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Good book needed.


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Forgive me for slightly hijacking the thread, but my recommendation would always be the song of ice and fire (if it wasn't frustratingly incomplete). But it made me think, when game of thrones eventually comes to its end, there can only be two or three more seasons worth, do any of you literary types have any theories what the next big book series might be that'll be adapted. They're bound to be in the look out for the next cash cow. 

I did here something about a proper 'his dark materials' adaptation as a tv series, which would be cool. 

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Try " Eastern Approaches" by Fitzroy Maclean - you will find it riveting. Well written, full of wit, dry humour and much adventure in pre-war Russia, the Western Desert with the SAS and fighting with Tito's partisans in Yugoslavia.

Not really a biography but the parallels are there - available from Amazon.

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On 07/12/2016 at 21:14, davenportram said:

With my well earned two week break coming up I could do with a good book to read to pass the time between marking, planning and drinking.


Any good recommendations. I quite like the heartwarming stories about underdogs coming good, or people getting a helping hand through sport.


Have you tried the Bible, brother davenport?

I got a book of Psalms from the local church just before Christmas, and a box of Maltesers.

I eat the Maltesers.

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