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  1. I know the problem. Beer does it just as well.
  2. You'll be eating hormone-treated beef soon, which will help to shrink it a little more. You can console yourself by growing a nice pair of tits. Why are so many antivaxxers so keen to tuck into food treated with endocrine-disrupting hormones?
  3. Are they still coming out with this "world-beating" drivel after all that has happened? At least the Germans had their "Deutschland ├╝ber alles" 90 years ago and have learned from their mistakes (understatement) and I very much doubt they are in awe of the Sceptered Isle at the moment.
  4. It's the data analysts going off to their dachas for the weekend. It's the same here in Germany.
  5. There is a reason, his legs are going and he needs nippy players around him. Looking forward to Ibe's debut and the return of Jozwiak, Sibley, Waghorn and Bielik.
  6. This is just plain sick. Using Corona as an excuse to unleash yet another round of austerity on the NHS when people need it like never before is an absolute outrage. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/oct/11/hospital-bosses-urge-nhs-england-to-drop-unfair-fines-as-covid-admissions-rise
  7. Not quite. The vehicle is hermetically sealed, so the virus isn't able to jump out and infect the idiots who ae grovelling and fawning to him on the streets. I feel for the bodygurds locked in the van with him. Those poor buggers are paid to put themselves between him and any bullet that comes his way, but I doubt if they are keen on laying down their lives for a stunt committed by a lunatic. I thoought British politics were bad enough, but America keeps on setting even lower standards of political depravity.
  8. That's what they do to illegal immigrants.
  9. I live in Germany, and last week I came down with a rotten cough and sinusitis. I rang in on the Monday and my doctor insisted on a Covid test. She did it herself the next day in her own surgery with all the personal protective equipment. The results (negative) came two days later and on Friday I went to get my antibiotics. It all went like clockwork. Why can't "world-beating" Britain do the same.
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