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  1. A new Cold War

    It's been a very long time since the Soviet Union claimed to lead the struggle against global capitalism and imperialism. Nowadays, Russia stands for crude nationalism and supports crude xenophobes like Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orban and Donald Trump. Russian money is laundered through City banks and law firms, hidden in tax havens under British jurisdiction and then used to buy up luxury London property, expensive yachts, expensive private schooling and expensive football clubs such as Chelski. Britain also seems to be the place where they settle their scores and murder each other. The Tories do very well from the money they get from the people that benefit from all this. Boris Johnson has admitted playing tennis with the wife of one of Putin's ex-ministers in return for a £160,000 donation. The Tory Brexit government has been sticking two fingers up to its natural allies across the EU and seems to be obsessed with weakening the British economy by cutting itself off from its trading partners. The world has suddenly become a very dangerous place again and Britain urgently needs to start making friends. Life is hard when you are on your own, and you tend to get bullied and picked on. I believe Putin did it, but belief is not enough. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons needs to confirm where this stuff came from, and the police and security professionals need to find out who did it and then hopefully arrest them. This will allow Britain to build a credible case at the UN and in other international bodies and to press for united action by its allies. That's what Corbyn is calling for, no more and no less.
  2. A new Cold War

    No, it isn't all that it does. It also raises finance and deals in stocks and shares, etc. And your point is?
  3. A new Cold War

    The City of London is the Russians' money laundering capital. The banks and hedge funds have chosen to get into bed with some even dodgier people who commit murder. You can't try to blame Corbyn for that.
  4. A new Cold War

    Corbyn is a Privy Councillor so he should be given access to it as a matter of course. I thought it was Czech spies that were the problem, or rather one Czech spy. It would be nice if there was some geographical consistency to these allegations.
  5. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Well done to QPR for drawing with Fulham. They could have done us an even bigger favour by beating them, but every little helps.
  6. Jim Bowen has died

    That is terrible news. I have managed to see all the other members of Planxty playing lives several times, but I was never fortunate enough to see Liam O'Flynn or the whole band. This music has everything: virtuosity, wit, emotion, danceability. I will be staying in tonight to listen to my Planxty LPs and DVDs. RIP Liam O'Flynn
  7. A new Cold War

    People's patriotism seems to be judged according to how eager they are to start World War III.
  8. A new Cold War

    The Russians have a choice between Putin, Putin and, erm, Putin. This isn't going to disrupt anything.
  9. A new Cold War

    My office used to be next to a chemical plant that produces phosgene, which is used as an intermediate in the production of sunscreen and pigments, etc. It was also used as a chemical weapon in World War I. There are God knows how many redundant safety systems, but I still sometimes felt a bit queasy just being near to it. The stuff that was used to poison the Russian is so incredibly dangerous that you cannot produce it safely in a conventional chemcal plant or analyse it in a normal laboratory. You would kill people. There are no independent testing laboratories. Only places like Porton Down can handle this stuff, and there are very few places like that in the world. Only states have the facilities to produce it, not companies or private individuals.
  10. Jamie Carragher

    He will after Brexit when he has to start eating Trump's hormone-treated beef.
  11. Derby & Forest joint statement on social media posts

    Boots doesn't sound very Swiss though. does it? How many branches do they have there?
  12. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    At least somebody got it right
  13. First pubs visited

    The Vulcan is still going as far as I know, but it was shut down by the police for drug dealing for a while.
  14. Funny Pics Thread

  15. Derby & Forest joint statement on social media posts

    Except when it's Robert Maxwell.

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