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  1. I just wish everyone in life was as perfect as you in your puritanical world.
  2. Have you heard yourself?? Get a grip man!! Did they hurt you ....no, but if what they did affected you emotionally then you really need to take a look at yourself.
  3. Were our fans chanting Tom Lawrence’s name as well?? Heard the Mason Bennett one.
  4. Bloody hell another thread! So many puritanical folk on here tonight....the lads did wrong, they will learn from it. move on ffs!
  5. So was TL crying at the end because it didn’t seem that way to me.....anyone go to the game that noticed anything? Also a few fans chanting super Tommy Lawrence apparently.
  6. They will play for us again, Davies (and for that matter, the club statement) pretty much confirmed they will be integrated back in to the team alongside helping them mentally and obviously making them do community work etc. If our players, management and owner are willing to give them another chance then so will I.
  7. Assume you will be booing Wayne Rooney as well then?
  8. Fair enough, that's your decision.
  9. Well good for you....in that case feel free to boo the next game they play, that of course is such a productive thing to do.
  10. I just wish i was as puritanical as you, i bet you have never done anything remotely illegal in your life have you. People deserve second chances and i for one will give them my support and backing if the club see fit to play them again in the near future (which they will).
  11. We get your opinion on the subject, bloody hell every post i read i see your name and a rant about either Keogh, Lawrence or Bennett.
  12. Well said Curtis Davies! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7518457/Curtis-Davies-says-Derby-welcome-players-involved-drink-driving-crash.html
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