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  1. story of my life.....🤣
  2. I'm expecting the price of pies to go up and the journey to PP to be made more difficult by the A52 roadworks. as for the footie I have no idea as to results etc but I expect I will have some good days out 😂
  3. No reason we wouldn't - we have done to the last two, they outed themselves.......👍
  4. aka too many games and a load of clogging brutes.......... aint google translate wonderful
  5. Hopefully not to us.....poor keeper now imo
  6. Someone new's moved in tho....we've go Phil, Twan and the other bloke now. Joining in the spirit - why do you think Burnley have so many keepers and will they buy Scott? 😂
  7. You changed your seat at PP curtains? 😂
  8. Spot on mate - Jan through March is where its at and thankfully we usually come storming into that period in unbeatable..........oh.........er............hang on.......😂
  9. Well I still wear my original 1884 shorts to games. As I'm only 5'7" people mistake them for long trousers.......🤣
  10. Reckon Harry would fancy holding down a position now we've moved Nick Blackman out of his way....🤣
  11. sounds like hes had his chips........
  12. 😂 Now don't take this the wrong way Rev, but the first couple of times I saw your new moniker I misread it as Reverendo de Drivel.....😂
  13. I'm glad I heard that first one talk. I wasn't sure what it was until I heard it talk...……..😂
  14. Gary, is that you? 😂
  15. Get me Steve Bruce on the line......🤣
  16. Isn't placing the penalty illegal? Isn't he supposed to kick it??🤣
  17. @Boycie's not going to let go that moderator gig lightly mate.........😂
  18. Well Pearson sticking Butters at left wing has set the bar pretty high.....🤣
  19. Early 2000's - as in 15 or 16 years ago? How old is this guy???😂
  20. Nah, you're like a son to him........wayward, drinking to excess, dubious practices......but all hope is not yet lost......😂
  21. Ronnie's a Clough family fan rather than Burton Albion FC per se, thats probably why he doesn't wind you up😉
  22. I wouldn't claim my memory was perfect- was mentally trying to recall the footage. He certainly used to go down and either his hand or wrist was too weak to hold the shot.
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