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  1. Everyone sez rebuild.... I dunt see club rebuilding prices on't ticket prices
  2. Financial squad value. ⚫⚪ Derby County: £47,660,000 🔴⚪ Charlton Athletic: £5,670,000 ____________________________________ 19th October 2019 Charlton Athletic 3 - 0 Derby County Relegation here wi come
  3. I bet they are tired mi owds ... anyone would think they just had a break
  4. Charlton 4 Derby 1 ... Roo's to drop a clanger...
  5. Fair enuff mi owd. I respect ya view.. at least ya aint come on giving it some slava like Owd Yorkshire Ram... Hilda's quaking in her boots....
  6. Wa a sack o s****. They played the game very well, top lawyers etc. I bet they are laffing their bo***** of behind closed doors . You say owt ta get off wi it ..been there done it .. cant believe sum folk on here are so gullible...I dont feel sorry fer em one bit. Absolute b******
  7. i meant the TASSET Strippers... they are a lively bunch of girls from north Derbyshire.... they even have live animals in their act...
  8. The asset strippers are coming mi owds
  9. Hildas very friendly with Male visitors mi owd
  10. They play it through tannoy mi owd
  11. Wa abart mark lillis when Mickey droy broke his leg
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