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Every goal from the 18/19 season

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Goals raining in from all over the shop.

Plenty of assists. Plenty of goalscorers.

Surprisingly few from corners though.

Time was we could anticipate scoring every time we won a corner.

Still, that was when Hinton was delivering them with inch perfect precision!

Faster game, lighter ball now!

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On 01/06/2019 at 20:52, RamontheMoor said:

Is it just me, or us the editing really bad on this? It changes angle just as player is about to shoot.....makes it hard to watch.


Appreciate the video though, just think it could have been edited better.

Absolutely. I can't watch it for that reason. By the time my eyes have re-focused on the player, I have missed the shot. It's like a lot of tv these days - too snazzy for its own good. 

Music videos started the trend decades ago in order to make average dancers look good and it seems to be prevalent right across drama, news and sport too these days. 

A goal is a thing of beauty; just show it in one move and if you want different angles, show it again. 

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