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  1. In other news.... The UKIP Party Leader refuses to attend his own party's conference due to low ticket sales. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-49754055
  2. Van Wolfie


    Just to prove how far behind the gaming curve I am... I've just bought Super Mario for the Wii (that's just been brought out of the cupboard & dusted off) to play with my 6 year old. Good fun except when she keeps getting me killed and laughs about it. As you were.....
  3. Yesterday I suddenly got a free month's movies on NowTV which I can't quite understand. But Hey ho, watched a childhood favourite of mine: The Black Hole. Very dark for a Disney film. Some of the effects are still impressive but others haven't aged well - especially in HD - but still enjoyable & could really do with a re-make. 7/10
  4. Agree. My expectations were blown away by that film.
  5. So what have all the negotiations been like over these past few weeks, then?... UK: Good morning. EU: Good morning. UK: Yes, we'd like to negotiate. EU: OK, What is it you want? UK: We're not telling you that EU: Okaaaaaaaayyyyy. *Long pause EU: Lunch??
  6. Yeah, Glass brings together the two from Unbreakable (Where Bruce Willis can spot wrong-uns by brushing up against them & then sorts them out) plus the guy from Split. I knew Glass had been out - which is why I finally decided to watch Split.
  7. Split "Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities. They must try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th" I think I must have avoided this in the cinemas (2016) because M Night Shyamalan had made a few rubbish films but I caught it last weekend & thoroughly enjoyed it. Phenominal performance by James McAvoy & intelligently done story. 8/10
  8. I wonder how many of those 4.4m lasted longer than 5 minutes actually watching the dry procedural drone though?. Or did they think "Bugger me this is dull, I'm off outside for a smoke in the sunshine" as I did. I'll wait for the highlights.
  9. Not sure they had 24hr BBC News channel then. Are you calling me common?
  10. I get that the Parliamentary suspension hearing is important but why on earth are BBC covering it live?. Most boring thing ever.
  11. It is, and why IMO a move to introduce different "speeds" would be too much for some of the poorer countries to stomach. Macron's a big fan though.... https://www.euractiv.com/section/future-eu/news/in-belgium-macron-pleads-for-two-or-three-speed-europe-treaty-change/
  12. I think that would be the beginning of the end for the EU of 27 or 28 countries. Maybe that's exactly what they want, as you say.......
  13. Those Mexicans like paying for stuff that other people decide to do......
  14. IMO the EU is politically powerful but is threatened economically by structural defects with the Euro and rich North & West vs poor South & East issues. I do feel that another financial crisis would lead to the Eurozone splitting and many states' versions of the Euro being able to float. Once this happens, the Euro will die in all but the handful of wealthy countries. The EU Central Bank has no weapons left to fight weak growth. They've spent years telling states that they've got to limit borrowing to 3% of GDP and now they'll have to tell them to break that rule in order to stimulate demand.
  15. Yeah, I'm suprised by that one. Mind you, it's only if they win a majority in a General Election - which aint going to happen.
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