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  1. Just thinking this morning how thankful Theresa May and probably Sajid Javid must be right now, getting out when they did.
  2. Odd that Gary Crosby and Simon Clough have also lost their jobs and don't even get a mention in the BBC article on the story. I hope they're comfortable with it as well.
  3. A new hot tub. Ours conked out last Christmas and I'm just buying a new one. Agonised over it for a long time in the current climate but me & Mrs Wolfie are relatively secure in work and with what we're saving during lockdown plus not going on holiday, it'll probably just about cover it.
  4. Not sure St Nigel deserves all the talk of laying down his life for the sake of others. That's not what the article says. It says they were effectively laid off and we don't know what if any severence package is involved. Presumably he/they could have agreed to stay with a big pay cut? Dunno
  5. I'd say it doesn't get any better after that.
  6. Charlie Brooker's antiviral wipe was very good the other night. On iplayer, obviously.
  7. It's just finished after 11 series and does tail off a bit but the first few series are excellent. I must have watched the yard sale episode 10 times. Love that one. If you like that, then I'd recommend Life in Pieces as well.
  8. Those are exactly the symptoms I had in March & posted here a couple of weeks ago. Muscle fatigue, sore throat & headache. Where's that antibody test?
  9. Is it a lie or is it that whatever alternative arrangements they had in mind have had to be scrapped for whatever reason? I don't know. does anyone?
  10. 1. An extension (vestibule) for our tent 2. A leather jacket - never ever had the urge to buy one before. Mid life crisis?. Again?
  11. Maybe we shouldn't allow these people to vote. .....or procriate.
  12. There's a lot of this going on: Noun. willful ignorance (uncountable) (idiomatic, law) A decision in bad faith to avoid becoming informed about something so as to avoid having to make undesirable decisions that such information might prompt.
  13. Van Wolfie

    Euro 96

    Because the prophecy was finally fulfilled?.
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