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  1. Well done. They sometimes hurt themselves by flying into the tram wires on the bridge over the river where I live. They are not very good at flying and they are too big to change course at the last moment.
  2. Saves them having to put wires and telegraph poles up in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Same here. My browser is trying to connect with derbycountypayments.streamamg.com, which is presumably where the subscriptions are managed.
  4. Had an update to the Android app this morning and the live video seems to be back to normal.
  5. I don't think the fans would have clapped them back.
  6. It was working okay for me up until about Xmas. They still have the cheek to put a pop-up on the website telling you that the Android app will enhance your viewing experience.
  7. It crashes every time I try to watch live video, but Radio Derby is still available. I have reported it but they don't seem to be all that bothered. The Chrome browser works perfectly on both my Android devices. And I am abroad.
  8. Just found this video of an international Jehova's Witness convention held at the Baseball Ground in 1957. Very odd.
  9. I read somewhere that the next version of Microsoft Edge will be based on the same engine that powers Chrome, so even the diehard 4.89% won't be able to escape Google's iron grip for ever.
  10. The stock reply from the DCFC website people is "use Chrome" and, funnily enough, it usually does the trick. I have taken their advice to heart and I am now using the Chrome browser on all my devices, even though I always get a pop-up telling me that the Android app will enhance my viewing experience. Sadly not true.
  11. I have. Reporting the issues doesn't necessarily mean that they will do anything to resolve them.🙁
  12. I have been unable to uninstall F-Secure and Adblock Plus properly and now have some fragments of these programs floating around my system, They tend to cause trouble on various websites. Does anyone who knows something about computers know of any cleaner utilities that might help me to get rid of them? The Android app crashes every time I try to watch live video, even though I have a valid subscription, am abroad, do not use a VPN and enable position tracking. It used to work well, and I haven't a clue why it's suddenly stopped. The Chrome browser works perfectly on my phone, my tablet and my desktop. I only use Chrome to look at dcfc.co.uk on my desktop though, because I do object to having to log on for my bookmarks so I can be tracked 24/7. I'm probably being tracked anyway.
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