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Signings since clough


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Roos - looks like a good keeper

Christie - our player of the season so far. Great signing.

Naylor - no doubt he's a good pro. This is a George burley type signing for me. Cheap and cheerful.

Whitbread - blows hot and old. A good squad player. Cost nowt. Injury prone?

Shotton - on loan - was this because keogh wouldn't sign? Will we sign him permanently? Don't know.

Thorne - great signing. Hope he comes back with no ill effects.

Mascarell - temporary cover for Thorne. Looking pretty good if a bit lightweight.

Koblenz - a total unknown atm. Quiet game when i saw him.

Santos - played well v charlton in the cup. Outer fringe player atm.

Bunjaku - came with some hype. Hopefully will come good. Looks a bit nick pickering to me.

Calero - causes trouble. Doesn't seem to particularly want to play out wide. has done well.

Dawkins - neat and tidy but lacks threat - better deeper and more central? Jury is out despite the manlove.

Best - on loan - fearsome physique but so far very very ordinary - more fish?

Ibe - could be the spark we need, very direct, a breath of fresh air.

Macdonald - small but quite strong. Will he be suited to the system we play? Will he find a role?

All in all. Not bad.

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Christie and Thorne by far the best.


Clough tried to sign both as well so reinforces the fact that Mac knows his stuff. I mean, if a manager finds out that Nige has inquired about a player it takes the guesswork away, you know the player is class.


I'm thinking Cywka, Bueno, Maguire, Bryson, Buxton, Forsyth, Grant, Russell, Martin, Bannan, Livermore, Brayford, Shackell, Keogh etc here, rather than Sammon btw...... :D

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