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  1. Someone's showing their age.....although so am I understanding it ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. After the happiness of signing Clarke and Bielik, then euphoria of Rooney, I must confess to being utterly underwelmed at our final 2 signings. I very much look forward to being massively proven wrong!
  3. BucksRam

    Jordon Ibe

    I'd be happy with Ibe so long as he stayed fit, hence a bit of a risk. If I recall he took a while to settle in, but when he did, he was class, floating by defenders with ease. Overall a yes please from me. I'd still want to replace Roos though and I remain unconvinced about Malone, as hard as he works.
  4. Def 2 sides to us tonight. A few negatives, but it's the first game of the season, away to a very good side so let's focus on the positive. 1st half we could have had 4. Great movement, threaded passes, chasing back and closing down. 2nd half, dug in, kept a great shape, only really allowed long range shots, stopped a lot of crosses and those that came in were largely dealt with without fuss. More work to do, but it's early days and with Marriott, Holmes, Bielik, possibly one other and dare I say, Rooney?! to come we just might have something going here. Frank who? COYR ๐Ÿ
  5. Lawrence worked his proverbial off. MOTM?
  6. Agreed, but least 3 defenders got back on the line had the shot been on target.
  7. A genuine stunned, staring at my phone moment. I mentioned in another thread that it'll be interesting to see who else we sign. If this is true then OMFG,. Clarke good, Bielek very good, but Shrek. That'd be the Cocu de Gras ๐Ÿ˜ Let it be true.
  8. Welcome. I too lurked for ages before taking the plunge and actually joining in. Glad I did.
  9. Exactly my thought. If memory serves, our spine was rock solid under Jim Smith in, I think, the 95/96 season, and look how that ended. Just need to see what the purported other signings are.....
  10. Tough start Huddersfield 2 - 2 Rams Waghorn FRGS
  11. Lol - quick side story. Had a guy worked for me used to disappear to the loo daily with his newspaper. Did it for months. Left. I cleared his desk out and found several tatty copies of Nuts in his desk drawers, one inside a newspaper. A real ๐Ÿคขmoment. I forget how many times I washed my hands after that.
  12. Technically one of the best players I've seen at Derby. If he goes and manages to get some proper game time, he'll make an impact wherever he ends up. Feel for him as he had so much promise and could have gone all the way if not for his injury curse.
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