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  1. Watched it on youtube thought it was ok
  2. You were thinking of Butterfield when you wrote this weren't you 😉
  3. Funny all the same I love boxing it makes fools of them all
  4. I have been getting the odd YouTube recommendation boxing videos thrown at me since I have watch a couple of highlights of the big recent fights it has re-ignighted my love for the sport, some of the lighter hearted ones have been showboating boxers who get knocked out my favourite is Watch from 3:12
  5. We need a booooooo! Emoji (not as harsh as an angry face) for these repeats on the same pun 😁
  6. There's nothing new here you will be joining 14,267 of us sitters
  7. Surely it's just down to cash 4+ million is a decent championship player
  8. The main problem I have with Moore is the leaky WBA defence combine that with Derby and I think you have a recipe for disaster
  9. If Jeff Kenna gets the job , Passing backwards will be taken to a whole new level
  10. He does I agree but that's his job in commercial radio , and as most of his targets are Arsenal fans I am fine with that , the radio show that is rapidly becoming an embarrassment is the Alan Brazil breakfast show, just seems focused on where Alan Brazil can get in for free next (and get drunk of course). Its a shame because Ally Mccoist is not too bad when covering for him (which is becoming more often) and Danny Kelly is 10x the broadcaster that Alan Brazil is and he only gets to run the show when Brazil is on long term Absence
  11. I have actually got a lot of time for Adrian Durhram , him and Darren Gough actually put out some decent radio on the drive home, mind you I also quite like listening to Ramage 😉
  12. Adrian Durhram (Talksport) has predicated that if Lampard leaves we will get relegated, every season he states we will never get promoted with Keogh in defence
  13. Booked the same week in Rhodes the day before i saw the announcement doh! Would have been tempted but would be gutted if I couldn't get in the matches
  14. Oh haven't you heard we are signing Ian Dowie and Peter Beardsley
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