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Anither food and drink thread

Either post about a good pub or restaurant you've been to somewhere in the UK or post where you are going to and ask for recommendations.

I'll start it off following my weekend in Portsmouth. I found a pub called The Hole in the Wall on Great Southsea Street with loads of real ales, craft lagers and bottled beers. Thr beer I had was £2.80 a pint and very well kept.

Just around the corner on Castle Road is the Pie and Vinyl Cafe. It's a old school vinyl only record shop sell pie and mash. 20 different pies and a dozen different cordials all served in 1950s Granny's teapots. Very quirky decor and good music. Pie, Mash, Peas and Gravy with a litre of cordial for £8.

Please add more from your travels.

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