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  1. Hang on which button do I press for Lawrence
  2. I heard that , I worry that the guy from Dell might think differently or smell an opportunity
  3. I suspect they are dragging it out so that any points deduction will be applied to next season and double the impact
  4. Its a valid question , I will check even if I have the capability to set that
  5. Company I use to work for (like many ) used the email structure first name initial + surname@company.com so fbloggs@company.com oh how we laughed when we discovered a colleague with the name of Rosa Sole
  6. It use to be ok before , a little research on my part and I have found some forum entries that suggest it is a known problem with the car in question and occurs just after warranty has ended 😆 A new aerial base is the solution at £130 plus fitting
  7. Not sure if its just because I am driving in the car more in the last couple of weeks , but my DAB radio reception has gone down the pan , keeps dropping the signal , worst culprit is Talksport but Radio 5 is not great
  8. I am sure there use to be a pod cast sub-forum, so if this is in the wrong place apologies in advance , just giving a shout out to a new Podcast by my son and his wife , both avid DCFC Fans Our Baseball Ground
  9. Santander appears to have some ability to deposit cheques into the mobile app , It looks like you have to scan it once then and write on it "For Mobile Deposit Only" and scan again ? I am loath to as if this does not work I am going to have to do some persuasion when I try and deposit over counter Anyone had any experience of using it Actually scratch the above checked the app and there is no facility to deposit cheques in via it as far as I can see looks like USA only can do it
  10. I got one season ticket refund today , but not my sons , that might be more complicated as they are posting a cheque , I paid for it, his address associated with it , of course hes left the country in the meantime ! , it so long now I cannot remember what I put on the refund form , even if it asked for an address, that one may be a write off
  11. Oh no not bring a camel to the office day !! and I am working from home and missed it again , Damn you Virus !!!!
  12. Downloading Cyberpunk 2077 from gog as I type , it's slowwwwwww but There's plenty of time 😄
  13. Yep I have ordered the guide from Amazon, pre-ordered the game on GOG to make sure CD Project get all my money
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