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  1. Bring back George Burley...
  2. Have we loaned Marshall out to someone?
  3. Is everyone assuming that these are recent photos still? From what I saw of them the pics of Rooney didn't look too recent. He's definitely added some timber since the pics were taken. I agree that they don't show him in the best light and will obviously be causing more bad publicity for the club at a delicate time, but let's not assume that he's gone straight out on a bender after the Salford match and got himself in this situation.
  4. True, but do you truly believe that we will come to a satisfactory conclusion for the club before the 18th August? I have lost a lot of my usual positivity in recent months regarding the club situation and I now approach most of these stories with a bit of skepticism. To me, if the accounts were within limits with both the EFL and DCFC calculations, then we would just agree and submit. However, if we're pushing back a bit on the EFL calculations it must mean we're close to the limit or over. I'll be happy when the football starts again (as long as we can relax the embargo and sign some players)
  5. Worth clicking the twitter link and reading the whole of the thread by Coles. Seems to be good noises coming out of the club, which is what we need to hear as supporters. Hopefully by the end of the week we will know if any of this will come to fruition. Clearing the HMRC problem will allow space for up to 10 signings is a new one. I'm guessing this will move us into soft embargo territory. Most worrying bit is the club and EFL still not seeing eye to eye on the accounts submissions...
  6. They aren’t recent pictures unless Rooney lost a lid of weight straight after the game. Perhaps they laced his drinks with laxatives and sleeping pills…
  7. I’d imagine it will be out in time for the Notts County match so will be released next week.
  8. If you ask Aberdeen fans I'm sure they'll tell you that his tackling is far from his best quality. He's definitely more of a runner. Has a decent engine and can recover well. He gets a lot of cards due to being a bit gung ho with slide tackles. The best defensive players don't slide into challenges, they position themselves correctly and block the ball/runner and stay on their feet.
  9. It's simplistic, yes. But I understand the process and agree our current fit 1st team options don't fit that plan. We also play 2 deep and one further forward in a midfield 3 now that sees us not being able to move the ball forward effectively because the space between midfield and attack is too much. Shinnie could be the closest we currently have to a destroyer, but his tackling is more reckless than well timed. Alas, we are beggars and not choosers currently. If we were to look at our young prospects who can play DM, I'd say Jordan Brown or Festy Ebosele are possible "destroyers" on the fringes of the first team squad. However, Ebosele is being used in wider positions currently.
  10. Refs are already pretty much blind without needing to do a magic eye whenever they make a booking. 😂
  11. It's a sublimated print so they're all the same. Read that the replica kit has the design all over, but the team kit is slightly ruined by having to have a black square on the back where the name and numbers go. Some rule so the number can be seen easily or something.
  12. Love that Spurs top. Shame it's Spurs...
  13. Yeah, we would be due compensation if he moves to any English (maybe British) team at the end of his contract. Obviously still not as much as we think he is worth, but better than nothing and we wouldn't need to try and fill another space in our defence this season.
  14. Season 21/22 is the season of Festy. He will be the versatile player on the bench at first. Being able to fill in at full back, DM, on the wing and strangely at CF according to how Rooney used him last season. However, his performances will earn him a starting spot and we'll all be getting Ebosele printed on our shirts for the promotion parade.
  15. Absolutely disgusting crime. I would speculate that the fact that such a high profile player has been arrested would seem sure that they are pretty sure they can prove he is guilty.
  16. Past. Present. Proud. New 21/22 Home Kits available now.
  17. Perhaps the club have leaked a couple of photos to see who is sending pics and breaking the NDA they should’ve signed. It was… Rebekah Vardy
  18. Update on this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRYre-4q3yW/?utm_medium=copy_link Doesnt mean he’s with Derby right now, but probably means we aren’t looking likely to let go of him right now.
  19. That was a great kit and helped by the amount of talent and great memories from that season. Hopefully this one can inspire the team too.
  20. I don't hate it, but I'm not sure on the collar. Looks like they couldn't decide between round neck or v-neck and decided "lets have both" was the way forward... If the comment earlier in this thread about someone who was friends with an Umbro employee being told the away kit is a banger, then I will wait to see that before parting with some money this season.
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