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    EFL appeal

    This thread is descending into just an a tractor for farming jokes.
  2. Let him RIP up the opposition
  3. 'Out of The Cup, Into the frying pan'
  4. Dear Chairman, please take this as my letter of ...........................
  5. That sums up our problems in a nutshell, whenever we head towards goal there are 9-10 opposition players to beat. I was so frustrated watching this yesterday I found myself murmuring "Let's pretend we've scored a goal"
  6. My thoughts exactly, especially if the takeover hits a snag (£££)
  7. There used to be a pub in Birmingham next to the main Pallisades entrance to New St Station with a big sign up outside stating "Try Our Homemade Pies - You'll Never Get Better"
  8. I was at the match but went for a pee & missed the goal.
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