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  1. Sorry Sir. If we did sign him I'd expect him to have a positive affect on our play with immediate effect.
  2. Have to agree. We all look for the bigger named players but having watched Rothers a bit, inc against us, I thought he was one of their standout players. With Bielik's vision and artistry he'd add bite, and be a good compliment to him.
  3. Have to say looked like a cardiac arrest. Horrible. But great to see him awake and that he's stabilised. Hopefully it will turn out to be something less serious, aka heat stroke. Kudos to the medical teams who acted swiftly.
  4. To be fair yeah pretty remote with only a basic understanding of the rules. I agree with your Lonnie Donegan quote, I'd even add Now here's a little story To tell it is a must About an unsung zero That moves away your trust....
  5. It's an interesting one this. Anti Money Laundering (AML) regs do require you prove the source of funds. It's in the EFL's interest to be absolutely certain they're happy that the source of those funds is legit, fully traceable etc, plus of course sustainable. If in any doubt then they'd be in breach of AML regs to accept this where doubts exist. Love or hate them, in this respect I would expect they need to follow British law. In a previous role I worked with a Spanish bank and their approach to things was very different to ours. Yes they too have AML laws etc but interpretation is,
  6. Well there's 25 of us so far - 24th or higher is my target. I have enough wooden spoons.
  7. Was going to give this an angry emoji then thought you might think it was directed at you. It's this sort of inconsistent sentencing that makes my blood boil. May be wrong but I suspect he'll come out and start carrying again, unless he gets a bit of treatment* in prison that makes him realise it's not worth it. * my reference here is to a bloke I know who was a known "hardman" who went down for GBH years ago. Went in a right tough nut only to serve time with some real tough nuts. Rumour is he became someone's "buddy" - either way, he never strayed the wrong side of the line again. S
  8. Ha! Let's just say less is more in my opinion.
  9. Knife crime is horrendous - the punishments dished out certainly aren't harsh enough to form a deterrent. I hope Tyree has recovered (or is recovering). Until such time the law is changed such that serious jail time is given out, this will continue to be a problem. The fact he was stabbed at least 3 times isn't a lash out attack but an attempt to murder in my opinion. Jailed for around 6 years, probably out in half that. Simply not good enough.
  10. Piqued my interest and looked this up myself on the urban dictionary - every day is a learning opportunity - I think of myself as fairly up with slang but I never knew that. I feel I will be using this more myself now.
  11. Certainly funded Bezos's billions. To name a few....... Badminton net Teak Oil Hair / Beard Trimmer Kettle Bells Phone wireless chargers Nail Varnish / Girls Socks / Gel Toe Separators (none of this was for me I might add!) Various fidget toys (kids' stupid faddy must haves) 12" vinyl record storage boxes (to better store my old records rediscovered after re-boarding the loft) Weather station Toothbrush holder (bargain from Amazon warehouse) Paper Shredder (also a bargain from Amazon warehouse)
  12. Yeah, for me it is all about disposable income - I can chuck the odd £50 here or there but aren't really in a position to potentially throw anything more at it.
  13. Love to hear of people's experiences here. It's something I've thought of but know very little about. Friend of mine recently tapped me up to suggest I dabble (low money investment). He's invested in a couple, for example VETHOR - think he stuck £15 in and last time I checked with him he'd had a 3000% uplift. He also stuck £1500 in another, I forget which and as of last month it was worth £16,500. Those figures alone make me tempted but those same figures could be worth zilch tomorrow so for me it'd be a case of set myself a profit threshold, hit it then cash out.
  14. Ok, having initially clicked on the auto squad button just to register a team, I've now tweaked it and come to the realisation that I know diddly squat about European football, who's good, who's not. This is going to be interesting.
  15. Pretty sure with the long list of injuries we had last season we'd manage to beat the fitness out of him 😃
  16. Sad state of affairs with Wednesday and a real shame for one of the oldest football clubs in the world. My Owls mate describes Chansiri as a '"megalomaniac loon who thinks he doesn't need to play by the rules " and now genuinely feels if relegation wasn't bad enough, they stand a real chance of going into administration. Much as you can argue, like with Mel, bad decisions have created financial issues, with so many clubs in trouble, highlighted of course by the revenue shortfalls of lockdown, someone (Sports Minister?) really should be looking at the constraints levied by the EFL as a possib
  17. Agree 100% - he was my PotY. No disrespect to CKR (who did great for us all things considered) but if we can get someone in worthy of Byrne's crosses I'll be a happy man.
  18. So as I sit here in the sun sipping a G&T having just climbed out the hot tub (on holiday) I can't help but remain optimistic things will fall into place and we'll be able to look forward to next season with renewed positivity. That said there's a huge amount to do to make that happen and that's without thinking about the takeover or EFL charge. The realist in me says we run a real risk of continuing where we left off, but for now, as I sit in the early evening sun, with the Euros and Lions Tour to look forward to first, I'll focus on positive vibes in the real hope that everything
  19. And there was I just trowling this thread for comments. Think I'll just hod over to another one.
  20. Recall a time we were all evacuated at work due to a bomb alert* Controlled panic as everyone exited the building (I was a fire warden so helping to direct people / check rooms in my fetching dayglo jacket), when I stopped a woman going back in. On challenging her, she very calmly said she'd just got herself a coffee so was going to get it as it'd be cold when she got back and that she'd be out shortly. Err, no you won't. *ticking package turned out to be a pager posted by one of the admin centres.
  21. Must confess to my finger hovering over the comment button for a while, not sure whether to go there or not. Don't get involved in politics is my general motto and this feels a bit like that. But I thought I'd comment only because there's a scary number of pretty archaic views IMO. For transparency: Do I think women's football is as good as men's? No. Do I watch it? Sometimes. Do I enjoy it? Again, sometimes, especially at the top (international) level. Women's football has come a long way over the past decade. It's become steadily more professional, standards, fitness and ability have
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