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Do you blog?


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Yeah but I've discovered a lot of 'very' interesting pics on tumblr :o  ;)



If it's just pictures wouldn't flikr be better or even dribble or deviant


Well yes. Tumblr isn't censored, but ultimately you have control of what appears on your blog space. So no nudie pics will appear on your tumblr unless you re-blog it yourself.


The other benefits are it's free (unless you decide to fork out a one off fee for a custom template), and it's dead easy to use. There's also a lot of flexibility with some of the templates so you can alter the appearance of your blog with zero coding knowledge (e.g. me). 


Flickr is very good for hosting photography - my only gripe with it is that unless you pay the monthly subscription fee (which tbf is quite minor) you are limited to the amount of pics you can upload a month. It looks great though, and also prevents other's from nicking your photography (copy / paste is locked).


The problem with Dribbble is it's aimed at graphic artists more than photographers, plus to sign up you need to be invited by someone already on there. Deviant Art is very meh - I've been on it for years and barely use it. It's awash with terrible fan art too. 

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