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  1. I've gone from a "no" to a "yes". Because it IS a lottery this season even more so than usual - there is not a pack of teams breaking away and form of all of the top 6 is quite erratic. We need fear nobody out of that list. We will have lawrence back available before too long. I don't know about Wis (is there a time stated for him to heal)? and I haven't heard about Bogle to know whether he is carrying an injury or not. The one good thing about Lawrence being suspended still is that little toe-rag Carvalho won't have anyone to wind up tomorrow.
  2. unless he's eyeing up a move to Marinakis' pie shop......😂
  3. I used to frequent 606....didn't you use to alter your sign-on pretty regularly? Mostyn Powers, Mostynao etc etc....?
  4. Sunderland are releasing 25 players???? Blimey - how many will they have left?
  5. Did Chelsea send Ali Dia up to Barnsley instead? 🤣
  6. I think they're referring to an outside half......🤣 Personally, i stick with these descriptions as my bible.....🤣🤣
  7. 2 pens, red card, we hit woodwork twice and cocu basically said in his post match interview that they were a bunch of cheating thugs. That said, it was something like our 6th or 7th straight away loss without scoring so we must have been a bit rubbish 🤣
  8. So many assertions, so many inaccuracies. You are Toddyfacts and I claim my £5....🤣
  9. Think tomoris played a few but he's 3rd or 4th choice at Chelsea.
  10. If we were truly desperate and it's all truly amicable then maybe Tom would consider a pay as you play deal up to the end of the season - should the need arise.
  11. I see some of Cocus intensive 1 on 1 training messages ate getting through to Duane.....🤣
  12. Didn't realise there was a Zoom on - sorry folks. Mind, I've been on it most of the day so I'm a bit zoomed out. So what was the Curtains tale all about?
  13. Saw Wilson playing for Bournemouth tonight and he looks shot of confidence. Given our shortages at the back I'd be happy to see Fikayo return somehow. Of course Frank will be keen to do us a favour like he did with Ampadu......oh.....er.....hang on 🤣
  14. Having watched a couple of episodes of Sunderland till I Die, I'm staggered at how many goals grabban has got for forest as he looked utterly dreadful for the Black Cats.....
  15. We've had loanees. Mostly carp, but Matt Clarke has been pretty much a mainstay for us.
  16. A well argued response. I was just being a grumble monster trying to smooth out the mood swings.....🤣
  17. The loving Phil-ing is lovely. But emotionally this is exactly where we were with Frankie until he started fluttering his eyelashes at Roman. Will we still be loving the Cocu-meister if his achievements are noticed and he naffs off to a "bigger" club at seasons end?🤣
  18. Saw Brighton the other evening on t'telly box that sits next to the wireless and sterogram, and they were bizarrely playing Dan Burn at left back....
  19. Were off on our staycation to Golden Cap in Dorset on Saturday, after the planned trip to France in late August was deferred by the property owner. Thankfully those pesky heatwave are out of the way so looking forward to some bracing westerlies and chilly drizzle. The only unknown is whether we can rebook the brittany ferry (all paid for) from Portsmouth to caen. So might lose 400 quid or so. They are due to be opening up for 2021 bookings in July so Mrs VdM is on the case.
  20. In your defence, with the recent events the likelihood of us keeping up our winning run must now be reduced. Still it's worth a good p-take 🤣
  21. We've had dark blue more or less every other season for a while haven't we? I've got the one with the horizontal blue pin stripes from c2014. Prefer the maroon myself.
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