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  1. It’s cos he isn’t cream crackered. cos he doesn’t move........😂
  2. Steady....that sort of thing will get you on a register 😂
  3. The contrast between last seasons loans and this is startling. we've borrowed in the same 3 positions but looking at the opinions of the individuals in those positions on here shows exactly how badly we’ve done at replacing last years loans. The stats do make pretty grim reading tho.......
  4. Aha...... you’ll have done them in reverse order then ......so the aayyy followed by an ooooo(p) 😂
  5. Rugby Union has fairly broadly defined “laws” which leave much unwritten and hence at the discretion of the referee. each of these has their own interpretations and style so they become hugely important in the game. Unlike football, there are meetings between the teams and the ref prior to matches where he will provide guidance around what he’s looking for and hence what is likely to be penalised. a good example is when England played Italy a couple of seasons ago and the Italian tactical game to avoid getting either hammered or repeatedly penalised in the ruck was not to engage at all - they all stood off. Took England a while to work out what they could do. Eventually, in consultation with the ref (polite from France) they worked out that without 2 sides engaging, there was no ruck, hence you couldn’t be penalised for handling in the ruck, so England could simply pick the ball up and run 😂
  6. We’ve nabbed a couple haven’t we? i know there’s eligibility rules but presumably vunipolas, tuilagis and cokanasigas originate from that part of the world.
  7. Being from Bath, does that mean you have achieved Oooh and Arrr levels in English? 😂
  8. Much as I’d love to believe our disjointed performances have been down to concerns over potential financial irregularities, I am persuaded by a body of evidence that it’s actually been down to us being, well, a bit poo.....😂
  9. Love a bit of rugger me. anyhow, thought I’d start this off to gather views on matches/teams as the tourney progresses. today was Eddie Jones previous club, er, country Japan wupping the russkies 30-10. perhaps not one to set the pulses racing but the crowd was enthusiastic and there was the first hat trick by a Japanese back,complete with Chris Ashton dive. first Big Crunch tomorrow as the Bokka take on the All Blacks....mmmm.....😂
  10. I think I’ve aged about 20 years since Cocus started! 😂
  11. Was he also the bloke that once threw his shoes at George W Bush? 😂
  12. not exactly "no-hopers" but I wouldn't have them as one of the favourites. Lack spontaneity and seemed lost if their one and only game plan goes wrong.
  13. wasn't that pig-head buggering or summat? Sure there was something in an edition of my "Bullingdon Bugle" ……….🤔
  14. Just found it tonight actually. Illustrating an interview where Jurgen said that the only reason Liverpool lost to Napoli was a dive and VAR. pffft. Personally I think them scoring 0 goals might also have contributed. 😝
  15. I'm seeing some feeds of articles that Farage and his Brexit MEP mob have been "raging" in the European parliament today, calling the Luxembourg PM a "pipsqueak", asking "how DARE he humiliate our PM?", stating that "a clean break was absolutely necessary" and generally being disruptive and heckling. Is it just me that hopes we can keep this shower over there in Europe after Brexit? Any chance of weaving that into the withdrawal agreement? "We demand a clean break and you won't get your money. Or, you can have your £39bn if you'll keep Farage"...😂
  16. "I'm now so angry, I could THROW the bins down...…." 😂
  17. Wales already having their preparations disrupted by Howley being sent home to assist with investigation into betting. thats not helpful............ mwahahahahahahaaaaa........😂
  18. Rooney is younger than Pablo Hernandez who some think makes Leeds tick and we would need 3 players minimum to mark......😂
  19. Not such a good evening for frank. lost at home and mount limped off injured. Not much bouncing I guess.....
  20. Eek.......I fear that way lies defeat. Playing our football doesn’t get in their faces. run fast, run hard, kick often.....that’s the way!
  21. So then Boris invoked a hard pressxit? 😂
  22. Forest did a real number on Swansea according to reports of the match. Maybe this is a time for cocu to set out deliberately to negate the opposition rather than taking the “let’s play our football “ approach. hernandez is 34 ffs and some on here are painting him as untouchable whilst others bemoan is signing the same aged Rooney as being completely past it. put one of our young terriers on him with instructions to follow him around , ankle-tap him at every opportunity and make him run a bit.....😂
  23. Keep learning, keep reducing the number of errors, keep developing understanding, keep the philosophy and the results should improve naturally.
  24. It’s still the same Leeds by and large as last season. They’re not PSG or Citeh. if we wave the white flag and hand over the game then I’ll be livid. If we make them fight for every ball and they still win then at least make them earn it. cocu has got to work out how to get some fire in their bellies......
  25. Yeah - the Mount post PO final interview where he said it was a bittersweet moment to have reached the final but come up a bit short was really classy. Sad they'r not here anymore but good to see them prospering in the prem.
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