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What would you do in the window?


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If the board are going to give NC £1m plus income for transfer fees and and extra £500k a year to spend on wages, what should he do?

The rules are......List your ins and outs with tranfer fees if applicable and put them into a team and a back up team, your choice of formation. Try to stick to a previous posters valuation of a player, in or out, unless most people agree it's a silly one.

Here goes, feel free to slate my efforts, then have a go yourself


Morison (£2m) Fielding (£400k) Ward (£200k) D.Jones (Free) B.Jones (Free) Nugent (Free) Murray (Free) Murphy - LB (Free) Duke (Free) Kightley (Free/Contract based on apps) Ayala (Season long loan) Young Prem CM (Loan till xmas)


Varney (£500k) Bywater (£300k) Leacock (£300k) Pearson (£300k) Martin (£100k) Croft (£100k) Savage (Ret'd) Porter (Free) Deeney (Free) Bueno (E.O.L.) Robinson (E.O.L.) Fielding/Ward (Loan to Fee)

Nugent Morison

Cywka D.Jones Bailey Kightly

Murphy Ayala Barker Brayford


Murray Ward

S.Davies Addison Green (Young CM) Davies.B

Roberts Buxton Anderson B.Jones


plus development - Atkins/O'Brien/Hendricks/Pringle/Doyle/Ball

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£1m wont get us anywhere......£6-8m required








Davies B - last 12 months ?



Pearson - last 12 months ?





10 OUT

Bywater £250k



Leacock £300k






Davies S £200k

12 IN

Fielding £400k

Dumbuya £400k

Barron £400k

Turner £2m

Hobbs £700k

Tubbs £300k

Cox £1200k

Lambert £2m

Allen £1100k

O'Connor FREE

Howard FREE

Ward £250k

TOTAL £8.75m

Fielding, Deeney

Brayford , Dumbuya

Barron, Pearson

Bailey, Green, Hendrick

Turner, Barker, OBrien

Hobbs, Addison

Cywka, Davies B,

Tubbs, Cox

Lambert, Howard, Doyle

Allen, O'Connor

Ward, Martin

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We simply aren't going to spend that much. I would be amazed (but delighted) if we spent more than £3m net.

£3m might be more likely....but come on Tom....Lets Get this Party Started,

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£3m might be more likely....but come on Tom....Lets Get this Party Started,

Would be an interesting poll to see what members feel would be an acceptable net spend-perhaps £1m to £4m in £1m steps,followed by £5m+

I've a feeling many are in for a disappointment.

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i still think 3 million is still optimistic ,, lower that estimate to 2 or under and you will not be disapointed :frown:

Unfortunately,I tend to agree.

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Its not a matter of how much though is it? Its whether the team plays well. If we play like we did last sept/oct then I could'nt give a toss how much we spend.

I'd agree,Uttox,that the actual amount doesn't matter as long as Nigel is funded to the extent that he's able to compete for the signatures of the players he believes we need to achieve the targets set by the club.

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Strangely enough, I think one of the key factors in us buying the right players will be which of the players NC doesn't want, we manage to sell. Especially how quickly we can sell them and how much we can get for them.

The list of players I think NC wants rid of are Bywater, Varney, Leacock, Croft and Martin.

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Liverpool spent £35m on a just-about proven Championship striker in January, so I'm not sure £3m will be enough.

Or maybe Liverpool spent too much on Caroll.....?

No, no. Absolute nonsense. Caroll is worth every penny of 35, 000, 0000 English pounds and any less than that will not buy us a striker who will garauntee us 15 goals a season.

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it's not quantity it's quality, 2or 3 decent players every window would have done us.

....but now we are needing some major surgery.

reading the reports of Glicks meeting with the fans though it sounds as though what is planned is more modest.

quote from COYR:

Fielding a deffo signing

Ward & Robinson probable

Need to reduce wage bill by 1mil

Clough targeting Utility players so they can reduce squad size

Every 5k season ticket renewels they lose means 1mil down

Club looking to sign 2 15 goals a season strikers

Clubs income 18 mill and wages 11 mill

6 mill comes in through season tickets

Clough thought he had taken Moxey as far as he could go and the offer was a good one.

Bywater disruptive and wants him out

He sees Addison now as a defensive midfielder

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I don't know what sort of figures we're talking about, the board don't make that sort of promise and don't deliver on it.

Leaving/Get rid of.

Bywater - nominal - save around 520k in wages a year

Leacock - nominal - save around 420k in wages a year

Roberts - nominal - I would get rid, save around 312k in wages a year

Savage - free - save around 832k in wages a year

Pearson - nominal - save around 520k in wages a year

Porter - free - save around 312k in wages a year

Varney - 250k - save around 624k in wages a year

that would free up 3,540,000 in wages put that with a healthy transfer budget, I'm not expecting 2million+ players coming in.. infact we don't need to spend that much anyway!

Coming in/Bring in.

Frank Fielding - 400k - around 312k a year.

Lee Boywer - Free - around 624k a year.

Ayala - loan - around 120k a year.

David Murphy - free - around 416k a year.

Jamie Ward - 200k - 208k a year.

Theo Robinson - 200k - 208k a year.

Darius Henderson - 400k - 312k a year

George Boyd - 1million - 312k a year

Billy Jones - free - 260k a year

Tom Ince - loan - 60k a year

Giles Barnes - free - 312k a year

I think that brings in a lot of experience, Darius Henderson would be a brilliant signing, you can see how influential someone like him can be in our system, plus David Murphy who is out of contract at Birmingham he is an experienced player who has been called a top defender for this division, a regular side with












Deeney, Addison, Jones, Ince, Davies, Ward, Robinson.

It looks much improved, also really hope we go back to that formation.

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