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  1. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    So the excuses are being prepared already and fed to the media
  2. Robbie Savage - Comments in BT Sport

    We Also did a lot of 'Lets pretend we have scored a goal'
  3. Video footage of emergency club meeting

    Well done , great movie in it self but my favourite version of these is Hitler discovers Pokémon aren't real
  4. The only consolation I dont think Bristol City ,Preston or Sheff Utd are capable of a sustained challenge , what a sad state of optimism
  5. 12 games to avoid FFP sanctions?

    A pretty pointless contribution to the discussion, unless the aim was to ridicule the original poster (which isn't very kind), if I was assessing DCFC at the moment I would say there is a sizable Risk that they will not get promoted (based on current form of Teams around us ) this season, speculating that happens, then in my opinion we would need to Transfer in 3-4 High Quality players to maintain momentum into next Season and address squad weakness. If we are on the FFP limits then the only way to finance this is by selling existing players and to be honest I don't see a great number of players who will demand high transfer fees We would therefore face the prospect of another rebuild cycle which as we know could take 2+ seasons to develop our promising young players and recycle our older players
  6. Reading v Derby County

    Like a room without a roof
  7. Funniest Scenes in Movies

    I love this reveal scene from Tootsie I can watch it again and again , hilarious
  8. WiFi Boost

    You can get Powerline adapters with Wifi Built in e.g Amazon I have loads of powerline adaptors and some are good and some are bad , I would avoid TP Link branded ones as I find these disconnect the most especially when streaming video Though it sticks in my throat to say it I find the BT ones are the best
  9. Virtual reality Headset

    I have had the VR headset almost a couple of weeks and it has positives and negatives, Negatives first You need a reasonable amount of space , the recommended minimum is 2m * 2m clear which isn't always easy to find a room you can clear permanently including a fairly hefty PC and effectively a 2.5 by 2.5 clear space (you really need a border around the minimum} The Mixed Reality Headsets (Microsoft Specification for VR) are all Software IPD ( interpupillary distance ) which means if the distance between your pupils is not average (64 mm) then the sweet spot for a sharp image gets smaller and smaller , my IPD is above average which means sometime small text is difficult to read the more expensive headsets come also with physical adjustment which would be better Positves An unbelievable immersive experience which currently is stopping me going back to normal gaming , I have a few freebie games (Rec Rooms is excellent) some bought ones (The pick is Vanishing Realms ) and some demos and they are all excellent. War Thunder in VR is a completely different game , and the currently only one so far that made my head spin abit whilst in an intense Dog Fight trying to shake off a pursuing fighter plane Overall brilliant really happy with the technology and already started saving up for the new HTC Vive Pro !!!
  10. SpaceX

    Yep it ran out of fuel whilst landing, big mistake letting Tesla Staff work out how much petrol you need
  11. The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    Any news on Kyle Mcallister in 2018 , last I heard was Darren Wassalls assessment in Dec 2017
  12. Cally & Ramma The Spot Friday 11th May 2018

    It looks a really nice venue . The poster suits it perfectly , might actually be a good night and right after my Birthday (ish) so I could request 2 tickets on the VIP table as a present , not sure that Me , Cally and Ramage could fit in the same photo though might need a panoramic view
  13. Snowing in Ilkley tomorrow

    You may need a Hat (get that one in first )
  14. Time to stick togather

    I never rated Forsyth am I still ok to get on at him ?
  15. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    But for whom

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