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Martin Jol sacked by Fulham


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Derby up and Stoke down. You gonna be alright with that?


Let me refer you to this...



Ahoy there rams fans!


After my hopes were shattered last season with Stoke Shitty avoiding relegation, earlier today I experienced the most beautiful day dream ever... I am now predicting a Potters Plummet and a Ram Raid, in other words we'll kick them on their way down, hard, in the groin whilst we march onto the Premier League. 


Nothing, absolutely NOTHING would make me feel as good, not even a Brooker's blowjob. 




So come on, who's with me?! 



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'Hipposausages' is brilliant.

Tbh I hate Stoke and Birmingham more than any sides except Leeds and Forest. Be good to see them down here with their 12th man.

They were cnuts when they came on here when we met in the cup last year? Year before? Smug gobshites. Belong in a zoo as much as Brum fans belong in a cresh, Leeds fans in the real world and Forest fans in 2013.

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