestly thought he'd flunk it. Roll on Friday!
  8. It's like peeling back the layers of an onion. I think thanks to the digging by everyone on this thread we've confirmed it's a complete buggers muddle and smacks of champagne ideas, beer money to quote @Tyler Durden - perfect analogy here IMO. Sooner we're rid of what really looks like sheisters the better. You only need to look at how they've tried this with other clubs, and failed. It's over 3 months since this was supposedly just about sorted. Train crash feels like an understatement 😔
  9. I like him. I recall lots on here commenting positively about him. Yes he's dipped, but then haven't most of our players at times. Some haven't even got high enough to actually dip. He's still young. Still adapting to English football. Our style of play has changed since PC. He tracks back and helps out a lot. Mostly unrecognised I suspect. He does need to work on his end product and look up more but I think he'll do a good job for us given the right support around him. Gets my nod anyway.
  10. Derby 2 - 1 Huddersfield FRGS Shinnie And, like Hughes did at Watford you just know Holmes will score, but unlike Hughes, he'll celebrate.
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