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Stupidest Thing You've Heard From Kenny Burns.


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Thought this thread deserved a go, especially after his comments this morning! 


From Todays piece alone.. 



I'VE got a new name for Pride Park. It should be called 'Petty' Park



It's so childish I wouldn't be surprised if they gave Forest 2,001 tickets, even though they could do with getting as many paying away supporters through their gates as possible given their track record for giving away freebies to get home fans to watch them.


They want it to be more intimidating for every team that comes here to give them an edge in home games as they bid for promotion into the Premier League – and more home fans plus less away fans equals exactly that.... But they have still got two-thirds of it back simply by giving away clubs less tickets and while Reds fans have not filled it in the home games so far this season


and then some Kenny Classics..


From the draw against us last season..


IT WAS a point against Derby, but it felt almost like a winning draw. It was more than just a solitary point for Nottingham Forest.



For me, Alex McLeish's side deserved the bragging rights at the weekend and after three straight defeat to their rivals I think the players and fans will be happy with what they witnessed.


and my favourite from this particular ramble...



The weekend was more than a draw, more than a point. The performance proved Forest are heading in the right direction under McLeish.


McLeish was gone TWO WEEKS later.. 


One of my favourites is obviously the Freeman column which was absolutely absurd..



The Reds are on the up, they have rich new owners ready to bankroll an assault on the Premiership, while Derby are in the mire.... Freeman might get more cash at Derby, but he should have stayed at Forest. 


I think he could have had a bright future at Forest – and it could have been at the very top.


and now to sit back and enjoy them mental comments from owd Kenny..


On why left backs don't deserve big money or big transfer fees..



At school, in the playground, when teams were picked, you would put players in a position. Then the leftovers would fill in at left or right back. 


And now they are paying a left-back ridiculous amounts.


On Man City spending money and their future success (this was 2009)..



But I tell you something, if City are prepared to pay out silly amounts on such players, they will not get anywhere.


They will just have too many overpaid, pampered footballers without the desire to make it to the very top.


and poor owd Kelvin Wilson must have been thrilled at the response that Kenny gave him upon signing..


Kenny Burns: Why it is okay for Forest to bring Morgan back but not Wilson



I know he played under Reds manager Billy Davies at the City Ground, but if he was that good why didn't they keep him?


He's quick, but he's not a great reader of the game and he's not a great header of the ball.


Rave review... anymore mad kenny moments, pop them here. 

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Arrrrrgh I just can't stop myself from reading the Freeman quote over and over. There's so much wrong with it I'm not even going to pick out the contradictions. Instead I'll pick out the sensible bits...

I'm struggling. Anyone?

If you condense it, analyse it, study it, break it down to its constituent components and put it through a computer thesaurus it comes out as













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