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Bad Employers


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Well after today I am unemployed officially. :(

I knew was just temp to perhaps full,but I thought it would change to full.Alas after this short course I am teaching now and ends today, I am done with them(essentially what an email they just sent to me said).

Anyone else get totally fooked by their employer? Not sure what to do now.Bananas.

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As one door closes, another slams in your face.

Plans of action: could include one or all of the following:-

Sell the hot tub

Finish the book

Become an American Gigolo

Join the U.S. army - no brain required

Come to England and be an electrician - no training or education required

Pawn the engagement ring

Check the terms and conditions on the Russian Bride contract

Pretend you still have a job

Go on a 7 day Banana Beer bender

Keep positive, and look in the paper for a new job

Ask your mates on this forum for sympathy

I look forward to your updates over the coming days.

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To be fair AR, doesn't really sound like they were a bad employer. They told you there was only a possibility of it turning into full time work so you shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't.

Take a few days, pick yourself up, and move on. What's for you, won't go past you

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I live far enough away from Brighton to like it lots ARam. Good place to pop in to for a good beer, laugh or gig, and for people watching. My son lives central too. But 2 days is about enough for a casual tourist or rampant fun seeker I would say.

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Tis always the lot of a literary genius not to be appreciated in their own lifetime, our great grandkids will be downloading your work directly to their brain receptacles, supplied by Google China 100yrs from now.

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