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Forum Attacked - Let's Try Again


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Clearly you will all have noticed the recent downtime, some were able to get back on for a short period last night. DCFC Fans was hacked yesterday morning and again later that evening.

The host, software developers and myself have been working round the clock to get the forum back online.

Unfortunately as you will see we have suffered a loss of data since November, all threads, posts, bans, new members, warnings, everything. If you are reading this and have registered since November you will need to register again.

I'm not altogether satisfied with the host we are on now and will be looking to move the forum as soon as possible. That move may come sooner if we are attacked again. 

If we are attacked again we will be left with no choice but to move the domain to a new server and start DCFC Fans from scratch which would be a massive blow for everyone involved, then again a few of us could do with a post count reset including myself!

I can't go into details about the attack too much, nor can I reveal what has hopefully been done to secure the forum as the hacker may still be reading this now. In the event of another attack the forum will be taken down immediately and the new forum will be put into action straight away and will be up and online within 24hrs.

Hopefully it doesn't come to this.

Also a huge massive thanks for all the supportive messages I've received, means a lot to know this place means a lot to you guys and the hard work is not lost on you. This has been the lowest point of DCFC Fans history and if it wasn't for you lot I would have given up.

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Thanks for all your work Daveo. I (and I guess just about every other poster) really appreciate it. This forum makes the world just a little bit of a nicer place to inhabit. I wonder how many of the rest of us can say that we spent our day making the world a better place?


Of course, it probably wouldn't have happened if you'd have used a proper computer instead of a mac. :)

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