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  1. I'm on record for saying don't expect Rooney to be the magic solution and it's very true. I'm sure he's inspiring players but on the pitch he's sadly pretty average. My Cobbler mate summed it up pretty well. "No fluidity to Derby play. Your first 11 would win. To be fair we should have been down to 10. Poor refereeing. We’re a throwback to yesteryear in terms of style. Route one. Direct. It works in Div 2. On to the replay." My only issue with this is I'm not sure anyone knows what our first 11 is! I think Cocu is trying to make us hard to break down, hence the somewhat negative style of play. But this is leading to a goal drought as we have hardly anyone who seems to want to break forward aka Mount / Wilson last season, or the likes of Hendrick, Russell, Simpson of old. Holmes can do it as can (deep breath) Lawrence but the end result is often poor. We need to stick together on this I think. It feels like it did in '84 and '91. Times when supporting Derby were hard but we turned it round and came good. I'm sure we will again but I feel we have a season (or two) of less than inspiring times ahead until we "get it right" again - which we will.
  2. With all the current dust ups at Derby, I could take a shine to some decent Polish to Pledge themselves to us. I'll fetch my coat.
  3. Shan't be doing it again! Even though to be fair she's had a great time. Price to be paid tomorrow. My 4-1 victory forecast better come true.
  4. In other news, at 00:50 I'm sitting here waiting for five 10 year olds to finally get to sleep at my daughter's birthday sleepover. Zzzzzzzzzz
  5. Derby 4 - 1 Hull FRGS Knight Floodgates to stick one up the EFL 😎
  6. So as someone who regrettably missed all the fun thanks to a kid's party then socialising (a few pints and a few bottles of red wine, so all good), initial thoughts are this was a good result against an in form team. Anything that says different?
  7. Confidence soaring Boro 1 - 3 Rams FRGS Rooney
  8. Congrats CM 👏 Does show how amazing Bloomer was doesn't it.
  9. Have a Cobbler mate who is quietly confident. I think this'll be tougher than some may believe.
  10. Honestly never expected that. Get in! Rooney different class. Passing and vision aside, he spent the whole game directing proceedings. He probably curses internally when his passes don't end in goals due to the drop in class he's perhaps used to but this is really looking like a corner turned. A couple of decent Jan signings and who knows.
  11. Palace 3 - 1 Derby. FRGS Marriott
  12. I got it. Clearly of a certain age.
  13. Back to back wins, what more can you ask. Bird, Lowe and Knight continued their good form. Wisdom impressive again, as was Clarke. Our strikers both scored. Should have had more but confident with the same service they will start putting them away (they being Marriott). And Rooney. Sure, he's not as mobile these days, but the quality is still there. Great post match comments too (ad-libbed, so apologies): On Marriott - he was lazy. He thought he was offside. You score the goal then worry afterwards. On change of his positioning 1st half to 2nd half to a more advanced position - I noticed they were getting more posession so I moved up to cut down on the space. His decision, not Cocus. On small things he's noticed like throw ins - We were really poor at these so I've said to push up, close them down etc so they can't play out. Max Bird - "...playing alongside my hero". I can't believe it's a coincidence him, and Knight have suddenly come of age. If this is the sign of things to come then I'm a happy ram.
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