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  1. I think I've got to own up to that one as well. As much as I intensely dislike "Sir Alan" and his bunch of cocky little twattish alpha males & females, I have to admit enjoying the schadenfreude of watching them all fail, one by one - and in particular being ripped to shreds on the penultimate interviews show.
  2. His physique means he's built for speed and power, rather than stamina, so he'll always be a fitness/injury liability. He's hardly ever completed 90 minutes, so is only ever an impact player. Oh and of course he's clearly as thick as pig doings. Time to move on.
  3. TV: Murder Mysteries. Bloody love them at the moment. Anything by Agatha Christie (Miss Marple / Poirot); Midsommer Murders; Foyle's War Music: German Electronic / Industrial bands, reminiscent of mid-late 80's Erasure & especially Depeche Mode. Bands (if anyone is interested): Beyond Obsession; Zynic; De-Vision; And One
  4. That's the plan isn't it?. It's no secret. Surely if we can control it that way, it has to be better than another national shut down & god knows what economic damage that has come with it.
  5. 7th place is a bit lower than usual for me but having forgotten to enter a prediction a few times this season, including the last 2 matches, I've only got myself to blame for that. Cheers, @mozza. Top job done once more.
  6. I've been calling into the office a couple of times a week to catch up with people or for meetings & I'm fine with that. It's only a 10 minute drive away. I'm in no hurry to get back to the office full time, though probably half of my colleagues now are. While the little one hasn't been able to go to school, it hasn't really been an option anyway and it has been hard sometimes when work is busy and my daughter needs supervising, so it's not fair to shift the entire burden onto Mrs Wolfie while she's working from home as well.
  7. I'm sure I've mentioned before, the small victory you feel when all your mobile devices are charged up at the same time. Along the same lines: When my water filter jug; one-cup boiling water dispenser thing; coffee machine and fridge water container (all of which come from filtered water) are all full at the same time.
  8. I never answer the phone unless it comes up as a known contact. If it's urgent they'll leave a message
  9. Depends what you want but our favourite area is around Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire. It's a lovely village with good shops & cafes and historic "Kinema in the woods" Cinema. A few camp sites there. The biggest being Jubilee park, with a good outside pool & play areas. It's also about 45 mins from there to Skegvegas, so we tend to have a day out at the seaside over the weekend. A few old RAF airfields & museums not far away if you like that sort of thing.
  10. In my experience, the people I know aren't (except for on here). A rising death count is great for those lovely big red "Breaking News" banners, though. A particular pet hate of mine. I suspect we'll never know how many actually died because of Covid. It's interesting that the definition has changed from "Deaths from Covid", to "Deaths with Covid" and now "Deaths of people having tested positive for Covid". According to the BBC anyway - cos that's the only TV news I watch. I'm assuming that's the official line, so others are doing the same.
  11. But if the people admitted to hospital can be treated more effectively and recover more quickly, then that has the effect of increasing capacity in the system
  12. I might have another look at this. I had a go with the App a year or so ago but decided to just have a play with it to begin with, with pretend money (as you can on the App). I made some good gains but figured to do it properly would mean an investment of time into research that I couldn't afford back then. I use the Plum App to skim off extra savings from my current account and have a decent sum in there but it's doing nothing, since they stopped doing the Ratesetter peer-to-peer lending thing. I might have a dabble with some of it.
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