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Best Defence in the league


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1) Derby - 10

2) M'boro - 11

3) Sheff Wed - 11

4) Norwich - 12

5) Charlton - 12


6 clean sheets in a row, equals club record total, without a settled defence


German CB to come in january still en'all.


Still need a top quality championship center half though :ph34r:

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It is weird to think that the defence that was torn a new one by Burnley at home was so similar to the players that have played such a big part this season - Grant, Keogh, Buxton, Forsyth.

The first 7 games we conceded 10 goals.

The last 6 games we have conceded 0 goals.

4 of the players you mention played the first 7.

But only 3 have played the last 6.

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Does that make me right or wrong?

Don't think its weird the defence hasn't been getting pulled about as much since Buxton lost his place. Not questioning his effort but he's just too slow. Keogh's playing his best football since he was out. Looks more confident next too Whitbread. And Shotton too.

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Shotton was the only player brought in today whose inclusion can't be explained by tiredness/freshness/illness or an injury leading to it. Shotton and Keogh must be McClaren's new preferred pairing. This coupled with the goalkeeping and the fact that Christie and Forsyth have improved defensively as they were already both stellar going forward. From mac's post game comments I have a feeling Eustace and Bryson will be back in the starting lineup come Saturday. I think Shotton will hold his place though. 

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Has he not played Shotton specifically against athletic threat? Miller, Antonio for instance? 

Yeah, Zak gets bullied in the air. Shotton's a big strong lad. At Stoke he couldn't get a game at cb due to Shawcross and Huth so was often played out of position at rb or rm but he's really a cb.


Keezy is nailed on so once Jake is fully fit it'll be a straight fight between him and Shots i reckon. Zak will be back up.

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