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  1. Ooh I can almost feel the waves of insincerity lapping around me ankles.....😂
  2. It’s taken 60mins but Fookafooka has come on😂
  3. This game was positioned as being to avoid coming 2nd and facing NZ in the quarters. however the winner of the group is likely to face SA which is hardly a gimme. a tough half of the draw for both nations. it really hasn’t been Scotland’s day in terms of conditions and making little errors that led to big turnovers. But they’ve shown in the 2nd half that they have to play that high risk game. They don’t do the dull structural stuff well enough.
  4. Peeing down here. And in Yokohama. Scotland have stopped conceding cheaply but aren’t able to create much and Ireland choking the life out of the game. sad to see for Scotland. They’ve managed to play completely the wrong game at the wrong times for the conditions.
  5. Too rushed. Trying too many things too soon that aren’t coming off. ireland don’t look fit imo. A number going down. They’re playing their somewhat limited game effectively though.
  6. Too many unforced errors so far. The pass straight out that led to the move for Ireland first try changed the dynamic. as I write another Scotland break down in midfield results in a scrum 5 for Ireland via the post.
  7. I saw the highlights and was horrified at the level of organisation of our defence,. The line was nowhere near straight so they're not moving up and down as a unit. Players seemingly running into each others spaces or away from each other alternately. Dreadful lack of anticipation of crosses. It really did look a mess. Leeds were not doing anything especially intricate but players seemed totally confused as to whether to stand off or close down.
  8. According to the BBC it was that Bamford that plays for Leeds - which didn't narrow it down much for me so I'm none the wiser,...😃
  9. Serious question - is there anybody at the club you’d rather be in the first XI or do you think a wholesale clearance is needed? have any of the kids shown any spark to give us hope? i do think you’re entitled to your opinion. Unfortunate timing of your original post I guess cos majority of folk still on a high after nicking a point. I agree that the performance seemed very poor for the majority of the game.
  10. I'm alongside you, brother! Hallelujah 😂 Just adding a little local colour to your excellent irony....
  11. Shame that. Finals and honours generally few and far between for Derbyshire. Still, good season all considered I think.
  12. Exactly why they all call him "Le God" round here still and he's first in line to open just about anything...….er…..hang on, where was I...…... ah yes...…….crap, he was!...……...🤔😂
  13. Altogether now.... "FA cup final...…. Is this the FA cup final...…. FA cup finnnnallllll…... Must be the FA cup final..." 😂
  14. Citeh 4-0 up against Watford after 15 mins...…... …...now that's not much of a new manager bounce...….😂
  15. Has @Owd miner told Hilda to pop her teeth out and brace herself yet? 😂
  16. That admittedly can score occasionally 😂 ill go back to sleep.....
  17. For a passive team with no bite or press we’ve somehow picked up 4 yellows. we just seem to be disintegrating into an untalented, snide team who can neither attack or defend with purpose 😪
  18. I’ve been a big proponent of giving the lads a chance, but it seems inhumane to bring any of them into a complete shambles. wont help their development at all
  19. Leeds doing their absolute best to keep us in this. Cheers lads 👍
  20. How’s that? Are cocu team and Chris van see wotsit keeping it in our technical area....😂
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