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  1. Option 2 for me and the lad, option 3 for my daughter and I’m happy with that. Not a massive help to the club financially but did choose the “no refund required” option for our away membership, every little helps as they say!!
  2. Common place in football now days it seems but as you said, if it brings money in then i can stomach it once or twice a season. As for Lawrence, Cocu saying a bad knock to his calf....no idea what that means regarding damage but doesn't seem too bad. TBH he has been our main spark of late and will be a big loss if he isn't fit for Blackburn.
  3. 100% agree with this, looking forward to Sundays game much more than last night. I understand not everyone can get a season ticket but last night was so full of day trippers it was embarrassing. I know Tom L left in a protective boot, other than that ive heard nothing.
  4. Just wanted to add my own little opinion..... Having been relocated from my East stand ST seat i was still optimistic i would enjoy myself despite not sitting with my "football friends", wow how wrong was I! I thought the atmosphere was awful....(that's putting it mildly) and the level of football on show from our boys was woeful. Sibley tried but other than that it was men against boys, the utd players will not get an easier game all season which was helped by our lack of ability to pass to one another. Fozzy and Evans did a job but why take out Clarke and Wisdom (although
  5. Hi all..... We travel up each week (ST holder and several away games) from Leicester and was wondering if there was a supporters branch nearby that has coaches going to away games etc. I often drive to away matches as not worth the drive up to PP just to board a coach to go back down south again. Any info would be appreciated.....thanks.
  6. Well that was shocking! I would give Ravas a go in goal, if Hamer is the best we have then god help us. Praise Waghorn all you like but the guy missed 2 sitters. Rooney offered very little but as it’s Rooney he is beyond criticism.
  7. Steve Nicholson praising Tom Lawrence for his attacking and defending....bet that pained him, normally not our Toms big fan.
  8. Because just like tonight the Man Utd fans will be given 15% of the ground and as my ST is east upper next to the away fans I will be told to sit elsewhere.... tonight me seat had a Northampton fan in it so I had to relocate to the west stand.
  9. Enjoyed the game tonight but did miss my regular seat in the East stand which I guess I will have to give up again for the United match! Good performance from most, thought Davies was a bit edgy and not sure what’s happened to Knight but he has caught the dcfc negative backward passing bug. Marriott needs to be taking his chances but got his goal and hopefully give him a boost. Thought Lawrence was excellent, never gave the defenders a minutes peace and some of his runs were great but never got spotted. Oh and that Rooney lad can pass a ball, the through ball to JM in the
  10. Excellent again tonight, never stopped running and some great touches. Looks to be enjoying his football again, long may it continue 👏👏
  11. If JM could actually finish we could be 5-0 up! Lawrence and Holmes looking dangerous, Martin linking up well. Do miss seating in my East stand seat, all quiet in the West 😕
  12. Why would we of gone 2-0 up!?? The Rooney goal probably wouldn’t of happened if Tom had scored first as we wouldn’t of been so attack minded. Your whole post was saying, what if this happened and what if that happened but when I make a similar point you accuse me of arguing. The whole team was awful, even Knight was having an off day but its easy to blame TL & MW as they are this season scapegoats.
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