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  1. So where ARE we going to build them? Perhaps we shouldn't bother building at all.......ah, tried that one - hence the need to build MORE rather than less....oh dear! Meanwhile, I was tickled to hear that The Sunday Times (the shrieking commie rag) ran a piece that said MI5 were not passing intelligence to the Home Secretary (remind me of their name?) on the basic grounds that she is too dim to understand it. Actually the wording was "concerns about her ability to understand the subtleties of intelligence briefings". What a fun start to the week - have a good one all! 😂
  2. Tough day by the look. Remember watching the news later and seeing all the forest fans at their end standing silently. Presumably wondering what was going on. Thought that your crowd appeared very dignified in the circumstances.
  3. It used to get laid with about the same frequency as @DarkFruitsRam7.....ie once every couple of seasons. Have we both given up on that schedule? 🤣
  4. My sausaging board of directors are 3 saffers and they haven't shut up about it yet.....🤣
  5. I'm optimistic that we'll learn how to spell optimism.........🤣 But a serious point....we've got to prepare for life after Rooney. We've got to assume that next season will be his last. If we're as successful as we hope then there's no way Rooney would be able to do another season in the prem. I'm optimistic that we'll develop some enduring partnerships out of our youngsters....👍
  6. But on the cheery upside it looks like we did some work on the scrum since that French ref let the saffers do what they wanted in Yokohama. 🤣
  7. Easy one to forgive. Not as boneheaded as Kruis who seems to give a penalty away every time he goes into a ruck.
  8. Good start by England today. Until itoje made the schoolboy error of catching a knock on. Amazing how often you see that error.
  9. But there would be some measure of equality... So if the only choice is a system of a small chance of riches and a large chance of disappointment vs a certainty of mediocrity what do we choose?
  10. Pit our pitch isn't as lustrous as Rooney's barnet as they're a similar synthetic weave I believe.....🤣
  11. This season's gone more or less as I thought it would...albeit with loads of added off field shenanigans. So mystic VdM is expecting a strong top 2 challenge next season 👍
  12. Don't be ridiculous......you must realise by now that Britain invented the colour blue and it is therefore an essential and integral expression of our national identity. If it ain't blue it isn't British. It's our tradition dating back to woad. Obviously we license the colour blue so that eg Croatia can use it for their passports. It's another example of our great British nation showing its ingenuity dontcha know. Or alternatively it might be utter b******s......🤣
  13. We could go within 6 pts of playoffs with a win. Come on lads....don't let the season peter out with a load of draws....
  14. Whereabouts mate? South Hampshire copping it this evening already 🙄
  15. A reefer or 2 certainly used to improve my game....🤣
  16. Yep. I'm not expecting much in the way of free flowing rugby. Weathers pretty crap dahn sahf anorl....
  17. Anyway, on we go to this weekend and Jones shuffles up the England back line. Daley back to FB, Joseph on the wing, Tuilagi back in the centre - Henry Slade on the bench who i quite liked last season. Youngs back at 9 And Lawes back as flanker........with the so far underwhelming experiment of Curry at 8 continuing.
  18. if he tries to pass quickly in open play he has a high probability of chucking the ball out anorl........ and he's not as quick to the breakdown as i would like. We had a good run with 9's who could mix it up a bit..Dawson, Dewi Morris even. But we seem to have drifted away from variety.
  19. Well I mean this is tautological as clearly if we're all stuck together then whether we stand or sit, we'll be doing it in unison......... 🤔
  20. Definitely would have been......for Cresswell! 😂
  21. well given he only made 57 appearances for us, according to wiki it was a decent risk mitigating strategy, as West Bum have only received £2,712,500 from us. Which means we've only lost out by...........er..........£2,712,500!! (plus wages) So George may have been a money pit, but he's no Anya!!! 😂
  22. Does anyone know how the immigration minimum, the national minimum wage, the national living wage and benefit thresholds compare and interact? Are they at all joined up? On a sort of related topic i was reading an FT article this morning that was referring to examples that show how - although in theory the minimum wage applied - foreign domestic staff brought into the country to work for foreign nationals spending part of their time here, were effectively being kept in modern slavery conditions.
  23. The third one was quite harrowing in parts, but hugely uplifting, for all of Bret and his family who come across as extraordinarily self-reliant and robust.
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