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  1. SBW #15: Blues blitzed

    Listened today as Jerome signed
  2. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    Can you explain ? not sure the point you are making ?
  3. Your all time classic tracks

    I love my Prog Rock / Hippy bands , I have followed Hawkwind for almost 40 years !! , it will break my heart when Dave Brock finally packs in Easily the best band you will ever see live period , Music , Light Show , Dancers the lot The other band who I have loved forever as well is Gong , sadly Daevid Allen and Gilly Smyth have passed on , another fantasic band live (actually they are probably the best for pure band / audience participation ) whom and my wife saw for the last time shortly before they died
  4. Oh Dear

    It gets worse !!
  5. Oh Dear

    First Timer at FM - 2018 , started unemployed and ended up as Manager of Bognor Regis , currently third in League, but this was bad news today
  6. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    But unlikely I predict
  7. We're coming after you Wolves

    One game at a time , tomorrow is a classic banana skin that Derby leap on with gusto , there will be fire works , brass bands , Banners with 'We are going to beat 'Millwall' being handed out , and that chump on the Mic shouting come on what will you do this evening when we have beaten Millwall Wheres the Bookies I need to put a bet on
  8. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    Definitely Ask this
  9. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    I noticed that , guy next to me went mad
  10. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    We need a really decent left back and a Really decent right winger , this assumes we get rid of a fair number of surplus players
  11. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    I suspect this is why they don't stay away Unfortunately there are all sorts of people , we moved to change our out look from the northern end of the east stand to the southern end, now sit next to a bloke who bellows abuse at the Ref, Ball boy/girl and the South stand for not singing loud enough and getting cheap seats , but he makes me laugh so I am happy
  12. Craig Forsyth

    Can you compare it to a few other known left backs for context , these figures don't mean much without seeing what the average is
  13. DCFC Staffing levels

    Intrigued to know which stand you are in , when we arrive at the ground have no trouble getting served?
  14. Joe Ledley signs new 18 month contract

    Everyone's an expert eh, I happen to think that Thorne is a better midfielder than Huddlestone and that Davies is a better centre half but thats opinions for you and forums are the place to express them
  15. Joe Ledley signs new 18 month contract

    I would have made a straight swap , I thought his distribution was pretty poor and his first instinct is not to turn when facing his own goal

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