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Xbox one X in 2019 - would you buy one


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I’m thinking of buying my first non-Nintendo console since the mega drive, now I find myself with more time on my hands and I’m avijt to get a mahoosuve tele. 

I had opted for an xbox over a PlayStation, although I’m quite anti Microsoft, I’ve read that I can’t let that cloud my judgement. The silly thing that sort of swing it was the fact that its the better blu Ray player, and I’ll be needing one of them too, so two birds with one stone. 

Interested to know about the next gen though. I’m only really looking for next April, so maybe I should hold off and wait for that. 

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Won't be a new console for a while yet will there? There's still good games coming out next year. Depends how much you play I suppose. 

I easily play less than 5 hours per week but if my PlayStation died I'd still go buy another after Xmas

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I would, if they launch the new console in say 2020 you know the price will be sky high for those early adopters.

If they go down the path of Xbox One games won’t work on the console you will have very few games to play in the first year.

Most won’t jump on one until 2021, and then you’re better to maybe hold off a little longer as they will release an improved console shortly after be it slimmer or more powerful.

If the games do carry across, which is probably unlikely you will be in the same boat as the S owners now looking on at the X, where the games still work just fine, it’s a tiny bit slower. 

For the price the S is still a worthy pick up if someone doesn’t have any Xbox, but the X if you’re going to get plenty of usage out of it why not. Probably wait until January now though once all Xmas presents are done with and they desperately want to flog more 

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