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Poo-Powered Motorbike


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Japanese toilet maker Toto has created a motorcycle-toilet-hybrid that is entirely powered by the driver's poo.

The motorcycle features a toilet unit instead of a seat and the idea is that the driver operates a "one in, one out" policy -- taking food in at one end and dropping human waste at the other end. This is placed into a specially-designed digester which breaks the waste down into biogas which in turn powers the motorcycle. The vehicle has been built to highlight Toto's Green Challenge to achieve a 50 percent in reductions in CO2 emissions in bathrooms by 2017, compared with 1990 levels.

The bike is about to embark on a month-long poo-powered journey from the Toto headquarters in Kyushu to Tokyo, making various stops along the way to promote Toto's green initiatives. One of the stops that the faeces-mobile will be making is Nakatsu in Oita to pay homage to a boulder that is shaped like a bottom -- presumably this is the equivalent of Lourdes in the bum biogas world. The Toto blog is documenting the journey, featuring images, videos and updates.

The bike also plays music and talks -- a functionality that Toto often puts into its toilets -- with tools including stock market reading, fortune-telling and weather forecasting. It also features an LED messaging services, which spells out message in Japanese to be viewed on long-exposure film, a bit like Berg's iPad light painting.

The best part of the whole project is the motorcycle helmet which has been adorned with a Mr Whippy-style curled turd shape -- the motorcycle equivalent of a bonnet ornament.



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