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  1. Scottish football = Faroe island standard mi owd.. ya all wear skirts fer a start...
  2. Owd miner

    Cape Verde

    Point in question...the WYL
  3. Owd miner

    Cape Verde

    What's tha expect ones a child of a scab and other one has the west yorks look...ya know bottom jaw line sticking out more than the top.
  4. If thas in Sarasota Florida go to siesta key....mi and Hilda love it there
  5. Unfortunately mi owd Gary went blind and flew into some 415000v overheads ....on his way ta Stoke pigeon fanciers bicentennial meeting
  6. im sat here in mi pigeon loft looking at mi prize beauty and im thinking ta mi sen whats all the fuss abart Lampard...we had poor away form from Christmas onwards and that wa wi the loan signings...football wont great at best of times , we finished 20 points off automatic and failed in play offs...yeah he gave us a buzz and a bounce but that dunt win us owt.. some of his tactics wa debatable... nah all im concerned about is that we are prepared by who ever should he go so that we are not facing a poor run which chucks us into the bottom half of the table..which can happen. Also if he did go wunt it be great if the new manager when interviewed said " Look I've come ta Derby and all im bothered abart is beating Forest and having a decent season and take it from there" just sayin like so dunt come on bombarding mi all ya keyboard warriors... mi pigeons dunt like it....
  7. Ive got mi bowler hat, umbrella and sash ready ...
  8. Hilda has seen Frank driving a Pickford's removal van. He wa heading onta M1 j25 south..... Hilda sez his sat Nav wa set fer Big smoke.
  9. Billy has some unfinished business I've heard
  10. RIP owd lad from Owd Miner and Hilda...such a shame ...
  11. Apart from Scabs mi owd... We should all be prejudice against them....never forget ..
  12. Oh no mi owd ... I just spued mi fish back up. Id sooner get some nine Inch nails and let Hilda hit em in mi eyes
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