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  1. Highly recommended to aficionados of really hoppy German beer. Not cheap though.
  2. I only hope that we don't run out of players like we did under Burley when Rasiak and Idiakez were both crocked for the play-offs.
  3. The late Bill Evans playing the Theme from M*A*S*H, composed by Johnny Mandel who has died aged 94. RIP. Great bass playing from Eddie Gomez too.
  4. I was robbed at knifepoint once over thirty years ago on a pedestrian footbridge in a not so nice part of Manchester. He walked up right next to me and then spun suddenly on his heels so he was right in front of my face and pressed the knife against my stomach. There was no room for me to push him away or lash out, there was nowhere for me to run, and the feel of the knife against my skin was truly terrifying. He quickly found my wallet and then ran off. It was all over in an instant and I came away unscathed. A knife is always more effective than a pair of fists, no matter how hard you a
  5. Better than that Heineken and Oranjeboom muck they drink in Holland.
  6. I'm not very good at speaking Dutch either but I can read it fairly well and can understand the message at the bottom. He's says "Hello everybody. I'm auctioning four tickets for Derby County's local Derby (he says duivelsstrijd = fight of the devils). Send in your bids everybody. " They're up for auction on Onlineveilingmeester.nl (= online auction master). Can't see how that'll work out as anybody coming over from the Netherlands will be sent into quarantine for 14 days and nobody will be allowed inside the ground. Perhaps he means RamsTV tickets?
  7. He could have put his shirt on the right way round.
  8. There is such a thing as enforcement.
  9. One of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt honour thy father and mother", but nobody has a God-given right to push their families around and mess them about. There are limits. I went through that as a young man myself and I know it can be difficult. It's important to maintain your self-respect. Just stay true to yourself and the things you believe in. It can be very hard work, but I wish you all the best.
  10. Agree Wisdom did well and had lots of possession, but he also spent an awful lot of time on the ball wondering who to pass to because Reading didn't allow the upfield players much space at all. Dare I say it, but we could have done with a few Keogh-style runs upfield with the ball today.
  11. I suppose Sibley is a worthy replacement for Lawrence, because he's only just started playing regularly just recently and its almost like having a new player in the squad. Let's see what Knight can do when he gets a start.
  12. Dunno, but the the opposing player did have blood running down his face,
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