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Do You Hate Leicester?


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I hate them as their fans are very arrogant. Dont see them as local rivals at all though.

I don't see how we can dispute locality? :\

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Not in the slightest

I don't do the following:

- Give them stupid names ie. Fester

- Look out for their results

- Smile/laugh if I hear they're losing

- Want them to lose

- Visit their forums

- Look out for our fixture at the beginning of the season

- Try and start pointless banter with their fans

- Try and make a rivalry just becase they're 20-30 odd miles away

- Not talk to my Leicester supporting mates a day after our games (regardless of the result)

Leicester City to me are just another club.. Yes we've had good games in the past, but we've also had good games against the likes of Ipswich, West Ham and Reading too.. Yes both take a good following to eachothers grounds, but that's obvious, it's only 20 odd miles away.. We take roughly the same to Stoke, Coventry, Barnsley, Donny and The Sheffield clubs because they're also close.

Why people keep billing this as a big game is ridiculous.. It's not. It's no different to when we play any other mediocre NPC club.

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Question to the author of this thread -: Of all the names you could have picked to be known as, what made you choose the one you did and is it supposed to amuse ? Just wondering like.

Answer: Because he's a Leicester fan. Just posted the same crap on LTLF posing as a Forest fan. Lol terrible effort

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