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  1. A Ram for All Seasons

    v Ipswich live on RamsTV for UK fans

    They're just practicing for after Brexit, that's all.
  2. A Ram for All Seasons

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    At the Bollekes Festival in Antwerp featuring a load of Belgian bands I have never heard of. Apparently a bolleke is type of beer glass that is used in these parts. Never mind the Bollekes, as I always say.
  3. A Ram for All Seasons

    Beer Thread

    Chickened out of the Straffe Hendrick at 11.8% but currently enjoying Leffe Bruin at a slightly more sanity-conserving 8%.
  4. A Ram for All Seasons

    Beer Thread

    I am in Belgium discovering the delights of Kwak and Lupilus Bruin Bier. It really is very good.
  5. A Ram for All Seasons

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Is that a crafty way of asking for a second referendum?
  6. A Ram for All Seasons


  7. A Ram for All Seasons

    Your all time classic tracks

    RIP Tommy Peoples 1948 - 2018 Great Irish fiddler
  8. A Ram for All Seasons

    It's Oatcake Day

    I lived in the Potteries for six years, and oatcakes were a staple part of my diet. There is nothing to beat a cheese and tomato oatcake, except perhaps a cheese and onion oatcake. Cold oatcakes also have a very sensual texture when applied to the skin😆. Funnily enough, I quite enjoyed living there, but I moved away in order to make a decent living when I got fed up of being permanently skint. I lived in Newcastle-under-Lyme, which is the Playground of the Potteries, and for a short time in Burslem (a dump). I went back a few years ago and was amazed by how much they had knocked down, especially around Shelton, Middleport and Cobridge (a real dump). Shame that the place is so down at heel.
  9. A Ram for All Seasons

    Brexit or Eurin?

    The accountants will go mental. They won't accept all that capital being tied up in inventories. That's the reason they moved to just-in-time production in the first place. It is bound to cause prices to increase, because it's expensive to have all that stock lying around doing nothing. European customers will just turn to other suppliers who can deliver on time.
  10. A Ram for All Seasons

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Like being stuck on the M20 for days on end?
  11. A Ram for All Seasons

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Liam "Atlantic Bridge" Fox has already blamed the EU. It will be a wonderful opportunity for him to exploit the chaos to make a trade deal with the USA that gives Trump and the super-rich everything they could ever wish for.
  12. A Ram for All Seasons

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Probably because Rees-Mogg doesn't own any shares in it.
  13. A Ram for All Seasons

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Britain doesn't make human insulin, only old-fashioned insulin extracted from animals. All of the modern stuff is imported. http://www.diabettech.com/brexit/fact-checking-sir-michael-rawlins-statements-in-relation-to-insulin-and-brexit-should-we-be-worried/ If it isn't imported, people will become ill or die. Please don't blame that on the EU too.
  14. A Ram for All Seasons

    The Worst Job you’ve ever had.

    I had a summer job labouring in the fettling shop at Parker Foundry on Mansfield Rd. It was dirty, dangerous and very noisy. I managed to get flashblinded and electrocuted by welding equipment in the short time I was there. The people who worked there were very friendly, and they realized that their safety depended on looking out for each other. There was one fella who had the job of welding castings with carbon electrodes. He stood in a sort of cage made from metallised fabric, the casting would be delivered by crane and the gate would be closed. Everything in there was covered in a thick layer of black soot, including the poor welder. Perhaps sitting in an air-conditioned office isn't so bad after all.
  15. A Ram for All Seasons

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Read the article: Hugo Fry, managing director at Sanofi UK said: "The uncertainty in the Brexit negotiations means that Sanofi has been planning for a 'no deal' scenario "Patient safety is our main priority and we have made arrangements for additional warehouse capacity in order to stockpile our products, where global supply allows, in the UK and increase UK-based resource to prepare for any changes to customs or regulatory processes,"

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