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Which Derby players have disappointed you ?

Normanton End

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"How did I play Dad?"


I like going to watch my son play for a team on Saturday mornings. Afterwards we will go for a meal and chat about football.


"You were good", I replied. "You've got good balance, a nice touch and you've got a lot of little tricks. You remind me of Paul Kitson an old Derby player."


"Was he a good player?"


"Yes" I replied. But I could have added that Kitson was a bit of a disappointing player. He was a fancy dan who should have scored far more goals than the 78 he ended up with after a 16 year career. I know he had a lot of injuries and he spent a lot of time in Newcastle reserves, but in my opinion he lacked something. For patches in a game he would look like a class player who deserved to be playing in the top division. But he never had the killer instinct a top forward needs.


Which Derby players have disappointed you.

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You can add Andrejs Pereplotkins to that as well.

I was 15 at the time and assumed that any player we signed that was foreign was good after the 2003-04 season.

That was put to bed by Paul Jewell.

I think it was also the fact we'd endured 2 or 3 seasons of sausage and there seemed a glimmer of hope we might get to see some good football. Rated professional, internationally capped player, YouTube glory...sadly he just ran around like a headless chicken. Absolutely sausage.
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Bjorne otto Bragstad

Francois Grenet

Pierre Ducrouq

Rob Earnshaw

Premaslaw Kazmierzcak

Nathan Ellington

Nathan Tyson

A few I can think off whom at the time thought were decent signings but all ended up disappointing.

Must be more....

Connor Sammon i knew would be no good.

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