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  1. That dreadful sentence whenever I visit my folks..... "While you're here, can you just......... *insert IT / technology related issue that needs sorting*"
  2. Planning for Cyprus in October but don't want to book until my job change goes through.
  3. Good grief, that's a dramatic (and wrong) conclusion to make.
  4. Or.....they could employ UK nationals?. In any case I'd expect that any such offices would be far smaller than you suggest and likely to be there, in part at least, to be able to take advantage of the possible/likely cuts in UK corporation tax post-Brexit.
  5. Elis James & John Robins have a 5Live one called "How do you cope, with Elis & John" I've only heard snippets so far but it sounds really good how they discuss (in an entertaining way) how well known people have coped with difficult stuff, from depression to bereavement etc. Worth a listen.
  6. Being relatively happy and secure for the last few years with a great little family, I'd be wary of giving any advice which would put my life on a different track, so I'll stick to one: 21 years old: Get that persistant heartburn checked out & sorted.
  7. I'm going to leave this here & run away.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/video_and_audio/headlines/51145321/actor-laurence-fox-s-question-time-clash-over-meghan
  8. I think his problem is his physique. He's just not built to have the stamina to play for 95mins plus. That Wigan goal was still something special, though.
  9. Preventable with drugs.
  10. I don't think you should conclude that the usual suspects arguing on here about stuff means that the rest of us don't care about those things you mention. As someone with whom I rarely agree with politically but genuinely respect, where do you stand on the Labour leadership contest?. Centrist vs Corbyn follower? Is it better to go centre/left, water down the policies and have a better chance of winning power, or stick to the Momentum/Corbyn radical (and so far, failed) agenda?. IMO we really need a strong and credible opposition and for that to happen, Labour need someone moderate in charge.
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