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  1. As ever great coverage from The Benjamin Bloom Football Channel This guy deserves a ton more subscribers than he gets
  2. Oh how I would love to know whats in the picture
  3. No , for the record currently playing Panzer Corp 2, so if you want any advice on how to deal with dug in infantry supported by artillery I am your man
  4. Or to quote Steve Weinburg at the University of Missouri "Reporting, through one's own initiative and work product, matters of importance to readers, viewers, or listeners."
  5. Investigate ? Call in favours ? Use contacts ? Not simply ring the press office at Derby County and say 'any news' , Perhaps I have watched too much Lou Grant or Press gang
  6. Really frustrated with the lack of any comms from Club or EFL along with everyone on here , but I am pretty disappointed with the output from the local journals , be it paper or Radio, I am sure that they will say that there hands are tied and that they ask DCFC for a response everyday but get no comment, further more let me state that I have a lot of time and respect for the guys at Radio Derby (plus also zero time or anything else for the click bait that calls itself the Derby Evening telegraph) , however is Investigative Journalism dead ? or is it smothered by a don't ask questions that will get us banned ? National Papers will only give so much space/time to DCFC and then only the more sensational news bites , a local journalist has a audience who are invested in there local club and therefore digging for detail must be worth while
  7. Lord Marmaduke Ffogg may disagree
  8. Its Troy Tempest from Stingray , who history has it was based on James Garner , who at the time was one of the most popular actors in TV/Film
  9. Don't think it ever looks good when you say 'This agreement should not be documented' that just sounds dodgy
  10. Tell you what , I'll watch, it write up some minutes and if they get approved I will let you know what happened .... as long as you promise to tell me what happened on the football documentary
  11. I quite like watching Al Jazeera news , you tend to get less hysterics and bias than you get on BBC or Sky News (Just saying that seems wrong but there you go) and they do have some good/objective news documentary series so I will make sure I watch this
  12. Unless they are waiting to see if the accounts are accepted by EFL , if not then declare dcfc bankrupt and take all the points hits in one lump
  13. What about if the company changed hands , they may not honour them
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