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  1. I would imagine it's aiming at fully utilising or expanding the places at pre-existing holiday clubs. We use one regularly for my little one and it's never full to capacity. Plenty of places which would be used for breakfast and after school clubs - just use them for the full day instead of an hour or so at each end.
  2. I'd say keeping the R number to 1.2-1.4 as it is now, compared to 3 in March is working, at least a bit. It might even work a bit better if more people followed the rules.
  3. It should be my sort of film but everything I've heard about it says that you have to watch it twice in order to understand it - which makes me think there must be a problem somewhere if everyone is just coming out thinking "what the hell did I just watch?". Either Christopher Nolan is a genius or he's disappeared up his own posterior somewhere along the line. I liked that Memento and Inception made the audience think in order to keep up with the film but this seems to just confuse everyone.
  4. Didn't know flashscores app has audio commentary til now
  5. Which sounds like a good thing to do, of course, & my parents (both late 70's) were saying much the same yesterday What is the health system supposed to do if/when it gets inundated with thousands of older people who had chosen to "take their chances" and then needing ventilation etc? Say "sorry, mate, you knew what the risk was and made a choice". It's just poo all round, really. There are no good options with any of this.
  6. Are you saying creme eggs up the bum is a common sense thing or not?. I'd hate to be missing out.
  7. Not biting. There's been way too many pages on that already.
  8. I agree but that's where the lack of strikers has really hurt us up to now. A good 20/30 mins of play would normally expect to result in a goal. We've looked clueless in the last third because we haven't had the natural/good enough players there.
  9. Hardly. Show me a western democracy that isn't struggling with this. Which was Jono's point.
  10. I really must watch that again. Loved it the first time. Camp B-Movie plot but with surprisingly good effects and production values. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. Just got round to reading the DM article. He's just thrown as much poo at the club as possible so that if any of it comes to pass, he can claim a scoop.
  12. I think you've missed the point of the post. How could Boris have said anything else. Even he's not stupid enough to "do a Trump" and claim that everything's rosy.
  13. I believe you're missing a full stop with following capital, after "paragraphs" and a question mark. Well, you started it....šŸ˜œ
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