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  1. I've not missed nowt abart footy ...only thing I've missed is aying beer before match and after... theres been some right c*** served up by sum of them so called players over years wi been at pride park . The club has tret supporters with contempt at times .. in fact the whole of football has but yet wi still turn up like little sheep .. thinking football actually gives a toss abart us... missed it ? Nah tek it or leave it nah
  2. This is owd miner in mi pomp.. now spot me ont pitch
  3. Owd up young un ... wheres tha hair gone ?
  4. Best match at pride park wa when wi got beat 4-1 bu Bbristol Rovers ... Rams wa in sparkling form that day ...
  5. Sack him and then use his wages to top up all the non playing staff that have been furloughed.
  6. He ought to be out of a job and made to sign on . Hilda is still fuming
  7. I'd mek all kids mek PPE or send um darn pit.
  8. he wont be bothered picking up the money every week....worse than a scab in my book.... and that's saying summat....hang on no he ain't but hes a close second....and btw Hilda is still fuming....
  9. I used ta say if his brains wa dynamite he wunt have enough ta pop his ear drum ...
  10. You really think at 25 he still has alot to offer ??? Wow tha must ha been watching a different player to me mi owd ... can ya imagine doing ya job at 15 and not progressing ? Do ya reckon ya gaffer would still say 10 year later hes still not quite there yet but hes got a lot of potential.... tha would be darn road mi owd.
  11. I'm waiting fer all folk to come on here and defend him by saying hes young and didn't really know what he was doing like they did wi car crash....come on where are ya .... ???? Hes one of our own , hes one of own Mason Bennett , hes one of our own... hahahahahaha
  12. i remember that my owd... forget football it wa all about dodging conrete.
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