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  1. I didn't watch the debate last night and the main talking point this morning appears to be both leaders being laughed at by the audience. How low politics has fallen in this country.....
  2. Not crazy about it, though it's slightly different in that the DUP are effectively the Northern Irish Tories (of 300 years ago) and would vote with them on most things anyway.
  3. A Scotland only party holding power over the UK Government when over 90% of the UK population can't vote for them?. Presenting a UK budget, of which a large proportion is irrelevant to them?. No thanks.
  4. It was never voted on but I take your point. I'd rather that, than the false choice IMO put forward by Labour. Adhering to, and paying for the EU but having zero say in it just sounds like madness to me. To be perfectly honest, if a referendum could be arranged within a couple of months of the GE, then I'd probably go for that - if only to hopefully put the argument to bed & give some clarity. We've just got to move on. The uncertainty is killing businesses. They could have the deal voted through parliament in advance, subject to the Referendum result - so the day after the poll, we could leave or revoke Article 50.
  5. Why do you insist on painting anyone who doesn't agree with you as neither sensible nor reasonable?. I happen to be both. Putting aside the "lets negotiate a deal and then campaign against it" thing, we already have a final deal in place and, though obviously a compromise, at least looks a bit like a Brexit that IMO most Leave voters could accept. Labour's deal would be so soft that their referendum choice would be Remain vs Might as well Remain
  6. Absolutely. I believe it came out of the same internal meeting where it was decided to locate the indicator stalks in the boot.
  7. Car defrosting season is upon us again. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank BMW for now making their cars loudly sound the horn twice when I lock it on the drive with the engine running, to defrost it a bit. I discovered the new feature this morning. Lovely for the neighbours.
  8. How is is cowardly to think it would be a bad thing (based on real examples of other countries) to just print money and go on a massive spending spree, as Labour want to do? BTW I agree on the free dentist (and prescriptions) thing. As long as there are no prescriptions for anything that can be cheaply bought over the counter.
  9. I did read it and this bit... A new entity, British Broadband, would run the network, with maintenance - estimated to cost £230m a year - to be covered by the new tax on companies such as Apple and Google ...suggests that it will be the maintenance that's paid for by the new tax, not the £20-40bn capital & set up cost. All parties are falling over themselves to spend money this time round. It's just that out of the mainstream parties, Labour are going all Spinal Tap on us.... .....and it's our kids who will have to pick up the bill. As somebody once said 'The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.'
  10. I think HS2 is a massive vanity project and that it should be scrapped. Spending a fraction of the cost on better regional connections between cities and cross-country would IMO be a far better investment than just trying to get everyone to London a bit quicker. I'd invest the rest in long term low carbon energy (tidal/nuclear) instead of importing EU and Russian gas & getting the French & Chinese to build our power stations. How come BT has never appeared on the Labour list of potential nationalisation targets until last night?. It just feels like an ill thought out and somewhat desperate bribe.
  11. She did win 2.8million more votes than Trump in that election.
  12. Except that it's not free is it?!. The price tag of £20bn (according to Labour) to £40bn (according to BT) will just have to be paid for by us as taxpayers rather than as consumers. Typical Labour illiterate "something for free" policy. It all has to be paid for by someone either us, now, or our kids & grandkids.
  13. Arse. Would have been joint 3rd if I'd remembered to enter my prediction for the Forest game.
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