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  1. How come they can swear , and they have bigger profile pictures than us and one stoke fan has an ME163 for their profile picture nearly fell off my seat , didn't think anyone else but me was interested in that sort of stuff
  2. Don't get me wrong , I would love to be wrong ,but I have an uncomfortable feeling this may not work out for one of a number of possible reasons
  3. Funny that's what I thought when I read your response
  4. Not happy with this. We have a new high profile coach who does not need unnecessary pressure to succeed before January and then have to deal with the fallout that will occur once he has arrived. Every result and mistake from now on will be under massive scrutiny. Puts the back up of every club in the league and their fans and we are all aware how this team performs when under extra pressure
  5. Don't you know it's C before B ,except after Tea 😉
  6. JG400

    Andy King

    First off - Great you channel find could be a goldmine over the next season; For whats its worth: my interpretation of what he said was, that he was definitely ruling out PSV players for now until: 1. He understands the qualities of the Championship (its intensity , Pace etc) 2. Which of the current playing staff he thinks he can get the best out of (and give their best) for the demands of the league I don't think he will fully understand this until December and may then make a move in the January window
  7. Paint ball in a dcfc shirt, easy target for everyone else and the 'hits' would look great in a framed mount
  8. JG400

    Fikayo Tomori

    Yep , I dreamt that as well, we are probably getting the Chelsea chef on loan on the understanding that fans cannot bring their own food to the ground
  9. Watched it on youtube thought it was ok
  10. You were thinking of Butterfield when you wrote this weren't you 😉
  11. Funny all the same I love boxing it makes fools of them all
  12. I have been getting the odd YouTube recommendation boxing videos thrown at me since I have watch a couple of highlights of the big recent fights it has re-ignighted my love for the sport, some of the lighter hearted ones have been showboating boxers who get knocked out my favourite is Watch from 3:12
  13. We need a booooooo! Emoji (not as harsh as an angry face) for these repeats on the same pun 😁
  14. There's nothing new here you will be joining 14,267 of us sitters
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