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Donald Trump

Posh Ram

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Not sure if it is serious or not but that would be a ridiculous thing to do IMO.

The American people will decide what happens with Trump. The UK should sit it out and see what happens. How stupid would we be if this man was elected president and he was barred from the U.K? Principles don't pay the bills. We can protest quietly about things like Trump's muslim comments or China's human rights record (or whatever else) but at the end of the day we're not a global hitter anymore. I am sure people would be less principled if the Americans culled their enormous foreign investment into the U.K, they'd notice that.

I follow American politics quite closely and the take home message is the American people are seriously f**ked off with their Clegg-Milliband-Cameron political class type equivalents. Trump is obviously tapping into that so I wouldn't rule out the unthinkable. We're seeing it in mainland Europe too. Our own political system is now effectively a 7 party system, anybody asking why? I personally think its to do with a decade long gradual erosion of living standards and the failure of politicians to come clean with the **** we're in. Regrettably, I expect to see more protest candidates and parties all over America and Europe, and that is because politicians aren't listening, left or right. It is incredibly dangerous too as evidenced by history so they ought to take heed.

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Donald Trump?

that can't be a real name.

thats the sort of name you'd invent if you wanted to write to the local paper about summat.


'There should be more traffic lights in Mickleover' says Donald Trump.

'All Muslims should be made to live in Littleover' says Donald Trump

'Edwina Currie ate my hamster' says Donald Trump.



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