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  1. Only malone's any good are Bugsy and malone's the butchers ...
  2. Me and Hilda mek love when it's on... I've got mi radio on int background when shes oiling mi up. Love it when spamage gus on abart how good he wa... sees me through mi owd
  3. Craig Spamage 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
  4. Ramage rhymes with spamage....haha Hildas just spat her teeth out
  5. Craig ramage ....legend in his own lifetime ....haha
  6. This is mine and Hilda's little beauty... Been running her in for the last 40 years... still like new.
  7. Hilda sez that over the years and sum o displays wi have seen Derby should be paying us to come.... bless her .... shes off ta pur her teeth in glass... off ya go love
  8. Did anyone get stuck in car park fer an hour after? Hilda wa fuming
  9. Euphonium ? That's wa I used ta play in't colliery band mi owd
  10. Sounds a bit like NUM nowadays mi owd...it sounds very self promotional mi owd
  11. Well said mi owd ...hilda sez do you want sum pigeon pie
  12. Are they elected mi owd? And who by??
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