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How to play against 3-5-2


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Hull City play 3-5-2 and didn't revert to 4-4-2 until we were 0-2 up.

In my mind, 4-3-3 works well against a 3-5-2. Two forward wingers taking advantage of the space at the sides of each centre back and Chris martin keeping the central centre back busy. Their wingers will have to drop back, our wing backs push up. Centre midfielders will have to win their battle.

Not worried about formation.

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19 minutes ago, Cam the Ram said:

There's quite a few teams who've played just one up top against Bristol City this season and won, Reading, Birmingham, Wednesday etc. So as long as Martin is up for it we should be fine (if we do play the normal 4-3-3).

I know must think we play 4-3-3  - we play really play 4-3-2-1 because Martin plays usually in the centre in holding style and brings the other two into play [Ince / Weimann] - That's why everybody has been moaning about he being isolated in more recent games. Apposed to normal 4-3-3-where 3 front players play up front interchanging their position.

Not worried what system Bristol play as I know if we play to our ability we will beat them...........:thumbsup: 

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19 hours ago, SaintRam said:

Hearing murmurs we might see a slightly different system tonight. Not massively different but different. Just murmurs though.


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