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First manager ever to be credited with getting 2 clubs into the play offs in the same season


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Nigel Clough.

What a guy

It isn't going to happen.

Best case scenario is that no teams above them pick up any more points in their remaining 3 games, making the target 67 points. Assuming that they make up the +9 goal difference, they still need 8 points from 4, which is no small feat. Then take into account that if Peterborough win any of those 3 it moves to 11, and a win and a draw would make it a matter of goal difference.

Personally, I will always have a soft spot for Nigel, and I truly think he should be managing in this division. The sacking ultimately was still harsh, and I felt that we were moving in the right direction under him. Ultimately this season will wash out our memory of him though, and the time taken by Nigel to get the side to the point where that start wasn't good enough lead to many being a bit less than happy overall. Hopefully the decision on our part was right in the long term, if we aren't to go up this season, next season may well be different, and if anything this season has shown that Nigel at least knew what he was doing recruitment wise, if not as a manager on the day.

I do hope the best for both Steve and Nigel in the long run, but to be completely honest I think calling it as Nigel making the League One playoffs is a bit premature, given the size of the task still remaining.

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