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Mick McCarthy


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Cocu left 2 weeks after McCarthy got the job in Cyprus, Rooney was appointed 10 days after McCarthy was sacked, by which point the job was nailed on his anyway.

If there was any rumours, would only be loose ones off the back of bookies odds I would imagine.

He is doing a good job there though, unbeaten. Seem to recall Cardiff fans were not that impressed when they appointed him.

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Don’t think he was ever an option for our job after Cocu’s sacking, though I believe someone (might have even been Mel) confirmed that he was our number one choice to replace Rowett when he left for Stoke - but we were so impressed by Lampard when he was interviewed that we changed our minds and appointed him instead. Didn’t work out too badly that one, to be fair.

McCarthy is doing a fantastic job at Cardiff though, considering where he picked them up - they weren’t far off being as bad as us at one point! Great appointment by them, going for experience when looking in threat of a relegation battle, and they’re reaping the benefits. 

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13 hours ago, eezzeetiger said:

You've really dodged a bullet by hanging on to Wayne...

A lot of clubs fans could be on here taking the P, but Forest fans are really in no position to. I mean Chris Hughton. Not exactly sunshine and roses by the stinky trolly filled Trent is it?

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