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  1. That's about 6 weeks of Lawrence's income. Pure coincidence, mind....
  2. He's been excellent for 2 games, full credit to him. Roos was magnificent V WBA and has also been much better recently. Good competition never hurt anybody.
  3. The handful of you who have known me from the DET days of the COYR's site will know that I have nothing but contempt for him for what he has done as a footballer at our great club. Nigel's hand was forced by the circumstances and timing of Shackell's departure, and whatever good TSOG did for the club post Jewell has to be tempered with his two most expensive signings - Sammon and Keogh. Buying an almost ever present in a Coventry defence finishing 18th and 23rd in the previous two seasons (when he dabbled with the captaincy) smacked of desperation. Long before Zamoragate (which had been happening for two seasons, so was entirely predictable), even in the first season, his propensity for totally avoidable errors, invariably as a result of over belief in his own ability combined with simple brain fade, have been a constant thread throughout his DCFC career. True, he has made some exceptional goal saving tackles and clearances, (even a broken clock is right twice a day), but more often than not as a direct result of his chronic lack of positioning. His younger partners have regularly saved him - Tomori in 18/19 being the most blatantly obvious. My biggest frustration is that he played with a lack of intelligence and acceptance of responsibility for his errors, and simply not learning from them. We all make mistakes, but life is about learning from them and his were made over and over again. Often a yard behind or in front of his back line, making those surging runs with pretty much zero end product (at the right end, anyway), defensive half clearance headers back towards the penalty D, backing off too far then challenging often two footedly and jumping so smart strikers simply shot low to avoid him, there are too many to mention. His desire to "get there at all costs" often blinkered him from seeing others better positioned to make the challenge and left his man free. No one could ever doubt his intensity or passion or commitment to the cause, and by all accounts managers fellow players have remarked on his leadership qualities, but leadership ultimately only works when you add more value than you take away. He could have been a decent player for us, if only he'd thought more about his game on the pitch....But that isn't who Richard Keogh is. The article mentions mental health struggles, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I hope he remains well in this respect. I'd venture to say that both Mel and Keogh share one trait - an ultimate belief in their own ability. It works well when you are that good, but not always. There is one common thread from 2012 to joinergate, and thank goodness he's gone.
  4. What time is the interview on?
  5. I'm a double jabbed fifty something but will continue to wear a mask in shops and indoor public spaces. In my view its respectful. I don't know if the person next to me in the checkout queue is vulnerable or unjabbed, or both. Until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that you cannot be asymptomatic I wouldn't feel comfortable not wearing one.
  6. Sat about a dozen rows behind the dug outs. They were appalling. We played much the better football in both halves, but lacked a proper forward. I feel sorry for Jack Stretton, from what I've seen so far its far too early to be playing him as our main goal threat. I'm still not quite sure what formation we were playing for twenty five minutes after they equalised , as we had Brown, Hutchinson, Watson and occasionally Buchanan at left back, but it was certainly adventurous and nearly paid off. Liked Hutchinson's composure. Thought Brown did ok. Watson struggled to get a foothold in the game but seemed to be unsure where he was playing - I'm not sure I can blame him for that, at least in the second half. Two basic errors cost us - Allsop got both hands to their first and should have stopped it. The second, well... Delighted with the overall pattern and performance of players not used to that heat.
  7. There's a rarity. The words "Keogh" and "composed" in the same sentence. "Compost" perhaps, yes, but "composed".....?
  8. Even more worryingly I was there. That must have been a good day....
  9. Wasn't Craig Burley on a hat trick of missed penalties in the 4-4 at Bradford?
  10. Don't want to go too far off thread but Pietri looked about 90 years old when he was ushered over the line in the 1908 Olympic Marathon. He spruced up nicely to look like the handsome 20-something Italian he was by the time Queen Alexandra gave him a special gold cup after his disqualification. It was her bloody fault he had to run the extra 385 yards in the first place!
  11. Superb thread. I love this sort of stuff. It is what first got me fascinated with the early modern Olympic games, in particular the athletics. Brilliant work from Loweman and Macintosh, many thanks to you both.
  12. Marshall and Byrne to Celtic, possibly sharing a taxi with Buchanan, as the fire sale continues. Just the XI away from a good championship team then - Ten when Bielik is fit.
  13. No. The following "periods" or single events were all worse for me. -The day Brian Clough was sacked. (Didn't Poland knock us out of the World Cup that midweek too?) -F A Cup Quarter Final Replay to Plymouth, thinking it might be the last ever game. -07/08' -Docherty's decimation. -Bobby Zamora. You just felt the chance had gone for the foreseeable future, and so it proved. -April 3rd 1976. As above, it felt like the beginning of the end.
  14. Obviously I'm going. My youngest (now 25) and an absolute Manure fanatic (he does look a bit like the postman, to be fair), will be there with me. On the terraces, almost anonymous in my 32Red blue away shirt with "Bryson 4" on the back. Let's face it, who else would have? If you decide to talk to a stranger, please let me know your moniker so I can put faces to names :-)
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