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  1. £500k? Ghost of Clough's lengthy missive absolutely nailed it. On the other hand, I suppose it does allow us to pay Lawrence's next seven and a half weeks' wages.....
  2. If we're pinning our hopes on the return of Waghorn and Lawrence to solve the creativity problem then we might as well get buckled up for a long hard winter. We need a player with some magic to break down packed defences when we go behind - I haven't checked, but heard yesterday that we have lost all 11 games when conceeding the first goal - it wouldn't surprise me.
  3. It has no bearing on logic, but my youngest (who is 25) had said that bringing Rooney in as a player was a masterstroke. I disagreed as I felt he had little left to offer and the appointment per se was undermining Cocu. I recall that we were top of the form league after Rooney's first 10 or 11 games so begrudgingly I admitted that he'd made a good call. Post lockdown I think we can all agree that he was a liability on the pitch and should perhaps (I would say definitely) have been dropped sooner. We are eight games into a fledgling managerial career and he has come out of the
  4. Born in Acocks Green. Hated the smarmy, under achieiving, smug, knuckle dragging, intellectually challenged locals for half a century. Time for a Christmas carol. methinks.... Good King Rooney’s lads ran out, On a Tuesday evening, When Bluenoses planned a rout, But without believing, Shinnie, Bielik, Jason Knight, They all won their duels, Comprehensive Derby might, Nailed the Brummie Mules
  5. He tends to score in batches. It will be interesting to see what happens now. My guess is he'll get 6 in 10. He's gone - he's not ours anymore - but seeing him score (as long as its not against us) will always make me smile. Intelligent on the field, articulate off it.
  6. Good management is about getting the absolute best from the resources available. So far, Mr Rooney gets at least a B+, if not an A-.
  7. I always wanted to be a sports journalist, but I fell in love during my final year at University and needed a stable income - so I chose Banking. Stop giggiling at the back. In those days you had a job for life, even if you didn't live in London and had to ware outlandish multi coloured jackets on the Stock Exchange floor. A journalistic cliche it may be, but the Bluenoses game is pivotal in so many ways. I hope we have the depth, and the legs. Good luck lads.
  8. When you've recovered Tinman, pop down to the non stadium half of White Hart Lane where you bamboozled Mitchell Thomas, and simply slip an envelope past the bewildered occupant of number 7, Mrs Mimms, via the narrow side of her letter box. Some players are more than the sum of their contributions.
  9. The best thing to say about today is that it has reinforced what a good blend we have in midfield if we choose to continue with 4-3-3. Those three seem to all be able to defend and attack - a rarity in DCFC recent history. We all feel like someone has nailed us with a gut punch when we had kept our elbows in at the same time as trying to throw the big right hand, but that performance replicated 20 times will make us safe well before the end of April.
  10. ....and then the wheels came off. 3 at Norwich and Brighton, 3 and 4 at HOME to Bristol City and Cardiff, and six out of seven defeats away from home. Generally, the longer he was in charge the more panicky and less assured our defence looked. There was a clear difference between Nigel's ""just kick it and head it" defending and the defence on each Mac occasion after he had settled in. Neither worked well but we just seemed to panic and run around aimlessly in our own third under Mac. Attack was definitely the best form of defence !
  11. An eloquent and well researched post. Watching Newcastle when he was in charge was like watching his Derby team play in stripes. It seems we both agree that defensive coaching isn't really Mac's strength, so shutting the back door, which was the basis of all Sir Brian's success, must have been coached by someone other than him. Rosenoir? Wazza? Who cares ! This incarnation looks a little more solid than either of the aforementioned ones, albeit very early days. Perhaps because we may have finally found a DM who can do the job on his own, instead of needing two players to
  12. We defend too well for it to be a Mac team. My feeling about 2013/14 was that we didn't lack goals under Nigel, and it was confirmed when I looked at the numbers - 20 goals in 12 league and cup games, 3 straight away wins (including one against an eventual playoff rival) - we simply had apparently abysmal home form . Unfortunately for us, the fixture computer gave us the champions, runners up and 7th placed team for the 3 home defeats - so perhaps these defeats don't really tell the whole story, but it provided enough ammunition, together with Fozzy not tracking Jack Hobbs at Forest, for
  13. Its easier to bust a gut for 45 minutes than 90, but I was imporessed with Lawrence's defensive work in patches last night. I still worry that he is so petulant or poor (I can't decide which) when tackling he is always likely to give needless free kicks away. Joswiak defends as well, (IMHO better) and is less likely to offend the ref in the tackle. Joswiak seems to make better decisions in possession going forward too. I'd prefer us to try Ibe than play either Lawrence or Holmes at the moment.
  14. That's the point. They didn't "buy" him. I so look forward to my retirement soon when I haave the time to anaylse individuals more, rather than concentrate on the game itself. If you've a Rams TV subscription, and time on your hands, just watch him via archive, if it goes back far enough. You need to watch the Full 90 rather than sections, and watch him. He ain't perfect, far from it, but he is leagues better than what we have now. Top class for the season we needed to survive, post promotion in 2014 and still now. If only Johnny Russell hadn't been tripped at Wembley..... (
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