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Most hated person in Derby's history


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Over zealous steward in the Ossie End in the late 70's early 80's. He was a right misery guts who hated kids. He **** himself when Leeds started throwing seats at the Key Club and left us to it. We called him Kid Basher.

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Some derby fans astound me.

The dean saunders thing especially.

admittedly they were in the minority but some booed him when he was just playing for the only club who would rescue him from turkish football.

probably the same lot who cheered him and sang his name when he played in martin taylors testemonal or returned to PPS with bradford!

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i dont get this one at all !

Jeremy Keith, maxwell, tommy doc etc etc.

Seriously What did he ever do wrong?

He's cocky

He did that 'if' poem over the tannoy last Christmas when they beat us

He hates us, despite being a Derby lad

He's kissed that dirty badge

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I think id hate derby if they booed me and sang really nasty soings about me, my dad and my sexuality.

Especially if i was forced out of my home town club by a manager who was only there 5 mins, and i had played for 2 other clubs bewfore ending up at derbhys fiercest rivals.

its not like he chose to go straight there for the money is it?

a la tyson / commons.

p.s i have no idea of any poem.

p.p.s whenever it took place, i felt for the lad the **** he was getting from all those aroujnd me in the east stand the first time he played for them against us in the stuart attwell game.

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