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David Langan

Tommy Patrick

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All Derby fans of a certain age will remember former Rams Right-Back David Langan.

You won't need me to tell you what a Great player he was.

Many will also know that since retiring he has suffered terribly as a result of football sustained injuries.

As far as I know he has never been granted a testimonial by Derby County, Birmingham City, or indeed by Republic of Ireland ( 26 Caps ).

Reason for posting is that Davy Langan has an autobiography out in September - ' Running Through Walls ', and feel that buying this is at least one way for those inclined, to show support.

For those of you on twitter maybe you'd like to follow him on @DavyLangan.

And for those of you who never saw him well , ask any older Rams fans and i'm sure they'll confirm how good he was.

If any of you can spread the word, maybe on Facebook ( which I can't get my old head around ) that would be grand. Tom

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Good player Langan was, probably a bit unlucky that he came into the side as we were on the slippery slope. One of those 7/10 players week in week out, rarely had a bad game for us.

Good luck to him if he's fallen on hard times, I'll look out for his book in September.

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Will certainly post again when date for book publication in September is known.

Davy has asked via twitter that i pass on heartfelt thanks for all your kind words on here.

He seems to be a very modest and unassuming man, he expressed surprise that you remember him , never mind hold him in such high regard !

A reminder to anyone on twitter you can follow him on @DavyLangan.

Cheers again

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Just a quick update , Dave Langan had 13th knee operation last week. Out of hospital now , has said he's ' never known pain like it ', which when you consider what he's been through previously, must be extremely bad.

As said earlier in thread, he is always happy to talk to fans about shared memories on Twitter. So if you haven't already taken the Twitter plunge ( it's quite easy even I managed it ), say hi to him. @DavyLangan[/indent]
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[size=3]Interview with Davy Langan in The Irish Post is now online.[/size]

[size=3]Davy talks with real honesty and passion about the highs and lows he has endured.[/size]


[size=3]Follow Davy on twitter @DavyLangan[/size]

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What a load of bollux.

Dave Langan served his apprenticeship under Brian Clough at Derby County after signing from Cherry Orchard in 1974.

“We used to play six-a-side matches. ‘Keep the ball’ that’s what Clough called it,” he says.

“If you gave it away, he’d come over with a brush and tell you to go sweep the stands or go down and sweep out his office.

“He used to call me the Irishman … he was very good to me. My mother loved him because he used to send her a bunch of flowers at Christmas time. He was strict though; if he gave you a rollicking you know you were getting one. Then, we’d lose a match, you’d be thinking we were in for it and he’d come along and praise you for doing one good thing on the pitch.

He never played under Clough. He signed for Derby in 1974. Clough left in 1973

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