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  1. Ok , I was just seeing in anyone had had a refund , I suspect the process may now be postponed
  2. It was a question thats all, no harm intended
  3. They were supposed to be completed in September , has anyone had one paid back or has todays announcement just cancelled for the forseeable future
  4. Hope so , sick of the sufc love in , would love them , Aston Villa and Leeds to get relegated. suppect I may have to be content with 2 out of 3
  5. Another great game , I actually thought Bioshock 2 was even better, what a story , Bioshock 3 meh defininately in the over hyped category
  6. That was a great game that my wife banned one of our sons from playing because she thought it was to weird
  7. Whats the one game that actually lived upto the hype for you , that game that when you first saw it made you think wow that is going to be awesome and when you got it , it was For me I'm going a long way back ... Secret Weapons fo the Luftwaffe Lucas Arts 1991 , when I saw the game in the magazines it just looked so good and I still remember picking the box up the day it was available from First Byte in Main Centre and boy did it live up to the hype the game was brilliant on so many levels , gobsmacked that it has never been re-made And of course if you want to list the
  8. So am I , think it will be months, they will wait until they get some revenue in I am guessing
  9. I have used NowTV for football (while the seasons on) , it works out cheaper (even though monthly it is expensive) when compared to taking sky/bt / virgin , however the new downside is the red button games , you cannot watch them on NowTV as it is a streaming service , so it is unlikely that all Derby games will be on this ,
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