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  1. Derby County F.C. v Millwall F.C.

    Relative to Millwall, I have a sort of moderate dislike of *****t.
  2. Derby County F.C. v Millwall F.C.

    Me too! 3rd game this season. We used to live up the road from the Baseball Ground, and I remember being scared witless as an 8-year old when we had our front window smashed by a milk bottle thrown from a group of Millwall fans being chased up the street by the police. COYR! Hammer them, murder them....
  3. Derby County F.C. v Aston Villa F.C. match day thread.

    It looked like Keogh was still a bit dazed after his clash of heads when he played that ball. He was probably dreaming of winning the World Cup for Ireland.
  4. Brexit or Eurin?

    Well, it hasn't really changed very much since it supported Oswald Moseley 80 years ago. We're back to that discussion again.
  5. Brexit or Eurin?

    David Davis has told a committee of MPs that the UK government has produced “no economic forecasts on the likely impact of Brexit on various sectors of the economy”, in spite of telling them a year ago that "We are carrying out an extensive program of sectoral analysis on the key factors that affect our negotiations with the European Union". One of those statements is not true. Philip Hammond has told us that “The cabinet has had general discussions about our Brexit negotiations, but we haven’t had a specific mandating of an end-state position”, i.e. the leaders of this government have never talked among themselves about what they finally want from Brexit. So basically, even the government is telling us that it doesn’t have a clue about Brexit and doesn’t know what it wants, and here you are coming onto a football supporters’ message board and asking us to do better than the government by providing you with facts? Do you expect more from a random bunch of Rams fans than you expect from the Old Etonian deadheads that run the country? That's quite a tall order.
  6. RamsTV

    I used the app for the first time yesterday as I was not at home. I watched the first half hour on a train between Luxembourg and Germany, and it worked well enough as long as there was a decent phone signal. The commentary was very quiet though. I saw the last half hour in a cafe with WLAN. The video was great, but the strange thing was that little snippets of Friday night's U23 commentary kept creeping in. Very odd.
  7. Brexit or Eurin?

    I used to read it every day from about 1965 to 1977. My parents had it delivered. I was impressionable at that age. Then I had a dirty summer job in a foundry and discovered that trade unions weren't so evil at all and immigrants could be very nice and friendly. I had been lied to.
  8. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    I once spotted a cafe called "Derby County" somewhere in the suburbs of Bern in Switzerland and so I decided to go in, thinking I had discovered yet another member of our massive international fan base. The landlady had never heard of the football club and thought it had something to do with horse racing.
  9. Brexit or Eurin?

    This thread yet again proves the validity of Godwin's law (or Godwin's rule of Hitler analogies) - "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1". It has taken us about 820-odd pages to reach that stage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law This does not alter the fact that the Daily Mail is a vile, hateful rag that I wouldn't want to wipe my **** with.
  10. Brexit or Eurin?

  11. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Seriously impressed by Vydra's goal: pinpoint pass by Weimann and clinical finish by Vydra. Like clockwork, no messing about.
  12. Brexit or Eurin?

    For instance, they don't realise that they will potentially face tariffs of 25 % on imported food. They will hardly able to afford to eat, yet alone buy German cars.
  13. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I thought he was perhaps a bit quieter than usual today, but that assist for Vydra was magnificent. Great finish too.
  14. Brexit or Eurin?

    What happens if Jaguar decides to build a plant in Nitra, Slovakia, and makes the Jags there. Who gets laid off then?
  15. McGovern flogging off Derby medals

    When we were kids playing football on the park, everybody wanted to be Kevin Hector and nobody ever wanted to be John McGovern. I think even the unfashionable Ron Webster was more popular. He was a good player in the Joe Ledley mould but very unspectacular. He's also much more of a Tree than a Ram nowadays. Perhaps he felt unappreciated.

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