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Pre-Season Odds to win Championship


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Ad the end of July, odds were basically as follows;

West Ham - 9/2

Leicester - 4/1

Forest - 12/1

Birmingham - 14/1

Middlesborough - 14/1

Reading - 14/1

Southampton - 16/1

Blackpool - 16/1

Cardiff - 18/1

Leeds - 18/1

Brighton - 18/1

Ipswich - 18/1

Burnley - 22/1

Hull - 24/1

Portsmouth - 30/1

Derby - 40/1

Bristol - 50/1

Milwall - 50/1

Crystal Palace - 80/1

Watford - 80/1

Coventry - 100/1

Peterborough - 100/1

Barnsley - 120/1

Doncaster - 120/1

There are always some surprises in our divisionand so far, it's us :) WIll be interesting to see how the table shapes up.

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I think if we win today people will have to start paying attention. But then, now I've jinxed us...damn...damn...damn :(

Even if they dud pay attention we would still be classed an outside chance for promotion because we always lack consistency, especially in December when we are always ****

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Sorry to go all Bris Vegas on you all but before you have a one too many tonight go and hide your bank cards unless you want to pay for the bookies Turkey this Christmas.

I had £10 each way at 50-1. At least i should have some interest in tghe bet for a month or two.

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Sage, how far down the table does an each way bet get you, is it if they get promoted, top 4 or top 6?

top 3

I had £20 each way at 66-1 when we went up under Davies. I won £236? then. Had we held on to our lead, i would have won £1720.

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Go on then! Name the next match we'll lose.....see, you can't.

Go on fellas', take no notice of Daveo....each of you put £50 on Derby to win every match this season....in fact, send the cash to me and I'll put the bets on for ya!

Burnley at home, haaaaa wasn't expecting I'd be able to answer that was you!

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Update on the odds, just had a look at SkyBet.....

Championship Winners: Derby 20/1, Forest 20/1

Promotion: Derby 6/1, Forest 11/2

Some say we are going unoticed this season, I'd say the odds say you are talking twoddle.

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