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  1. I've managed ta bag 20 free tickets from a fwiend of a fwiend.
  2. Watch how decrpied scab looks after new main stand is built... we could have redeveloped bbg .
  3. One o funniest things I heard were a few years back... I wa on neets and int afternoon when I'd got up Sally pepper wa ont radio... sum one had rang in and Sally asked her what she'd been up at weekend... woman replied I've been ta visit mi daughter .....sally replied oh that's nice wheres she live , how is she? Caller said ...well Sally shes dead ... I went ta cemetery.......ouch ....silence....radio gold...Hilda spat her teeth out... it wor cringeworthy...
  4. I dunt agree wi wor he said but two players broke law , could ha killed innocent people early in season..but they kept their jobs and played next match... nah I dunt care too much fer spamage but really? Lose his job cause of a comment .. nah he ain't sharpest tool but come on .... smacks a bit of double standards from DCFC.. just mi opinion mi owds
  5. Dunt know abart you lot but I know cocu will be in later ... HIldaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. just on't phone as i type mi owd...
  7. We need to sack cup off. I've got ten grand on at 125-1 we get any promotion... mi owds
  8. I've heard it will be moved ta Wembley mi owds ... it will def be a 90,000 sellout ...
  9. Hildas been Ann Summers ... owd miner is hoping fer another night like last friday....come on you Rams .....
  10. All I'll say mi owds is Hilda wa fantastic last night after that result... owd miner is praying fer more
  11. Hilda has just said ... owd miner, I'm so happy wi toneet I'm off to put mi sexy girdle on ..... owd miner is a lucky man
  12. Owd lad from villa brought in on loan but not going to be picked ta play in fost team.. aged 21.... i ain't be funny but ha we got summat tattooed on our foreheads... the comedy continues.... i'm off darn garden ta do sum weeding.....
  13. My cocu would have been in wi hilda if we had won... at one point I went to cupboard ta get mi viagra out but no .. once again they let me darn. ... that's Derby ...not mi viagra
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