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Do we have any Guitar Players here?

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11 minutes ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

Blimey. What sort of whacked-out beauty to you make with that little lot?

It does get pretty trippy and heavy in places. The new board arrived today, so I can actually fit everything on. 

This is the old one:


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I'm a multi instrumentalist,mostly for my own enjoyment.

I don't use a bow, don't enjoy mindless strumming, but love playing real music,mainly by picking and playing by ear or from sheet music. I have a Yamaha classical (bought in 1979). 

A Tanglewood 12 (acoustic but, like most of them, I can fit a pickup if I feel the need.

A cheap CB Sky electric guitar (I prefer acoustic so I'm easily pleased!)

An antique bowl backed mandolin.

A Yamaha guitalele tuned to E.*

A Mahalo guitalele tuned to G.*

* a six string cross between a guitar and Ukelele.

A Westfield five string banjo.

A 1920s banjolin. 8 string cross between a small banjo and a mandolin.

I have a Marshall and a practice amp and link my iPad using an irig (£4 on eBay) to them with the ampkit app.

PS I love my music and have a long-suffering wife!

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3 minutes ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

Nice. (although I don't do Gibsons)

I've put P90s on it, so it is a single coil guitar. With the thin mahogany body it's the perfect balance, for me, between warmth and fatness and clarity and bite.

I've tried more or less everything over the years, and this just works. It's also pretty light, and the volume tapers work really well, which is important for me as I like to control the amount of drive from the guitar. 

I've had about five SGs, including vintage stuff, but this '61 reissue is the best I've played. I've played it virtually every day for the last fifteen years, so I don't think I'd be able to play anything else now. 

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19 minutes ago, AndyinLiverpool said:


At the moment I'm confined to the box room but once the garage is converted...

Wow, I bet that sounds sweet. Is that an early 70s Princeton?

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8 minutes ago, Lambchop said:

Wow, I bet that sounds sweet. Is that an early 70s Princeton?

It's a re-issue 68 custom Princeton. Only a couple of years old. Really sweet. I don't drive it, so it never goes past 4 on the volume but that's plenty.

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