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194 million loss!


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Man City were a midtable club before, very much like Everton or Villa..

You literally need to spend a good $200mill to form any side capable of winning the title.. When you think about it they've made some very good buys for decent prices.. $200mil is the going rate for a midtable side to get to Man Utds level.


David Silva

Adam Johnson

Joe Hart



Micah Richards

Gael Clichy

Samir Nasri

These were all either bargains, youth products or good finds for reasonable money.. You cannot argue with the prices they paid for this lot, they did very well indeed..

The only ones I think they've overpaid for are:

Balotelli - Coming into his own, potential to be worldclass so could end up perfectly reasonable

Dzeko - IMO overpriced at $27mill, especially for someone who isn't always a regular

Lescott - Again, overpriced, but has a few years on his side and is improving

De Jong - $20mill doesn't represent value for money if he's not a starter

Kolo Toure - He was an expensive signing for only 1 season as he's nowehere near the team now

Tevez - Just an awkward player

They've also spent big on Yaya Toure and Milner but these are now the heartbeat of the team..

They've made a few mistakes with some signings but you can't argue with their squad now.. They're favourites for the title, they have better quality than Man Utd and should they survive the winter I think they'll win it..

And I also agree that they'll start to curb their signings.. They're set up for good now, expect new signings to be one off world class players or youngsters for the future. Similar to what Man Utd do.

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Took Mancini a hell of a long time to know what formation to play or what style to use, finally when he has one of the best squads in the world he can begin to reap the benefits.

Some might argue against him for that 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':rolleyes:' />

He has always played 4-3-3

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4-2-3-1 can be classified as 4-3-3 if you have a spearhead in the centre.. Which he did..

They're effectively the same, and I criticised him too when he had 3 DMs playing the 3 in Yaya, Barry and De Jong..

Since then he's changed one for either Silva, Milner or Nasri..

So he still plays a 4-3-3.. Only the personnel changed to give him a more attacking edge.. We could quite easily do that, but then again it's silly to compare a giant in Man City to an average NPC side.

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