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Derby County theme for Jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch using Winterboard


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Just thought I would share a few pics of a DCFC them I have put together for iPhones.

Lock screen and sliders


Custom folder background (Rams head from the club badge pattern)

http://tapatalk.com/mu/5c0d888d-e030-a597 this background also appears on the multitasking appswitcher bar





Dialler with button pressed graphics


Currently working on a battery charging theme for lock screen when charger plugged in, a DCFC dock and custom wifi and battery icons foe status.

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The theme is compatible with winterboard and it works with jailbroken iphones on 4.3.2.

Most of this done using info from this guide and google.


Need to know how to SSH into the phone to copy files to and from the phone, and rename a few files. To get custom folder backgrounds and app switcher background you need to rename a few files on the phone to enable the custom one.

Also for the wallpaper you wither have to copy it onto the phone into a specific place OR put the wallpaper image into a Pictures folder on your cmputer and sync it to your phone and select it as a user wallpaper.

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Just got the wifi icon working



The rams head looks pretty clear against the black status bar, not so great against the silver one think I need to put a black border round it to make it stand out but can't work out how to do it.

It changes the usual traffic light colours for poor to good signal and is whit for very very poor signal.

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So does your phone have to be jailbroken?

Yeah it does to get the full theme, but if you want the wallpaper nad lock screen picture (but not the custom sloder button or text) then you can save the image below to your computer, sync it into your iphone photos using itunes and then set it as home screen wallpaper nad lock screen image in Settings


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Speak english.:confused:

I meant download from Cydia.

Cydia is like a third party AppStore for non AppStore programs. It is installed when jailbreak is completed.

If you google jailbreak and then the name of the device eg iphone 3gs and OS version (shown in iTunes) then you will get instructions.

Be warned it is not always as easy as it sounds and things can go wrong. Dom hold me responsible if you do it and things go wrong. Whatever you do DO NOT update baseband of iPhone while jailbreaking, it will void your warranty and kill the GPS function of the phone.

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