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  1. Allsop- 8.5 Byrne- 6 Forsyth- 8 Stearman- 7.5 Davies- 7 Shinnie- 7.5 Bird- 7 Morrison- 6.5 Knight- 7.5 Lawrence- 6 Baldock- 5 Stretton- 6
  2. This is exactly the problem - ramstrust have historically badged themselves that they are ‘captains of business’, undisputedly experienced in being able to run a football club. Utter twaddle !!! Sunday pub team maybe, but a professional football club of the status of Derby County FC,,,,,,,,,, fantasy island,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. No no no - I wouldnt want to see ramstrust anywhere near the running of the club. My opinion of them is they think they are some kind of 'elite' supporters, I believe that they genuinely think they are more intelligent than the ordinary supporter and know better than ordinary supporters. Trust ?,,,,,,,,,,,, I wouldn't trust any of them. George Orwells Animal Farm springs to mind !!!
  4. I quite like Um Bongo - a rather refreshing fruit flavoured drink 🙄
  5. Seeing as the Transfer window is closed till Jan, I’d be inclined to take the case to court ASAP and let an independent Legal Panel decide our fate - surely it should be resolved in the next 3 months and we’ll just carry on as best we can till then.
  6. I’m sorry, but there’s no way the attendance was only 22,000 today. I’m usually within 2-4 hundred out on judging the gate at Pride Park. Today I would guarantee there was somewhere just over 26,000 in the ground today. My ticket would not scan again today, neither did the people’s in front of me, so maybe that’s why tickets were not counted in the official Att figure 🤔
  7. I’ve no idea why , but I have a horrible feeling in my water this morning that we will lose today - I sincerely hope I’m wrong !!!
  8. Well I like both of them and both of their styles too. It’s a very difficult job indeed - to be able to hear a live commentary away from home is always a privilege for me, so I’m happy whoever it is.
  9. For me, it’s a continual itch that needs to be scratched. I am as disappointed as anyone of where our club currently is. However, for me personally, it’s just something that is part of my DNA (a marketing dream) and it will never change. I will keep going to matches , as long as I’m able to. I can only see me not going when I croak it. Anyway, what else amI going to do ? 🐑😃
  10. I suppose we might have to let him go if they agree to a 95% sell on clause !! ✍️🐑
  11. Derby 2-1 Huddersfield FRGS Lawrence - Pen duck the EFL duck Gibson duck the moaners duck notts duckst
  12. Well even if only for one season, I'd say Paul McGrath was as good and he was that buggered, he couldn't train and was also probably pissed as well, when he played 🤔
  13. Well from what I saw yesterday, he has more understanding of his role as CB and how to actually defend, than what was on show in our team in the entirety of last season. If I was thinking of which players to sign from our ‘trialists’, then unfortunately I’d let Wisdom go elsewhere, because a) we have enough cover at RB, b) He’ll be on the maximum wage within EFL allowances and most importantly, he’s not very good at CB imo - it will also allow us to pick up a better option fit the squad from the trialists 🤔
  14. It amazes me that people are critically focusing on Cashin’s height - As far as I saw yesterday, there was only one header he didn’t get near and that was because he was slightly out of position and misjudged it. He has very good heading ability and can get up much higher than than I had envisaged. He’s physically very strong and goes in hard when tackling. but beautifully timed. Comments about his height are farcical, when you consider two of Derby’s greatest CB’s were Todd at 5’9’’ and McFarland at 5’11’’ respectably - relatively structurally disadvantaged too !!
  15. Davies, Wisdom Jagielka, Morrison Baldock. We simply have to have 3 CB’s at the club and Wisdom can cover at right back too. We need another No9 and Baldock fills that need. Rooney will get the best out of Morrison and he as bags of talent - I think the penny has finally dropped with him to sort his life out I’d like Aluko, but we have enough cover on the flanks with the remainder of our squad.
  16. Simple question please - can anyone say if the sizes are true, or do you need to get next size up from your usual size ? Thanks 🐑😃
  17. I remember chatting to Tommy Johnson whilst we were both in rehab at old DRI and he told me he didn't really like football at all and when not training or playing, he had no I interest in football whatsoever
  18. We do have quality players - they need to look within themselves for application !! our manager also needs decide what our ‘set up’ and ‘style/pattern’ of play is, let everyone know, apply it and stop pissing about trying to find one. If it doesn’t work, change it to one that fits our players abilities - or bugger off !!
  19. So many experts on football finance and Accountancy Law - I didn't realise there were do many Accountants in Derby. It must be the national epicentre of Accountancy Lawyers. The city of Derby is so very blessed !! 🧐 I think Arthur Cox had it about right, with his well used response to rumour !!
  20. Picture this - It’s 0-0 Sheffield Wed have a corner in the 3rd minute of added time. Jordan Rhodes is the only Wed player in the penalty area and is surrounded by 8 Derby defenders. Barry Bannon swings over a corner and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rhodes scores a free header form 10 yards out, with every Derby player looking at each other. In his after match interview, Derby Manager Wayne Rooney, stated he can’t fault the performance, we have to stop these mistakes and we’ll be working on it in training all week 🤬
  21. Houdini,,,,,,, he's the only real option and he's dead !!
  22. Cracks me up how people still thi k we'll score !! Bottlers 0 - 2 B'ham
  23. I'm sure it wont be too long before next seasons Season Ticket promotion is in the planning, so I thought I'd just note a few issues down that will/might have an impact on how the club wish to launch/market/price them. 1 What Division we are in 2 Who our Manager is 3 Will there be any Safe Standing Area's 4 When/ if we are allowed back in to watch games 5 What will our recruitment/squad strategy be 6 Cost - Given that matches have been allowed to be purchased at £10 per game on rams tv, if that is to continue as an option, does that automatically price Season Tickets at £230 or what should the price point be for online viewing versus a proper attending Season Ticket versus the 'market fairness' in relation to other online tv viewing opportunities like IPTV etc I have no inside knowledge or particular opinion, I'm merely asking the question 🤔 Maybe im jumping the gun somewhat
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