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Zak Whitbread


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wasnt at fault for the first goal it was Buxton every day of the week. Gave away needless free kick again on the his right hand side.

well, yes, but he let the other guy jump for the ball before he could.

I see what you mean though, kinda.

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He was pushed in the back for the goal, I was level with him. For saying he hasn't played much footy He showed some good touches. He can play the ball out well and hardly missed any headers.

It was the rest of the defence that let him down.


As much as I like Bucko, I can't see him playing much under mac. I think we'll be seeing a new back line under him. Going forward I think he would of been impressed.

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Let's not forget to mention that Buxton also improved as the game went on.


I think we were just shell-shocked by 3 goals in 12 minutes, before Whitbread even had time to settle in with the others.


I expect Keogh will come back in though – you can't drop your captain can you?

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