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  1. Small plea from me. I've literally been through the ringer this afternoon and am mentally exhausted. We all know there's massive issues to solve, including the long running debate about Rooney. For today, let's all be untied in raising a glass,or three, in celebrating our survival. That's what today was all about. Survival. We can recommence the moaning tomorrow. We Are Derby.....🍻
  2. My thoughts exactly until I remembered I am playing taxi tonight. PPP!
  3. Been in a non stop text conversation with a Wednesday buddy. Just before Fozzy was subbed he said him and his mates had already voted him MotM!
  4. Great to see Curtis back, and he made a difference just in those few minutes. And Waghorn. I've been so critical of him this season. Cometh the hour cometh Waggy! He was colossal. Great interview too. Very passionate but very honest too.
  5. Yeeessssssssswswwwwwwww at ttyueeudfgtwq eery iurfgss!!!!!
  6. Daughter just asked me why my hands are shaking!
  7. Genuinely have the shakes and that's not even last night's beers.
  8. Great thread and one that's incredibly valid. We're all aware of the fact things happen to others but only generally focus on what happens to us. It's very humbling to read what others have gone, or are going through. My thoughts are with everyone here dealing with horrible events, having gone through a hugely stressful 2020 personally (wife and I contracting COVID then wife having a mastectomy for breast cancer, now all clear fortunately) and for other reasons this year hasn't been brilliant so far. As I've said before on another thread, this forum has been great for me personally in helping
  9. Absolute bag of nerves for this one. My Wednesday mate is adamant they'll lose. I hope he's right. I'm then off round another mate's for a beer to celebrate his birthday. It'll either be that, or more of a funeral wake depending on the result.
  10. Just a bit?! Must have nerves of steel. PS: Hello County neighbour.
  11. Agreed. This season has been like Death by a Thousand Cuts.
  12. This is basically me and it's not even Saturday yet. I honestly can't remember the last time I felt like this watching Derby 😱
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