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  1. Hilda sez wor about one of these beauties at back of stand .
  2. Hilda has just bought these buggers...
  3. If they can't get in his front door they could smash his back door in fer the amazing opportunity. I would if I had a chance
  4. Hilda has toad me there's no leg over untill we win again .... Best Chuck mi Viagra .....it'll be out of date
  5. Dunt disagree but we back em week in week out wi our hard earned cash . . They could help themselves by stop charging ridiculous prices ... I.e tomorrow night . Why isn't it kids fer a quid... ??
  6. Me and Hilda are sat here having a bit of crumpet and tea and Hilda nearly spat her snap out on't fire.... She can't believe it's £28.00 fer an Adult ticket against Wigan on a Tuesday neet. Surely this is a game they price should be lower especially after weekend .
  7. I think we need Billy back... Got sum unfinished business. ..,...
  8. I think we should wrap it up. Disband and sell the land off at Pride park. It's prime building land mi owd. Then wi money divvy it up ta everyone who has ever had a season ticket.
  9. We've blown it mi owds . There's too many other teams who are better than us viaing for sixth spot.
  10. Remember wa I sed..... Multi millionaires ....
  11. I remember watching Ipswich when they came ta BBG and George Burley wa manager... they were brilliant... I remember thinking at time he would be a decent manager.. Bit pants how it all ended.. Can anyone else remember when Swindon came with Glenn Hoddle playing as player manager??? Hoddle ruled that game.. 92?
  12. Thas right she scrubs up well...
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